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AOTW #64 + Tips in Post #2


Posted: 12 Jun, 2015 12:26
Last Edit: 17 Jun, 2015 14:45
A new achievement will be chosen each week as "Achievement of the Week."

Some will be set for obscure and underplayed games; while in other weeks, the challenge will be the hardest goal in that game's entire achievement set. If you can get the achievement:
You win 1 point towards the "Just For Fun" leaderboard, 2 points for earning it on hardcore mode!
(Note: You must earn it in the current week to get the point)

Scott: "Can I add - if you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under "reset game progress", first pick the game, then the achievement. This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week! Good luck all!"

I Can Track Timestamps for When You Earned Things, so I'm not awarding points that were unlocked way before or way after

This Week's Achievement: Princess of Moss Challenge by Cirellio/Peririra

Complete Pokedex by Brian

2015 Leaderboard
The Super 10
1.Zato: 41
2.Beethro: 34
3.msdmario: 22
4.popoki: 16
5.SexyChazz: 8
5.Dexterspet: 8
7.ImpliedKappa: 6
7.ClaudeLv250: 6
9.SirVG: 5
9.DarkDash: 5

fsvgm777: 4
Netto: 4
JoeSpar89: 4
coczero: 4
Kutal: 4
p4uloalmeida: 4
Zengis: 4
Teriaaaaa: 4
Chaykin: 4
AxelNL: 2
JonnyRetro: 2
BMT: 2
KojiroS: 2
tuteur51: 2
HUKU117: 2
SoniChair427: 2
Altomar: 2
Zippeh: 2
Seijin: 2
Sikieiki: 2
Hien: 2
WangChungTonight: 2
danmeyer1981: 2
Thundard: 2
Marverick23: 2
BadMrFrostyXXX: 2
BlindedNoMore: 2
valkyrov: 2
Klarth18: 2
mourinhosgum: 2
Skayeslayer: 2
WesdrasLink: 2
MadMixa81 : 2
Syrreal: 2
SlimKirby: 2
LoboSB: 2
Masters: 2
Knighty: 2
rage: 2
Counterhit: 2
gcah: 2
Myka: 1
StingX2: 1
jackolantern: 1
Artman: 1
Crazyredreploid: 1
leewor: 1
enzyme1: 1
Tlynn327: 1
cirellio: 1

Should be correct

#64: Castlevania Bloodlines: Knighty, zato, rage, cirellio (softcore), Dexterspet

#63: Flicky: Chaykin, Tlynn327 (softcore), zato, Dexterspet

#62 Bubble Bobble 2: zato, enzyme1 (softcore), teriaaaaa, claudelvl250, dexterspet, leewor (softcore)

#61 Kirbys Dreamland 2: Dexterspet, Zato, Syrreal, Teriaaaaa, SlimKirby

#60 Quackshot: DarkDash (Softcore), Beethro, Zato, Chaykin, LoboSB

#59 MMPR: Masters, Claudelv250, Zato, Crazyredreploid (softcore), DarkDash (Softcore)

#58 MM Zero: zato, Beethro, WesdrasLink, ImpliedKappa

#57 Mario Advance: Zato

#56 Maximum Carnage: Zato

#55 Micro Machines: zato (softcore), beethro, p4uloalmeida

#54: Demo world: zato, beethro, msdmario

#53: Monster Rancher: Beethro, msdmario, zengis, zato, impliedkappa

#52: Gradius2: beethro, zato, popoki, jacko (softcore)

#51 Kuru: kutal, msdmario, zato, Beethro

#50 Esparks: danmeyer1981, Thundard, Marverick23, BadMrFrostyXXX, Beethro, BlindedNoMore, ClaudeLv250, WangChungTonight, zato, DarkDash (softcore), valkyrov, coczero, Kutal, SexyChazz, Klarth18, JoeSpar89, mourinhosgum, msdmario, popoki, Skayeslayer

#49: CV3: msdmario, popoki, StingX2 (softcore), Beethro, Hien, JoeSpar89, DarkDash (softcore), zato, SirVG

#48:Trojan: Sikieiki, msdmario, popoki, Beethro, zato, SexyChazz

#47 Mega Man IV: popoki, msdmario, DarkDash (softcore), HUKU117, SirVG (softcore), SexyChazz, fsvgm777, Beethro, KojiroS

#46: Super Mario Land 2: SirVG, msdmario, JonnyRetro, Myka (softcore), zengis, popoki, BMT, fsvgm777, SexyChazz, Beethro, coczero, tuteur51

#45: Friday the 13th: Beethro,

#44: Contra III: Beethro, popoki, Netto, AxelNL, p4uloalmeida

#10: Breath of Fire : SoniChair427, Altomar, Beethro, Zippeh, Netto, Popoki, Seijin, msdmario

#11: Lolo: zato, Beethro, msdmario, ImpliedKappa

#12. Harvest Moon: Zato, beethro, msdmario

#13. Mario Tennis: Zato, Artman001 (softcore), WesdrasLink, MadMixa81

#14. Pokemon Pinball: counterhit, gcah, zato

Posted: 12 Jun, 2015 12:26

I've been watching some folks attempt the Castlevania Bloodlines achievement of the week...
First of all there's a few more death values than I realized so I've been patching them, so sorry for anyone this didn't pop for.

Secondly, a few tips--

-As the camera settles on the Princess of Moss battle screen, stay on the left platform. The achievement only detects if you've been knocked off of the platform to the left or right during the battle, so STAY ON THAT PLATFORM!!

-Don't make your final attack a 'Hail Mary' jump towards the boss or you won't get it (because you left the vertical area of the platform before the boss is dead).

-You can jump all you want. You can even polevault. Just don't fall off the platform.

-If you're about to get hit, jump! If you're in a jump animation, there is no knockback.

-If you are to the extreme right of the platform and DO get knocked back from a hit, you still won't fall off the platform.

-If you are Eric Lecarde, pole vault does a lot for you -- It attacks the boss, it clears the powder above your head, and it makes you temporarily invincible. Plus it can especially be handy when dealing with the hatchling flurry.

-Speaking of the hatchlings, if you duck and attack to the right on the platform, it makes you a smaller target and the hatchlings generally fly right towards you. But the moment the boss gets above your head, start throwing axes or an egg will drop right on your head.

-If you didn't reach the boss with the item crashes, the AXE IS GOD. You can hit the boss with it, you can hit the powder she sprinkles above your head with it.

-And most importantly, if you manage to get the boss to the left of the platform and have the Axe, you've won! Keep spamming axes at it and you'll juggle it against the wall (Unless she's already dropping eggs or about to charge); Princess of Moss can't do anything about that.

Posted: 17 Jun, 2015 00:26
One more thing I forgot. While the hatchlings are coming at you, you can attack the boss itself and kinda keep knocking it back so it never gets above your head.


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