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F-Zero Advance: Maximum Velocity


Posted: 02 Aug, 2015 04:36
Last Edit: 08 Apr, 2018 20:25
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1. F-Zero - Maximum Velocity (USA, Europe).gba
F-Zero - Maximum Velocity (UE) [!].gba
RA Checksum: 55c14323547aa4f83e5eede98d0417f3
CRC32 Checksum: BD5E9798

2. F-Zero - Maximum Velocity (UE) [f1].gba
RA Checksum: 305de8bd99599ed38a0c4892ab0f5761
CRC32 Checksum: C293EB8C


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Posted: 07 Oct, 2017 08:42
With Slyshock working on F-Zero X, and all other F-Zero games having sets already, that leaves this game the only F-Zero game that has not had any development time aside from memory searching. So this game shall be my next project, and it gives me incentive to try to beat Master with every machine in this...

SamuraiGoroh made some good notes for this game, so a good portion of the work is already done, just deciding what achievements should be made and how they should be done. This will take me some time to do, but in the mean time, feel free to make any achievement suggestions. There will, of course, be leaderboards, and I might implement those first to keep people occupied in the meantime. Development news to come as I make more progress on this game myself and as the time comes to start developing achievements...

So speaking of Leaderboards, should times be accepted from either Training or Grand Prix...or both? Championship Circuit will be included as well.

Posted: 07 Oct, 2017 09:32
Grand Prix only imo, can't remember if it was the same on GP Legend.

Posted: 21 Oct, 2017 04:35
The set is complete and released! The following challenges await in this game:

12 - Completing Cups on Specific Difficulties
6 - Machine Unlocks
10 - Completing all Cups on Master as a Specific Machine
4 - Shortcut Challenges (Lap 1 only!)
5 - Bonus Achievements Including the Championship Challenge

The set should be more or less tested on my end, and as you complete the achievement list you'll get the machine unlocks along the way, so you will be rewarded for pursuing each of the achievements (though the shortcuts and bonus stuff do not really help, the shortcuts do help you improve your times). Since this game is different from GP Legend and Climax, I focused on the tasks you would not find in the other two games.

There are also leaderboards for every Cup and every Track on Training (if Leaderboards get the ability to do an OR in the code or I learn how to do so, I will also make it register in Grand Prix), and the Championship Circuit. Typical stuff here, the faster you complete each, the better the score!

Good luck, as this is NOT an easy game to master!

Posted: 28 Oct, 2017 09:35
Is the game harder to master than GP Legend ? Because one S-Test on GPL took me 9 hours straight x) Oh well gotta do these F-Zero games since i'm a fanboy of the franchise ;p.

By the way do we need to change the savetype for this game like Climax or not ?

Posted: 29 Oct, 2017 17:48
Last Edit: 29 Oct, 2017 17:55
This is a different kind of difficulty in that you need to be able to beat Master with all machines. The most difficult achievements imo are performing the double shortcut at Plummet Circuit and possibly getting a fast enough time on the Championship Circuit (though it might not be too difficult with Jet Vermillion). Other than those two, the difficulty comes from getting all the chess pieces. You won't need to do as many retries with these challenges like with the Zero Tests, but generally the F-Zero community would be impressed with getting all the chess pieces.

I don't know about the savetype, in general my games tend to act fine if I keep the savetype to Automatic Flash 128k.

EDIT: A reddit post linked to this site: Advanscene. GP Legend and Maximum Velocity both use SRAM with only the version number being different. So I guess Flash 128k will be necessary.


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