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Posted: 26 Jun, 2013 20:47
There's quite a lot to know about the Leaderboards feature, so I'll detail it below:

Leaderboards are downloaded into your game at the same time as achievements, and they act in a similar way. Once your game detects that the start of a leaderboard challenge is possible, a message will appear to inform you about it, and you'll be able to start your challenge. Next there are two possible outcomes: you can either do something to fail your challenge, e.g. kill your character or quit the game, or you can reach the 'completion' state, in which case your score will be uploaded to the website, and you'll be shown the top scores that have been submitted that day.

In your overlay, you'll find a new tab called 'Leaderboards'. If you select (press C) one of these leaderboards, you'll be shown more information about the leaderboard, including the top 10 entries for that leaderboard.

To see more entries, visit the game's page and you'll see all the available leaderboards on the right hand side (see for an example). Clicking on one will lead you to the following page:

Leaderboard Info example

Note: Save states are NOT FULLY SUPPORTED with leaderboards, so while you can safely save your progress as usual, if you load a save state, you MAY lose your challenge progress so far.

Please report any bugs or oddness that you find, I'd really appreciate any feedback from you guys. Thanks!

Posted: 27 Jun, 2013 12:22
Thanks for the leaderboards:)
It's really a great feature. I really waited for this:)

Posted: 28 Jun, 2013 14:23
On the website is says my fastest time was done yesterday morning @9:20. I actually beat my time today approx 2:05pm. Is the date just recorded the first time you get on the board?

Posted: 28 Jun, 2013 15:03
What a great feature! Just adds another level of competition for the community!
Nice work Scott, thanks!

Posted: 28 Jun, 2013 15:10
Ah, @jackolantern I think youve found a bug - this does need fixing, it's likely using the first time you submit a time, and mixing it with the score which is wrong. I'll add a fix asap :)
@falconburns, glad you're enjoying it!

Posted: 30 Jun, 2013 23:21
@jackolantern - the bug you've found should be fixed now, if you update your score, the new score and current date will be entered. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :)

Posted: 01 Jul, 2013 10:47
No probs, glad I could help. Are the boards easy to setup?

Posted: 01 Jul, 2013 22:08
Hey jacko, they're.... well. They're difficult but they really depend on you already having all the memory values you need, that's why Sonic 1 was a good candidate, because we've found pretty much all the useful ones. The leaderboards also depend on you finding a 'gate' for the game you want that you can use to definitely 'start' and 'stop' the leaderboard attempts. I.e. starting a level in Sonic means you go from screenmode=mainmenu to screenmode=ingame. That happens once and once only per-level. Also you have only two outcomes to the next part, which will be either you die (and/or return to the start page), or you complete the level.

So to reiterate, leaderboards need to have a series of memory values that can be triggered in much the same way as an achievement, to designate a 'start' point. Then I need two other values that are 'submit' or 'cancel' conditions. They work just like achievement conditions, but on fulfilling the 'submit' one, I submit a leaderboard record, or cancel if you hit the cancel condition. They're heavily reliant on a lot of testing, and I don't yet have any dialogs or forms you can use to enter new leaderboards (I honestly just chucked them onto the site to see what would happen, after 3 days of hammering the code I just wanted to see what would happen, I honestly didn't really expect them to even work, so dev support doesn't exist yet whatsoever... sorry!), so what we can do with leaderboards at the moment is pretty limited, but any ideas you have are very welcome for any games and I can see if I have a spare moment to chuck something together.

Posted: 01 Jul, 2013 22:19
It was mainly just for info to see if there was any way of helping out. You have provided all the info required, I was thinking about Mario World in the same way as sonic, only difference is the count down of time rather then up. Will probably need to find that value & also the gate clear value along with the death value and level start. The auto scroll levels probably won't be as challenging however there are some fun maze style levels like the Haunted house which could be fun.

Only problem is the multi exit levels as they have various ways to complete them from multiple gates to keys and locks.

Probably easiest thing to do would be to add suggestions to game threads. Memory hunters could then look for the value to help you create leader boards.

Posted: 16 Dec, 2013 13:48
I can't seem to access the leaderboard amendment part of the page. I was going to have a look at the Shadowrun leaderboard to see if I could fix it.


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