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Goonies, The


Posted: 16 Aug, 2015 06:04
Last Edit: 25 Dec, 2018 08:23
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Created 16 Aug, 2015 07:04 by

1. Goonies (Japan).nes
Goonies, The (J) [!].nes
Goonies, The (1986-02-21)(Konami)(JP).nes
V14- RA Checksum: ae22527e362b9622fbcd4901facee3ea
V15+ RA Checksum: 465dc95c995e70b3a161f06d67c1942d
ROM Checksum: 460d3e6805496c35d630f538d01e68e4
CRC32 Checksum: 5589AF04

Plus 2 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (3 total)
Goonies, The (J) {[b1], (PC10)}
Goonies, The (1986-02-21)(Konami)(JP){[b]}

2. Goonies, The (J) [T+Bra1.00_Iyasu].nes
Goonies, The (1986-02-21)(Konami)(JP)[tr pt K-Trad][v1.00-2001].nes
RA Checksum: 3411ce799d241642d8354d642451880f
ROM Checksum: 57c61841e2f5422aa5834455f767797e
CRC32 Checksum: D51EF92D

The Strategywiki page for the Goonies is very complete and helpful, added it to the resources section on this post.

Achievement thoughts (name ideas in parenthesis..):
- Finishing levels
- Rescuing a goonie
- Finding a hidden diamond
- Getting a health refill by finding however many hidden diamonds (10?) ("Rich Stuff")
- Expending an entire slingshot
- Killing the pirate ghost
- Using the warp in stage 3
- Finishing the game without all goonies rescued ("Up Troy's Bucket")
- Finishing the game with all goonies rescued and getting the ending/pirate ship
- Finding the hidden powerups - fireproof suit, etc.
- Finding the hidden score items - Vic Viper, Steven Spielberg, UFO, etc.
- Finishing the first loop of the game without dying ("Goonies Never Say Die")
- Finishing the second loop of the game?
- High score achievements


Posted: 25 May, 2018 18:41
more ideas?

Posted: 22 Jun, 2018 01:27
Last Edit: 23 Jun, 2018 02:09
Achievements ready. Thanks and for the cheevos suggestions. Also thanks to for some codes notes he's left.

Posted: 22 Jun, 2018 02:27
Valeu JP

Obrigado pelo seu trabalho, ficou ótimo.

Posted: 22 Jun, 2018 03:29
Last Edit: 22 Jun, 2018 03:29
obrigado, é nois.

Posted: 14 Jul, 2018 23:16
Last Edit: 14 Jul, 2018 23:43
I've added 2 cheevos more: ,

Thanks to

Posted: 18 Sep, 2018 01:24
Last Edit: 18 Sep, 2018 01:27
Old game icon:

from the original poster:

to Mikey [Sean Astin, also starred as Sam in LOTR.] with The Goonies title

Posted: 14 Apr, 2019 09:07
The old icon was outvoted and replaced, here's a backup:

Posted: 15 Jun, 2019 14:27
Last Edit: 15 Jun, 2019 15:32
I am new at the forum, not sure this is how I'm supposed to do this or it this makes sense.

Some ideas:

* kick one ____ in the air.
* kill one ____ with a bomb.
* die of a bomb explosion.
* finish level one without kicking a Fratelli (apply to all levels?).
* kick one Fratelli in the air so he falls in a pit.

Note: ____ means, enemy. So, kick one mouse in the air is one, kick one fratelli is another...


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