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WWF Super WrestleMania


Posted: 16 Jul, 2015 21:26
Last Edit: 11 Apr, 2018 15:43
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Created 16 Jul, 2015 22:26 by

1. WWF Super WrestleMania (USA, Europe).md
WWF Super Wrestlemania (UE) [!].bin
WWF Super WrestleMania (1992-11)(Flying Edge)(EU-US).bin
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Posted: 09 Apr, 2018 18:47
Last Edit: 09 Apr, 2018 18:48
Oh, hi marks.

It's the day after WrestleMania, and as such there is always a surprise return or debut waiting to happen. This is my contribution, as I was surprised that this port actually has some worthwhile content unlike the bare-bones SNES version.

Achievements are mostly sort of ports from the SNES version, with winning a simple 1on1 being replaced by winning the tournament with each respective wrestler. You can lose a match and then simple hit rematch for these, so they should be fairly simple.

The "Win the championship twice in a row without losing a single match" makes a return here, as thankfully it was possible to do so.

Rivalry achievements are there as well, since you can actually choose your opponent and are not randomly assigned one. Even though they're just two.

Tag Teams aren't left out here as well, though this time there is no Mega Powers achievement. Instead there is the short lived tag team of Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior, which strangely featured the same color-combination as the Mega Powers (hence the border still being red and yellow).

"Survivor" is the only Survivor Series achievement that made the jump from the SNES. "Against all odds" wasn't possible to do, so I nixed the "Sole Survivor" too and instead added two achievements for winning with the good guys (babyfaces) or bad guys (heels) on highest difficulty without losing a single member, which I didn't do for the SNES version.

"Squashing the competition" finally got renamed to "Crosscourt" or "Double Boast" for their respective modes. Both are squash terms.

There is also dynamic Rich Presence and a leaderboard for fastest WWF Championship win. Please note that you need to start the mode from a freshly reseted/opened game, as every match adds to your time and it only resets on a reset. If your time spent in matches is over 0 before the first match starts, the leaderboard will not be called.

Have fun playing and leave some feedback if you'd like, as it is always welcome :)

Additional notes:
"The Mega Powers Explode" was an achievement I had in mind for the SNES version, I even had a badge for it. And it was pretty much what you get here. Graphics of the cheering Bobby Heenan (he was always overjoyed when Hogan got in trouble) have been altered to fit the Mega Drive's color scheme, as the MD port doesn't feature animations of the commentators.
Since "Survivor" uses the exact same badge as the SNES version, other achievements in the same style have the SNES background and not the Mega Drive version for aesthetical reasons.


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