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AOTW #68 + 69 + AOTM #16


Posted: 13 Jul, 2015 00:17
Last Edit: 21 Jul, 2015 11:16
Due to some site issues last weeks achievement can be earned this week as well

A new achievement will be chosen each week as "Achievement of the Week."

Some will be set for obscure and underplayed games; while in other weeks, the challenge will be the hardest goal in that game's entire achievement set. If you can get the achievement:
You win 1 point towards the "Just For Fun" leaderboard, 2 points for earning it on hardcore mode!
(Note: You must earn it in the current week to get the point)

Scott: "Can I add - if you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under "reset game progress", first pick the game, then the achievement. This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week! Good luck all!"

I Can Track Timestamps for When You Earned Things, so I'm not awarding points that were unlocked way before or way after

This Week's Achievement: Dry Bones Dance off by Brian

Camera Shy by cirellio

2015 Leaderboard
The Super 10
1.Zato: 49
2.Beethro: 34
3.msdmario: 22
4.popoki: 20
5.ImpliedKappa: 12
6.Dexterspet: 10
7.SexyChazz: 8
7.Chaykin: 8
9.ClaudeLv250: 6
9.Teriaaaaa: 6
9.SlimKirby: 6

SirVG: 5
DarkDash: 5
fsvgm777: 4
Netto: 4
JoeSpar89: 4
coczero: 4
Kutal: 4
p4uloalmeida: 4
Zengis: 4
heebo: 4
enzyme1: 3
AxelNL: 2
JonnyRetro: 2
BMT: 2
KojiroS: 2
tuteur51: 2
HUKU117: 2
SoniChair427: 2
Altomar: 2
Zippeh: 2
Seijin: 2
Sikieiki: 2
Hien: 2
WangChungTonight: 2
danmeyer1981: 2
Thundard: 2
Marverick23: 2
BadMrFrostyXXX: 2
BlindedNoMore: 2
valkyrov: 2
Klarth18: 2
mourinhosgum: 2
Skayeslayer: 2
WesdrasLink: 2
MadMixa81 : 2
Syrreal: 2
LoboSB: 2
Masters: 2
Knighty: 2
rage: 2
Counterhit: 2
gcah2006: 2
Clowz: 2
Zephyr: 2
rks: 2
gejehh: 2
mga: 2
powerman7t: 2
gmario37: 2
johny4729: 2
pier1: 2
plantooki: 2
ckei: 2
doncosmo: 2
diamondtrainer: 2
kageyama: 2
moox: 2
gameboytom99: 2
icyfeather: 2
Myka: 1
StingX2: 1
jackolantern: 1
Artman: 1
Crazyredreploid: 1
leewor: 1
Tlynn327: 1
cirellio: 1
herorobb: 1
kayhemmaus: 1
gendarmeofficer: 1

Should be correct

#69 Mario 3: kayhemmaus (softcore), powerman7t, teriaaaa, slimkirby, gmario37, popoki, johny4729, enzyme1, pier1, plantooki, ckei, doncosmo (softcore), diamondtrainer, chaykin, kageyama, gendarmeofficer (softcore), heebo, zato, moox, impliedkappa, gameboytom99, icyfeather

#68 Metal Slug Advance: Zato, chaykin, rks, popoki, gejehh, mga, heebo

#67 Wai Wai World: Impliedkappa, Zato, herorobb (softcore)

#66 Snoopy: (The End) zato, zephyr, slimkirby, chaykin

#65 Plok: Clowz, dexterspet

#64: Castlevania Bloodlines: Knighty, zato, rage, cirellio (softcore), Dexterspet

#63: Flicky: Chaykin, Tlynn327 (softcore), zato, Dexterspet

#62 Bubble Bobble 2: zato, enzyme1 (softcore), teriaaaaa, claudelvl250, dexterspet, leewor (softcore)

#61 Kirbys Dreamland 2: Dexterspet, Zato, Syrreal, Teriaaaaa, SlimKirby

#60 Quackshot: DarkDash (Softcore), Beethro, Zato, Chaykin, LoboSB

#59 MMPR: Masters, Claudelv250, Zato, Crazyredreploid (softcore), DarkDash (Softcore)

#58 MM Zero: zato, Beethro, WesdrasLink, ImpliedKappa

#57 Mario Advance: Zato

#56 Maximum Carnage: Zato

#55 Micro Machines: zato (softcore), beethro, p4uloalmeida

#54: Demo world: zato, beethro, msdmario

#53: Monster Rancher: Beethro, msdmario, zengis, zato, impliedkappa

#52: Gradius2: beethro, zato, popoki, jacko (softcore)

#51 Kuru: kutal, msdmario, zato, Beethro

#50 Esparks: danmeyer1981, Thundard, Marverick23, BadMrFrostyXXX, Beethro, BlindedNoMore, ClaudeLv250, WangChungTonight, zato, DarkDash (softcore), valkyrov, coczero, Kutal, SexyChazz, Klarth18, JoeSpar89, mourinhosgum, msdmario, popoki, Skayeslayer

#49: CV3: msdmario, popoki, StingX2 (softcore), Beethro, Hien, JoeSpar89, DarkDash (softcore), zato, SirVG

#48:Trojan: Sikieiki, msdmario, popoki, Beethro, zato, SexyChazz

#47 Mega Man IV: popoki, msdmario, DarkDash (softcore), HUKU117, SirVG (softcore), SexyChazz, fsvgm777, Beethro, KojiroS

#46: Super Mario Land 2: SirVG, msdmario, JonnyRetro, Myka (softcore), zengis, popoki, BMT, fsvgm777, SexyChazz, Beethro, coczero, tuteur51

#45: Friday the 13th: Beethro,

#44: Contra III: Beethro, popoki, Netto, AxelNL, p4uloalmeida

#10: Breath of Fire : SoniChair427, Altomar, Beethro, Zippeh, Netto, Popoki, Seijin, msdmario

#11: Lolo: zato, Beethro, msdmario, ImpliedKappa

#12. Harvest Moon: Zato, beethro, msdmario

#13. Mario Tennis: Zato, Artman001 (softcore), WesdrasLink, MadMixa81

#14. Pokemon Pinball: counterhit, gcah2006, zato

#15. FF5: ImpliedKappa

Posted: 13 Jul, 2015 00:57
Last Edit: 13 Jul, 2015 01:00
RIP Iwata-Sama
"Please understand"

Posted: 13 Jul, 2015 13:45
Earned last night, (re-)earned this morning. I'm back, baby.

And RIP Iwata; you were great.

Posted: 13 Jul, 2015 18:08
Last Edit: 13 Jul, 2015 18:09
I think I hurt my hand pulling it off, but Dance-off just got bagged. It is a fitting tribute. RIP Iwata-san.

Posted: 13 Jul, 2015 19:58
Thanks for this little tribute to Satoru Iwata. This afternoon, on a French radio broadcast, “journalists” said he was the creator of Mario and Pokémon... You know, they are “professionals”...
At least, RA admins know their stuff. To play Mother 2, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) game for which Iwata was the main programmer, is a great tribute, indeed.

Posted: 13 Jul, 2015 20:16
Same here, thank-you Sting for a well-worded tribute to an honourable game industry legend.

Posted: 14 Jul, 2015 19:20
Reearned it on hardcore. RIP.

Posted: 17 Jul, 2015 01:39
Just got Dry-Bones Dance-off! on normal mode.

RIP Mr. Iwata, you were an inspiration to us all.

Posted: 17 Jul, 2015 02:27
Last Edit: 17 Jul, 2015 04:47
I just joined this site and I'm already addicted. This is a pretty cool idea for a comp. It'll get me to play some games I might not have otherwise. Just grabbed both of the AOTW, now time to work on Earthbound. I'm ashamed to admit I've never played it all the way through, but what I did play of it was amazing. RIP Iwata-san.

Posted: 17 Jul, 2015 08:52
I just earned but I'm quite noob with the weekly and monthly challenges, do we have to say it in the topic every time we earn the achievements or do you look at everyone who unlocked it during the challenge time?

Thank you!

RIP Iwata, we are all thankful for what you did to video game.

Posted: 17 Jul, 2015 12:48
Nope, StingX2 check when the week is finished.
But you can post if you want =)

Posted: 18 Jul, 2015 03:35
Merci :D


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