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Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds, The

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Posted: 24 Feb, 2018 05:31
Last Edit: 24 Feb, 2018 05:59
*start rant*

"Use 1.0 or 1.1 or I'll delete everything" you saying. Without download links. Great! have only v1.23. I was searching for 1.1 and got virus because of that. Thank you!

*end rant*

I found already patched v1.1 (headerless) and linked it to your entry (will not post the link to the ROM). MD5: f43ef6a5ff9b2e4922e76629a701b4dc

Later I've found IPS patches on creator's site.

Download IPS:

Headered ROM is needed to be patched (1,049,088 bytes).

Posted: 01 Mar, 2018 07:23
The romhacking one work for me without issues

Posted: 03 Mar, 2018 05:51
Do not add any other/updated version of this game to this game entry. If you want to add achievements to a newer version of the game, please add it as a seperate entry. I made these achievements for the original versions of the game (1.0 & 1.1) because I wanted an achievement set for its difficulty. The easier versions that have been since released did not exist when I made my set and adding those sets to the achievements will be considered cheating since they are not the intended version and using those sets will avoid the intended difficulty.

Posted: 03 Mar, 2018 06:27
Great, after unlinking all roms in this game entry (2345), now I'm unable to add the proper roms back. I specifically said not to add any other games to this set & to use only the 2 listed checksums I listed! This is exactly how the original & official A Link to the Past entry was handled for different reasons and how I wanted this set to be handled. I am literally fed up with this.

Why do I have a problem with this? Well there are 3 reasons:

1) Adding any version after 1.1 is cheating as they are MUCH easier than the original 2 versions. The achievement set was intended for the challenge of the first 2 versions (1.0 & 1.1) and I will not have the set cheapened by cheaters.

2) Adding other checksums of 1.0 or 1.1 may result in achievements not unlocking, which will result in erroneous bug reports for sets not intended and is a huge waste of time. The current set is working perfectly except for 1 achievement () which I have no idea how to fix and am considering demoting unfortunately so someone with more know-how can fix it.

3) Adding any versions of A Link to the Past or hacks of it like the Parallel Remodel, which were linked to this set in the past, is MASSIVE cheating and will not be tolerated for the same reasons as reason #1 above.

If you really want achievements for other sets, make a new entry and speak to someone regarding copying & pasting the achievement set for this (2345) for the other versions.

So I'm asking or someone else with help in how I can add the 2 proper MD5s back to entry 2345. When I tried adding them, I found 2 existing entries listed as ~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The - Parallel Worlds (Versions 1.1 & 1.0 only) but neither of them are 2345. I wish the rom adding had the game entry id shown in the window but it does not. These achievements can't be unlocked until this is done. I can't believe I'm going through this AGAIN after the previous messages warning not to add any more MD5s to this game ID.

Posted: 03 Mar, 2018 08:49
Last Edit: 03 Mar, 2018 23:25
Easier on what?, and what challenge?. I understand the difficult for the stun one but that actually the game still preserve its difficulty. Make a set for the new version is just stupid... But well I'll simply restart those achievements since I did it with the new version and is "cheating" I only agree with the parallel remodel unlink that game obviously it is an easy mode version.

Posted: 03 Mar, 2018 15:38
Last Edit: 03 Mar, 2018 15:47
I've seen the new version played by Chrouya who I follow on Twitch and the game is definitely a lot easier & forgiving in many ways compared to the original. I never played 1.23 myself but I know from what I saw last year of it and what I was told by Chrouya and the negative response it received from the creators of the original hack (Euclid, Seph, etc) that it's easier. I made this set for 1.0 & 1.1 because those versions presented a much harder difficulty and based the points on the achievements on how hard it was to get the items and do what the achievements required. Also there was no 1.23 at the time and even if there was I WOULD STILL HAVE MADE IT FOR 1.0 & 1.1. Adding easier sets would be like adding Mad City roms to the Bayou Billy set and trying to get the achievements by playing Mad City which is a joke of a game compared to Bayou Billy. Even though the difference in difficulty between 1.1 & 1.23 is not of that extreme, it still demeans the value of the set I worked hard to make. It's not stupid to make a set for a new version when the creator of the original set intended it only for that set and for that version's difficulty. In the end adding easier sets it's a big middle finger to those who toiled over the much harder original versions of the game.

The problem is now there are no roms linked to the set after I delinked all the ones that were previously associated, even the 2 proper ones I linked last time after finding all the cheaters who linked sets that were not allowed and even regular versions of A Link to the Past and the remodel, which is a much easier redesign of the game. I did this because there's no way to pick and choose MD5s to unlink and it's an all or none type action. This situation is so fucked up that I can't even find a way to add the 2 roms with the achievement set I made for game ID 2345.

I'm really disgusted with this and was livid with all the shit I found a few months ago when to my horror I found other versions and even ALttP and Parallel Remodel roms linked to this and now I'm livid again after just yesterday people started AGAIN linking 1.23 when I specifically posted months ago not to link any other roms to this set. I regret ever making this set and if I knew this is what would have happened, trust me I wouldn't have done it. Everyone here is thinking solely of getting the achievements in the easiest way possible or that it would be no problem adding newer versions without any consideration or respect for what the creator of the original set wanted.

If I do anything regarding games who have sets made by other people, it's expanding on them by making more achievements for that set. And even with that, going forward I will leave the ones I make as unofficial and let others & the creator of the original set vote on whether they would like them in the set. I don't add different versions of a game to a set made by another developer and I expect that same respect to be reciprocated to me. If not, then I'm done with RA. I don't need this stress, anger, and aggravation.

Posted: 03 Mar, 2018 17:43
I still dont agree, with the final version is very easy and ruin the game, but well is your set. I already restarted my cheevos I simply lost interest in playing the hack game with many bugs and glitchs, I can help you to link the games since I had a issue similar to yours if you tell me what are the md5
P.D: at least post the IPS pls

Posted: 03 Mar, 2018 19:46
Personally i'd rather not need to reset the game over game breaking bugs but if it's the devs wishes for the players to use a specific version that's fine with me as long as you provide a link to a patch... which you didn't.

As JAM mentioned it can be difficult to find an unheadered version 1.0 or 1.1 of the game because most sources lead to 1.23. Personally I'd like ALL romhacks, no matter how easy they can be to find, to have a link on the page but at least provide an ips when the game can be hard to find so people don't complain about why an easier-to-find version of the game isn't working.

Btw you don't need to delink all the roms. There's a tool for linking and unlinking specific md5s. It's on the discord but i know you don't want to/can't join so I can pm you a link if you need it.

Posted: 03 Mar, 2018 22:04
Yes but that is not the point , I agree with parallel remodel need to be unlink It is obviously the cheat mode of this set. But even in 1.23 the difficulty of obtaining the item is still preserved. Unless he likes the idea of the boomerang bug where you have to play the game again. it is supposed that hack should to be in its final version and more if it have bugs acording to the github. Still if it was because the achievements would not work.

Posted: 03 Mar, 2018 23:39
Thank you guys for being understanding. Since I'm very familiar with 1.1 & 1.0 and would like to be fair, I'll give 1.23 a playthrough when I can get to it (hopefully over the next week) and once I'm done I'll decide if the difficulty is lowered too much for my liking and my reasons for making this set & I'll make a decision whether I'll link it to this set.

I like many things that turn away most players from this game, like how the original versions don't let you save until you get the sword & shield which I'm not sure if 1.23 keeps or gets rid of. This game was like the Kaizo Zelda experience and losing aspects of that defeats the purpose of why I made these achievements. So I'll give 1.23 a full playthrough and if it's close enough in the original experience I'll add it myself. It also depends if the achievements unlock because even if the difficulty level is acceptable, I have no desire to sit through and find out why achievements aren't popping for 1.23 or make changes that will cause them not to trigger for 1.0 or 1.1.

In the meantime here are links to the ips patches for 1.0 & 1.1 straight from the original homepage of the game (I'll save & mirror them in case the site ever goes down):

1.0: Link
1.1: Link

I developed the set using version 1.1 with a post-patch md5 checksum of f159d7946d81796e4f2c5b574a1da13a.

If anyone can tell me how to link roms back to game ID 2345 please do so I can add for now the roms with the 2 acceptable md5s and in the future if I deem it acceptable, 1.23 as well. I tried adding them to the existing game in the emulator window, but they keep creating new game entries. I really hope RA comes up with a better way to link roms in the future, one that displays the associated game IDs of every game in the list. Also, one where old names that were renamed & no longer used by any game on the site no longer appear in the list in the emulator, which is clearly not the case currently (currently old names still remain even if they're no longer used/seen on the site).

Posted: 31 May, 2018 17:54
The 1.23 should be linked to the game since it's the latest version of the game, which corrects some bugs and adds a few features.

Posted: 31 May, 2018 20:02
Last Edit: 31 May, 2018 20:03
If someone wants a set for 1.23, then they should make a set for it. With the copy & paste function they added to the toolset, it should be much easier. Version 1.23 is much easier than the original versions of this game (1.0 & 1.1) for which I intended the achievements when I made them (I specifically intended it for 1.1). I based the points on 1.0/1.1 and those versions only because certain achievements are very hard to get and that's the way they were meant to be earned. Version 1.23 did not exist when I made the set and I do not want it linked to the set. I already went through this before when people added all kinds of versions of this game and cheated in all kinds of ways which made me furious to the point where I almost deleted the entire set. I won't go into it again, so please do not ask or suggest again.

Also, 1.1 is free of enough bugs that it is completely beatable.

Posted: 05 Jul, 2018 20:06
So the only point for removing the link is because it's slightly easier? That doesn't seem enough for me, the game is still quite hard, the dungeon designs are the same, and if I play Parallel Worlds I want to do it in the best version and that is arguably 1.23.

Besides, I have a savefile that only works on 1.23 (it didn't specify in the title it should be 1.1 before), but you only care that you beat it on 1.1 so everyone should do the same. I don't know, achievements should be made for the people, not just for yourself. At least we users should be allowed to express ourselves.

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 21:26
For , the 6 heart pieces you can't get in v. 1.1 of Parallel Worlds are:

1. The heart piece in the Waterfall Cave you need the Hookshot to get (Light World)

2. The heart piece in the prison of the Guardhouse you need the Hookshot to get (Light World)

3. The heart piece at Icy Beach behind the dark stone you need the Biggoron's Bracelet to get (Icy World)

4. The heart piece on top of the Pyramid behind the dark skull you need the Biggoron's Bracelet to get (Icy World)

5. The heart piece in the Cemetery surrounded by dark rocks you need the Biggoron's Bracelet to get (Light World)

6. The Heart Piece SW of the Pyramid area you need the Biggoron's Bracelet to get (Light World)

Posted: 11 Jul, 2018 23:47
Here are the containers & pieces you can get in the 2nd Quest:

1. the Heart Piece in the Kakariko Village cave with the Beamos (Light World)

2. the Heart Container in the church (Light World)

3. the Heart Piece from the Treasure Chest game at Lake Saria (Light World)

4. the Heart Piece at the NE shore of Lake Saria (Light World)

5. the Heart Piece by the caves at Lupo Intersection (Light World)

6. the Heart Piece at the Triforce Shrine (Light World)

7. the Heart Piece in the old woman’s house in the Misty Forest (Light World)

8. the Heart Piece by the rock wall at Lupo Quarry (Light World)

9. the Heart Piece in the cave behind the Pyramid (Light World)

10. the Heart Piece from the ledge at Cannon Oasis accessible from the Pyramid (Light World)

11. the Heart Piece on the land between the water at Vanilla Beach (Light World)

12. the Heart Piece in the Vanilla Beach cave with Aginah after using the Hammer (Light World)

13. the Heart Piece from dashing into the rockpile by the Guardhouse (Light World)

14. the Heart Piece outside the Library in Kakariko Village (Light World)

15. the Heart Piece in the Kakariko Village water cave (Light World)

16. the Heart Piece from the Rebel’s Hideout in Vanilla Beach (Light World)

17. the Heart Piece in the western/dark room of the Misty Forest portion of Din’s Catacombs after moving the block (Light World)

18. the Heart Piece on the 3rd boat at the docks accessed from the Misty Forest portion of Din's Catacombs (Light World)

19. the Heart Piece in the pond north of Link's House accessed from the Misty Forest portion of Din’s Catacombs (Light World)

20. the Heart Piece in the SE part of the Misty Forest by the holes (can dash jump to get it, Light World)

21. the Heart Piece in the Secret Forest Meadow by the sleeping hobo (Light World)

22. the Heart Piece beyond the rockpile in the northern part of Sky Isles (Light World)

23. the Heart Piece in the western cave with the spikes at Sky Isles (Light World)

24. the Heart Piece on top of the Pyramid (Light World)

25. the Heart Piece at the Triforce Shrine (Icy World)

26. the Heart Piece & Ether Medallion at the Hidden Ruins cave (Icy World)

27. the Heart Piece in the ice cave that the hole at Hidden Ruins takes you to (Icy World)

28. the Heart Piece at Merchant’s Way (Icy World)

29. the Heart Piece by the western wall of the Cemetery (Icy World)

30. the Heart Piece from the church basement (Icy World)

31. the Heart Container in the Hunter’s Cabin in Kakariko Village (Icy World)

32. the Heart Piece in the NW part of Kakariko Village; this part of the village is accessible from Lupo Quarry (Icy World)

33. the Heart Piece in the southern part of the Snowy Forest lying in the open (Icy World)

34. the Heart Piece from the shed in the SW part of the Snowy Forest (Icy World)

35. the Heart Container from ?'s House (Icy World)

36. the Heart Piece lying in the open on the cliff at the Lake Ruins (Icy World)

37. Enter the cave at the cliff & get the last Parallel Tower Key in the Ice World.

38. the Heart Piece behind the fake wall in the underground cave at the Lake Ruins (Icy World)

39. the Heart Piece south of the Impa’s Ways entrance cave at the Castle Site (Icy World)

40. the Heart Piece in the cave behind the Pyramid (Icy World)

41. the Heart Piece SW of the Pyramid area by the frozen cactus (Icy World)

42. the Heart Piece at the ledge of Pyramid Falls after falling in the left hole in the eastern cave in A Dead End (Icy World)

43. get the Heart Piece by the Parallel Tower (Icy World)

44. the Heart Container from Darunia's Cavern (Icy World)

45. the Heart Piece outside the Ice Fortress (Icy World)

46. the 2 Heart Pieces on the 4th floor of the Parallel Tower (Icy World)

47. the Heart Piece by the hole leading to Ganon (Light World)

48. the Heart Container from the Hard Optional Puzzle for Heart Container (Light World)
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