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DevQuest 17 Announcement

Posted: 06 Aug, 2022 02:14

Devquest 017: RA World Cup
Publish 2 Sets for 2 different sports games, 1 must be a physical sport

1. That means Baseball Football is a good mix but Baseball Baseball is not
2. All claims intended for this quest must follow normal procedure. 
3. This does not stack with any other quests.
4. Must be full sets containing all content and challenges appropriate to the game.
5. If you already have one claimed you must be under 50% progress for it to count.
6. No Homebrew/Hacks/Unlicensed
7. New sets only: No Multi Set or Revisions
8. Other picks are subject to DQ team approval if they fall on the 50/50 line

Examples: Basketball, American Football, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Frisbee, Boxing, Billiards, Chess, Checkers, Track and Field, Olympics etc etc
It must be a sport with competition!

Not Eligible: DDR, Board Games like Monopoly, Fighting Games

Having trouble figuring out sports to claim? Send us a message!

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