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📰 July RANews is out! 📰

Posted: 18 Jul, 2022 19:00

The July issue of RANews is out!

Cover by Krylan:

What you can find in this months issue:
- 3 community driven subsets are in the works. See how you can contribute to them.
- A new This Month In Retro segment by Nepiki.
- Take a look at some stats from June.
- Check out what user and developer milestones were reached.
- Check which events are currently ongoing.
- Stay up to date with the latest Community News.
- Another RAScript tutorial by Etron, learn all about If and Else.
- Play This Set and Wish This Set are back with more entries.
- Master with the latest RAGuide by suspect15.
- Take on the toughest achievement in with the latest tip in RAdvantage.
- Check out the list of new sets, revisions, rescores, and art updates.
- Find how you rank among the top 300 players on the site.
- We'll take a look at developer and user RAnniversaries this month.
- New updates in the Top Masteries section.
- Check out the Most Wanted sets and which new system will be featured for DevQuest 007.
- New Spot the Difference game featuring .

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this months issue. Please feel free to reach out to RANews for any questions, comments, contributions, etc.
Posted: 18 Jul, 2022 19:09

Looks good :) shoutouts to everyone who makes this possible
Posted: 18 Jul, 2022 20:19

Woah! I was mentioned in previous issue in RAnniversary and now in Arduboy Mastery. Nichosi! PC-8000 mastery list sounds like a possible challenge!
Posted: 18 Jul, 2022 20:32
Last Edit: 19 Jul, 2022 05:33

Nice to see more platforms in the top masteries section.

The image for Arcade seems to be wrong though, it's the old image from May instead of July. It's fixed.
Posted: 19 Jul, 2022 07:06

Great as always!
Posted: 19 Jul, 2022 08:02

Is it possible to track masteries by genre? Not all, but popular ones. Like RPGs, dungeon crawlers, platformers, adventures, etc.

And maybe by series. I know who is the Megaman master, but want to know who is the Flappy Bird and Donkey Kong one.
Posted: 19 Jul, 2022 15:24

I was looking forward for this. Great reading as always.
Posted: 19 Jul, 2022 17:16

Cool stuff.
Posted: 20 Jul, 2022 01:00

That one section in Hot Cheeves is such a tease. lol. Can't wait for PS2 support. Great issue.
Posted: 20 Jul, 2022 04:30

Hey! My "Wish this set" write up was featured!! Neat!

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