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Firepower 2000


Posted: 07 Jul, 2015 07:57
Last Edit: 11 Apr, 2018 03:37
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Created 07 Jul, 2015 08:57 by

1. Firepower 2000 (USA).sfc
Firepower 2000 (U) [!].sfc
Firepower 2000 (1992)(The Sales Curve)(US).bin
firepower 2000 (usa).sfc
RA Checksum: 650e587408e8691c511e831de5f606dc
CRC32 Checksum: 327416D4


Posted: 18 Jul, 2015 23:54
Sorry about the weirdness with submitting half done achievements. It's my first try and I'm still learning the proper way to do things.

Posted: 22 Jul, 2015 22:01
Last Edit: 22 Jul, 2015 22:01
What kind of achievement you want to create?
If you want to use a value but it changes the addresses, you can always try to use alternative groups. In case they are switching to often (it could be even hunderds of alternatives), you must do it with something else, but it depends on the goal that must be reached.

Posted: 23 Jul, 2015 00:07
I'd like the level achievements to pop when the boss dies instead of when you start the next level because the instant gratification feels better. It would make it easier to do "beat the level without dying" I want to do if I could get the boss health to work with me. Also I can't find anything for when the player beats level 6 and wins the game.

Posted: 23 Jul, 2015 00:28
Last Edit: 23 Jul, 2015 00:29
Primarely: Try to find BGM (music or SFX+music) id address as it, in this genre of games, mostly often changes in a pattern similiar to: Stage->Boss->Results->Stage. Unless it is splitted into multiple addresses, flashing or randomly changing. Then your last hope is to find currently displayed screen address, which is generally the most search resistant.

Posted: 23 Jul, 2015 00:49
Alright. Thank you very much. I will try to look for these this week.

Posted: 23 Jul, 2015 19:28
Done! 400 points and 34 chievers. Thank you again. You were right. Everything was much easier when I realized referencing the BGM was a possibility.

Posted: 29 Nov, 2016 08:31
You can play single player as tank in this game, you know.. I feel like half of this game has been completely ignored.

Posted: 02 Dec, 2016 23:36
Last Edit: 03 Dec, 2016 02:56
I've completed a minor update to Firepower 2000:

I added the following:

Rich Presence
4 leaderboards; two for each the jeep and the heli
A large achievement for completing the game as the heli, and adjusted the game victory achievement to consider this.
2 ticket closes with 4 minor bug fixes

All other achievements are still calibrated and won't work for the heli.

As I've said, this is a minor update, and any dev who would like to rework the set for quality and to add more achievements for the heli is encouraged to do so. I just couldn't let these three things be ignored.

Posted: 04 Dec, 2016 01:20
Last Edit: 04 Dec, 2016 06:23
Some of the leaderboards I made were using somewhat unstable address/vals, so I rebuilt them. They seem to be in great condition.

I added 10 new leaderboards one for cumulative score at the end of each level (which is a fun way to see yourself improving over multiple plays) for both the Jeep and Heli.

I took a bunch of memory notes, just for the fun of it. Most of them would be useful for someone overhauling to the set.

I also made new improvements to RP.

Posted: 04 Dec, 2016 22:45
Last Edit: 04 Dec, 2016 22:47
I have created two "Secret" leaderboards. They are not leaderboards at all, but show the player how many points the need to reach the internal memory's top score, giving the player an easy way to compete with themselves. AKA "Best" in some games.

To activate the "secret" board for jeep, after the Sunsoft Logo, and during the intro (before the game starts), press L + R + UP + Y

To activate the "secret" board for heli, after the Sunsoft Logo, and during the intro (before the game starts), press L + R + DOWN + B

To cancel either and both, at any time press L + R + SELECT + Y + B

Fun :)

On a unrelated note: For anyone working on this set in the future, I noticed that the game has some level skip cheat codes. It would be valuable to create some kind of cheat protection. You can't get all of achievements this way, but it's makes for some cheap shortcuts.

Posted: 08 Dec, 2016 19:56
Updated the rich presence again, last night. Now it's a thing of beauty. Remove the scores and gave it a bunch of dynamic info that suits the game, such as only showing the weapons the player has and what level, showing which is selected, showing the information for one or two players and hiding all unnecessary info when there's no useful information. I'm so pleased.

Also while I at it I fixed all the beat the level without dying cheeves. It was strange that the were not working as they were at some point.

Posted: 08 Aug, 2017 04:01
Last Edit: 08 Aug, 2017 04:03
I checked and repaired all existing tickets for this set and reworked the Victory Leaderboards for Heli and Jeep. Note for the leaderboard: If you use the stage skip code your score is reset to 0. Details below.

Repaired "Brothers Forever - Jeep", which had a bug I left in it from last time I worked on the set. I left the wrong address that checked for heli being alive instead of jeep.

Rebuilt from the ground up: "Scorched Earth", "Seek and Destroy", "It used to be a missile...", as they still had a minor bug, where if you had too many missiles it wouldn't it wouldn't count award it.

Checked an "Oceanic Brotherhood" ticket, and I couldn't find any fault in it.

I reworked the Victory Leaderboards for Heli and Jeep. Whoever Coded these was insane. These had a few problems with instability. Hopefully not anymore.

for backup:
old jeep/help victory start

old jeep/heli victory submit


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