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Mickey's Dangerous Chase


Posted: 26 Jun, 2015 17:29
Last Edit: 06 Apr, 2018 23:05
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Created 26 Jun, 2015 18:29 by

1. Mickey's Dangerous Chase (USA).gb
Mickey's Dangerous Chase (U) [!].gb
mickey's chase (usa).bin
RA Checksum: 16bc18ef00088094e9fad502e613be5e
CRC32 Checksum: 7B822D8F

2. Mickey's Dangerous Chase (U) [T+Fre1.1_YF06].gb
RA Checksum: 5ee6e81ec8261c94f41f8e689863f6c8
CRC32 Checksum: A373BC3A

3. Mickey's Chase (Japan).gb
Mickey's Dangerous Chase (J).gb
mickey's chase (japan).bin
RA Checksum: 9cd7f210ae2680349078aca844be5354
CRC32 Checksum: 0AB490C8

4. Mickey's Dangerous Chase (Europe).gb
Mickey's Dangerous Chase (E) [!].gb
mickey's chase (europe).bin
RA Checksum: b0195767bf5d839e4cc4c837a4709b54
CRC32 Checksum: E72DB762


Posted: 25 Jan, 2018 23:20
I'm planning to make a revision to this game. The game is divided into 5 areas, with 3 stages in each area, for a total of 15 stages. Now the set only has 15 cheevos for beating each stage.

What I'm planning to do:

- beat the stage damageless (15)
- collect every star (15)
- collect every crystal ball (14) (last stage doesn't have crystal balls)

That's it, quite simple.

Posted: 26 Jan, 2018 00:37
I think it will be better to reduce the progress type achievement count by demoting 10 particle related achievements, and leaving only those for whole areas. Technically it's not possible to merge star collecting challenge per area without making it less approachable, but I would insist on doing so with crystall ball collecting. The game is quite easy, so I guess that damageless challenge here is not to hard to inlude it in the core.

Posted: 28 Jan, 2018 22:35
Hello, thank you for your suggestions. I thought a bit about it, but I'm gonna be super honest here: I still want to do it the way I proposed, and the main reason is simply because it is easier to develop the cheevos this way. As the moment RetroAchievements is now in time (lots of games without/with poorly sets yet, site still growing in popularity) I think it is way more relevant having the revision with these additions than being super perfectionist about the way these cheevos are grouped/arranged (this consumes more effort/time).

So yeah, as my (and everyone's else) time is scarce, this is the amount of time I have/want to put in this revision. I'm fine if this goes to voting, and even if it gets reproved, no worries. Still I think it is better to the site if I do the revision than not doing at all, so this is why I keep my proposal.

Posted: 30 Jan, 2018 19:00
Last Edit: 30 Jan, 2018 19:04
The concept seems a little spread out, 44 achievements is a lot for those three concepts. I don't think I could support it in this form.

I would be able to vote in support of it if it were something like this:

- Beat the stages Damageless (5)
- Collect every star and crystal ball (5)/(15)

Total additions: 10-20. I do also think that demoting those achievements suggested by Salsa is a great idea.

The above is my personal view and not me speaking as an admin.

As to having a vote if you'd like to stick with your stated plan that's completely up to you, and we will have a binary vote based on that.

Posted: 30 Jan, 2018 20:24
I enjoy the way I proposed better. One thing to note is that the screen locks while you're playing, so if you go ahead, you can't go back. You can end up skipping crystal balls and stars easier than it looks, also the damageless cheevos gets a little more difficult because of this. I don't want the player to be in the 3rd stage of an area and have to start again back in 1st stage only because the screen locked and he can't take a step back. Basically I want the cheevos to be more chill, more fun, instead of doing restrictions (making it harder) only so it seems more aesthetically pleasant (to some people) to have less badges because it's a small game. This is subjective.

Also I enjoy having more cheevos because when a player gets a cheevo it triggers endorphin in his brain because of the sense of accomplishment, so it motivates him to keep playing. If the next cheevo is in the end of the next stage (the goal is closer), he is more likely to do it than if it is in the end of the next area (the goal is more distant).

Let's take for example . There's easy puzzles (8), kinoko puzzles (8), star puzzles (8) and time trial puzzles (64). I enjoyed a lot getting the time trial puzzles because I was getting one cheevo for each puzzle, so it motivated me to keep going. Same thing with , also by . There's main story (8), extras in main story (8), and all play puzzles (64). Again this last category was one cheevo for each puzzle. They were divided in-game in 8 sets of 8 puzzles each, each set in a different subject (sports puzzles, dinosaurs puzzles, etc.), so you could again argue to be only 8 cheevos instead of 64. Would it be more fun? Not in my opinion, I enjoyed a lot playing this way, getting one cheevo for each puzzle, kept me motivated to keep going.

Also, as I mentioned before, it's easier to develop this way, you don't have to be looking much into pauseIfs/resetIfs in between stages, so it's less likely I will be facing exceptions in the memory, less likely to have problems with these cheevos in the future, also I'd spend less time and be free to do more RA stuff next.

This is it, I keep my proposal. Please do the voting.

Posted: 30 Jan, 2018 21:37
I still think your plan is better than current.

Posted: 27 May, 2019 19:27
A level select mode would be nice with these new achievements because of screen lock issues ( If you are at the end of a level and you notice that you are missing orbs, or if you want to redo the level for no-damage achievements, then you CANNOT go back for those, because you WILL have to finish the level, and thus redo the whole game for another chance to get those achievements)

So this leads me to my question, since from what I understand, we would need the game boy logo startup to enter the level select code, then does that mean that it's impossible to enter it on the visualboyadvance emulator since it skips the game boy logo? I checked in the options and on google and I found no way to get this.

Any help? I know the game is quite short but it would just be convenient to have some way to have this level select mode for the collectibles and no-damage achievements

Posted: 27 May, 2019 22:02
ravba doesnt disable the bios startup, make sure you have vba looking at the bios file and that its enabled, and that skipping it is off

Posted: 27 May, 2019 22:19
I could get the Game Boy startup screen both in RAVBA and Gambatte, but the cheat doesn't seem to work. I suppose the startup screen is just an aesthetic feature in the emulators, so not truly running as in the consoles. Wouldn't have any problem allowing the level select cheat.

Anyway, I separated the cheevos for each single stage and not for whole worlds, in part, because of this screen lock. I know it makes things harder, but as you mentioned, as the game is short, once you know the stages you know where you can die to retry these cheevos. I think the challenge is reasonable as it currently is.

Posted: 27 May, 2019 22:36
Last Edit: 27 May, 2019 22:37
Thanks for the answers.

I saw someone else on the internet saying that the cheat does not work.

I guess I'll just do it the fair way then :) (maybe by playing the game twice, the first playthrough focusing on collectibles without caring if I get hit which will make the collecting easier and learning the levels, and the second playthrough for the no-damage)

Forgot to say thanks for the revision, so... thank you Thoreau, keep up the good work :)


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