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Metal Gear

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Posted: 24 Jul, 2018 03:03
Last Edit: 28 Jul, 2018 19:08
Hi again,

I'm a strong supporter of KISS (keep it simple silly) and I don't support the Big Boss ranking from the PS2 version. I got the Big Boss ranking on MGS4 for the PS3 and it was not worth it at all. It is tiring and in my opinion ultimately worthless to spend time on such an enterprise. I want to keep this set achievable by casual players. The first Metal Gear is fringe-enough already.

I finished a set of 16 achievements for Metal Gear (NES). The game currently has no achievements whatsoever. They have all been tested.

Metal Gear – List of Some of My Tested Achievements

My Favorite Number (Make a call to frequency 120.69!)
Hey Big Boss, are you there? It's me Margaret. (Using the transceiver, answer Big Boss' call from frequency 120.85... and then read some Judy Blume.)
I'm hungry and I don't have a Snickers. (Obtained a can of rations.)
A card? And it's not even my birthday! (Get access card #1.)
Card #2, and it's still not my birthday! (Get access card #2.)
How's it going, Kyle Schneider. (Call Kyle Schneider at 120.79 and have him call you back.)
Diane, I'm holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies. (Call Diane at 120.33 and have her call you back. Then watch the first season of 1990's "Twin Peaks.")
It smells in here. (Collect the gas mask.)
Not an MK. 23, but it'll do. (Obtained a hand gun.)
Xxplosive. (Obtained a plastic explosive.)
I Me-Me-Mine. Hey, isn't there a song about this? (Obtained land mines.)
Lose the ropes, pal. (Saved the first hostage.)
Hey Jennifer, what's up? (Call Jennifer at 120.48 and have her call you back.)
...and more!

Posted: 28 Jul, 2018 16:16
Last Edit: 29 Jul, 2018 17:43
So, here's a set that I intend to work on. Suggestions and criticisms welcome :)

Beretta M92F
Locate the handgun

Locate the landmine

Locate the remote-controlled missiles

Locate the plastic explosives

Locate the silencer

Locate the grenade launcher

Ingram MAC-11
Locate the sub-machine gun

Locate the Rocket Launcher

At Least Rose Didn't Make It
Locate a ration

He's a Peeping Tom!
Locate the binoculars

It Stinks!
Locate the gas mask

Treat it with Love
Locate the cardboard box

Here Lies A Real Man
Locate the body armor

Cute Little Sailor Suits
Locate the enemy uniform

Does This Make Me Look Fat?
Locate the bomb-blast suit

All I Can See is Red
Locate the infrared goggles

It's So Bad
Locate the iron glove

It's All Mine
Locate the mine detector

People Still Use These?
Locate the antenna

Now, You Give Me the Diamond
Locate the antidote

I Didn't Pay Attention In Training
Find the compass

Go Into The Light
Find the flashlight

Don't Hold Your Breath
Locate the oxygen tank

This Is Big Boss
Make contact with your C.O., Big Boss

Call Waiting
Contact the leader of the resistance, Kyle Schneider

Where Have You Been!? Focus, woman!
Finally make contact with Diane

What a Snob
Contact Jennifer

This is Outer Heaven
Successfully infiltrate Outer Heaven

Was This REALLY a Good Idea?
Get captured on purpose

First Time For Everything
Defeat The Shotgunner

They Call Me Nobody
Defeat The Shotgunner without taking damage

Nobody has ever escaped from he-- Hey! Are you listening to me!?
Ignore the shotgunner and stroll out of the prison

Did You Think I Wouldn't Notice?
Destroy the transmitter

Defeat the Machine-Gun Kid

You're Grounded
Defeat the Machine-Gun Kid without taking damage

Get Used to This
Defeat Twin Shot and arrive too late to rescue Dr. Pettrovich

Broad Side Of A Barn
Defeat Twin Shot without taking damage

Tank You
Destroy the Tank

Tank You Very Much
Destroy the Tank without tanking damage

Dozed Off
Destroy the Bulldozer

If It Bleeds, I Can Kill It
Defeat the Arnolds

Hasta La Vista, Baby!
Defeat the Arnolds without taking damage

I Believe I Can Fl-AAGH!
Identify and eliminate the Impostor

Cross the desert without being stung

Fire Extinguisher
Defeat the Fire Trooper

Defeat the Fire Trooper without taking damage

Way To Fall
Survive Pitfall Hell

Plan the Wedding
Rescue Ellen

Kept You Waiting, Huh?
FINALLY Rescue Dr. Pettrovich (for real this time)

I Knew He Wouldn't Finish That Sentence
Lose a member of your support team

We've Managed To Avoid Drowning!
Reach the end of the aquaduct without using the oxygen tank

I Am Coward Duck! ... Stop Laughing!
Defeat Coward Duck

I Don't Need Your Advice!
Defeat Coward Duck using only RC Missiles without killing any of the prisoners

Where is Metal Gear?!
Destroy the Supercomputer

Bigger Boss
Defeat Big Boss

Biggest Boss
Defeat Big Boss without taking damage

Mission Accomplished
Escape Outer Heaven

These Things'll Kill Ya
Escape Outer Heaven without using the cigarettes

Operation Intrude N313
From the mission start point, collect the binoculars and Card #1 and reach building #1 without being spotted (Unavoidable alerts don't count)

Make Sure Nobody Sees You
From the building #1 entrance, collect all weapons and equipment and get yourself arrested without being spotted (Unavoidable alerts don't count)

This Is A Stealth Mission
From Building #1 back entrance, collect all weapons and equipment on the 2F and roof without being spotted

Isaac Newton Would Like A Word With You
From the entrance of building #2, collect all equipment on the first floor and roof without being spotted

Stealth Is My Specialty
In Building 2 2F, Collect all weapons and equipment and find the impostor without being spotted

Never Be Game Over
Complete the game without dying

Pretty Classy!
Reach Rank 4 (No Password)

Find the key to true happiness and achieve inner peace

Rescue all prisoners (No password)

This Isn't How Clearance Works...
Collect all keycards (No password)

Gear Up!
Collect all equipment (No password)

Collect all weapons (No password)

To the Teeth
Have full ammo for all weapons at one time

Get denied by Steve three times

Uh, What's Going On Over There?
Contact Diane on the wrong frequency

Yeah, Grey Fox died of a heart attack. I don't know what happened.

Posted: 28 Jul, 2018 17:17
@: thats a nice List! good job.

Posted: 28 Jul, 2018 20:48
Looks great .

Posted: 29 Jul, 2018 16:07
Thanks guys :) Added some new ones. Not sure if I'll include all of them, depends on feedback

Posted: 03 Aug, 2018 15:52
I don't really like how some of them use screenshots from the later 3D games: they're jarring and feel out of place. Plus, some of them are major spoilers from a later game. While they're not immediately obviously spoilers on first glance, anybody with decent knowledge of the series who has yet to play each game could reasonably be expected to recognize which game the screenshots came from, and therefore accidentally figure out the spoiler.

That said: FoxDIE is the new best achievement on this website.

Posted: 03 Aug, 2018 21:35
Hmm... you might have a point. I mostly went with those because I figured it would be a more satisfying badge than a screenshot from the game, and figured most people would know about that by now. I could still change them though.

Hehe thank you :)

Posted: 04 Aug, 2018 21:10
Last Edit: 04 Aug, 2018 21:14
I had to get pretty creative on the stealth cheevos because of the games open world nature and because the game is pretty poorly designed in a few areas, rendering it impossible to get enter/exit certain areas without being spotted, so in those areas, any alerts will not be counted against the player.

Also, you don't have to do any of them on the first try. If you get detected along the way, you can return to the starting point, make the rounds and the achievement should still pop if you remain undetected on the trip.

To add more detail:

If you get spotted here, simply return to the mission start point to reset the achievement and try again.

Areas where alerts will not be counted against you are:

If you get spotted on this one, return to the front entrance of building #1 to reset the achievement. You can't take shortcuts here, so you still have to take the west elevator to the third floor and make a circle to the east elevator.

Areas where alerts won't be counted are:

If you get spotted on this one, return to the 2F, make a circle of it, then go to the roof and get to Dr Pettrovich's cell.

If you get spotted here, return to the front entrance of building #2, go to the roof, get to the down elevator, return to the first floor, get to the up elevator and ride it to the 2F.

If you get spotted here and you've already collected some of the items, returning to the rooms where they had once been will be sufficient to make the achievement pop

Only one unavoidable alert here and it will happen regardless of which of the north doors you exit the Arnold room from. Either way, it won't count.

Posted: 10 Aug, 2018 12:33
If it's not too late, I'd suggest adding an achievement for getting Schneider's frequency from Big Boss. It's one of those slightly bugged codec calls where the game doesn't tell you to call him in that specific room despite being rather important, so I think it deserves an achievement for being "found".

Posted: 13 Aug, 2018 20:37
I considered that but I decided instead to just have an achievement to contact Schneider at any time possible instead, figuring it might be a bit too unclear when exactly you needed to call him

Posted: 13 Aug, 2018 22:16
More unclear than the bugged Diane call there's an achievement for? :P
(didn't even know that one existed, you taught me something new here)

Posted: 14 Aug, 2018 16:46
lol fair point. I could still change those cheevos to specific calls. I'll consider doing so

Posted: 26 Aug, 2018 16:40
Added leaderboard for the escape sequence at the end

Posted: 02 Dec, 2018 03:43
What versions of this ROM work for this game? It wasn't accepting any I could find.

Posted: 02 Dec, 2018 07:08
It should work with the US version. The MD5 of the rom I used was 9ce6af110eeac2eb1ba8db803d15391b but it should work with any US version rom I think
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