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Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 01:05
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2015 17:12

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 02:04
I joined, will point out a general thing that any set can have achievement bugs.

The other thing I'll say is I'm in as long as it isn't a day I end up having work or I'm away that weekend. I also guarantee my loss.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 02:12
I'm in too. There are a ton of games I will never be able to get max achievements on though.

I assume using turbo is against your rules too?

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 02:13
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2015 02:16
Very well. Sign up form is in the link (I do it that way to ensure organization and to collect data for game selection easily.)

EDIT: Turbo will defend on how much the option breaks the game balance which depends on game selection.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 02:52
I went ahead and signed up. My only problem is that I have a changing schedule every week. Maybe make it so that each week is designated for each leg of the tournament so that players have time to set up their time to attempt their run.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 05:46
Last Edit: 02 Jul, 2015 05:48

[url=] [/url]

(I mixed in my own ideas in with the suggestions)
Made a couple of achievement lists for the tournament whichever gets the most votes will be considered the goal list for the tournament. This is just a rough draft to see early reception, full poll when every spot is filled. Format for poll is "game name (achievement goal)" with the first game being round one and the last being round four.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 05:58
Jaws - USS Indianapolis currently has a ticket in Ticket Manager. Means it may not currently work as intended. Just for your information.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 06:38
Very well then I'll make a new poll tomorrow that replaces "USS Indianapolis" with "JAWS".

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 08:22
I submitted my entry. Only 12 more people to go?

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 08:23
I've signed up however I would prefer a reserve spot at the start rather then a starting block position, also as Hardcore is mandatory do people have to still reset an achievement if they have only earned it in save state mode (softcore, casual mode) as the achievement will still trigger in hardcore if earned in other mode but not vice versa?

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 09:10
4) "any pre existing version of the achievement must be deleted (option can be found on side account settings.)"

Video proof and deleting an achievement? Makes no sense. Not for me. Still a nice idea and good luck for everyone who wants to participate.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 17:11
Last Edit: 12 Jul, 2015 03:25
*New fixed (added option based off new results and replaced USS Indianapolis) strawpoll:

*Only the hardcore version of the achievement matters (come to think of it I am adding this to the FAQ)

*competitor list so far added to FAQ

EDIT: Didn't make any progress over the last week due to a family vacation.


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