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Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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Posted: 13 Feb, 2018 12:22
@mallex, it definately doesn't work for me but it might do for you, I remember signing up to this website last year and not having achievements work for Sonic 2. It might be an issue with my PC that I do not know about though.

@JAM I didn't originally create the perfect cheevos, but I could have added more but I did not want to bloat the set too much, and I feel that if you can get one of the perfect achievements than you can get them all, they would be quite similar. If I were to ever make a ~Bonus~ set for the game then I would add achievements for perfecting each act where possible, but I am not likely to do that anytime soon.

Posted: 13 Feb, 2018 18:17
, I'm looking at the conditions for achievement to unlock, the only conditions are that: You are in Wing Fortress Zone, you haven't used Level Select, and you haven't used Debug Mode. If all those conditions are true the achievement should unlock, regardless of character. I unlocked that achievement playing as Tails.
Also there should not be a problem with , I see that you have unlocked it now but the conditions are the exact same for Tails and seem to work with Tails:

Posted: 14 Feb, 2018 03:29
My apologies, I meant the zero ring one for Aqua. Which I certainly use the level select for.

Haven't gone back as Sonic for Wing Fort yet. Using Gens emulator and Tails might have had all emeralds that run, if that helps. Maybe I left the game paused for a while and the computer going idle can screw achievements up? Or maybe my internet went down momentarily causing disconnection from RA? I'm just taking wild guesses.

Thanks for having taken the time to check regardless

Posted: 14 Feb, 2018 11:54
Last Edit: 14 Feb, 2018 11:54
Ah, I just noticed there that you said the no ring one, but I checked the no water one, my mistake. Looking at the conditions for no rings achievement, you need to beat Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 before attempting the achievement, and if you fail you must replay from Chemical Plant Zone Act 2. That's annoying, but I am afraid to touch any of the original achievements incase I mess anything up, although if I do ever alter it then I would change the condition that checks for Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 to checking if you have been on the main menu (which is how I do all the other achievements that have "Reset from Menu" in there descriptions.)
I still don't know what is up with Wing Fortress though, but don't feel the need to play as Sonic if you don't want to, I'm 95% sure it makes no difference.

Posted: 17 Aug, 2018 17:13
there is a Sonic 2 Improvement, that fix a los of bugs and add a new transformation command (like sonic 3 complete) can it be used for this set?

Posted: 17 Aug, 2018 17:59
Last Edit: 17 Aug, 2018 18:04
Currently, the patch (applied to the no-intro rom of the game) does not seem to be linked to the website, so currently it will not work (unless some other patched rom has been linked that I do not know about, this is unlikely though).

I am not going to link the patched rom to the website as the patch might be incompatable with the current achievement set, values in memory/memory addresses might be different, causing achivements to not work properly (might trigger too early, too late, not at all, or just randomly).

I would test the compatibility, but I am very ill right now, and testing every achievement would take quite a lot of time that I am unable to spend right now, and even if I wasn't ill I am not really wanting to spend time just to get a patched version of the game working, in my opinion the game works pretty well without patches (the only bug I ever came across was a crash in hill top), and most people will be playing the game without patches).

Another issue is the patch seems to been last updated 5 days ago (apparently, I don't know how much I can trust that statistic considering it says that it was released 2 months in the future), assuming it is updated often, the all hashes for every version of Sonic 2 patched with every possible update would need to be uploaded, along with any future patches.

If you are wanting to play the game and earn achievements, then you will need to play it without the patch.

Sorry if you would like to have used the improvement patch.

Posted: 18 Aug, 2018 00:04
No problem! thanks anyways!!

Posted: 25 Dec, 2018 11:49
Am I the only one who thinks that some of these cheevos are way too hard and should be moved to a Bonus set?
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