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Top Gear

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Posted: 07 Jun, 2015 12:39
Last Edit: 24 Jan, 2020 03:42
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Created 07 Jun, 2015 13:39 by

1. Top Gear (USA).sfc
Top Gear (U) [!].sfc
top gear (usa).sfc
RA Checksum: e5040a079ff03eb93747424af9be75f4
CRC32 Checksum: D34C49B7

2. Top Racer (J) [T-Bra].sfc
RA Checksum: a072455fa9ad963d09afa353e5c65793
CRC32 Checksum: 3218FC61

3. Top Gear (E) [T+Bra_TEG Brasil].sfc
RA Checksum: d23c747b00b84195d34018f5461eea44
CRC32 Checksum: FD2D7326

4. Top Gear SNES CD [tg_msu1].sfc
RA Checksum: b1bdc9caf5bb8191ebaf3f2f42410969
CRC32 Checksum: 0DB0B6FA

5. Top Gear (USA).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1, v3)
RA Checksum: 24504179425a8b89cd8ce3ed2d99b514
CRC32 Checksum: 5F48F46B


Posted: 11 Feb, 2017 02:12
Last Edit: 07 Jan, 2018 16:09
I gonna add more achievements for complete this set.

Top Gear (USA)

Current ROM MD5: e5040a079ff03eb93747424af9be75f4

__/ Trivia \______________________________________________

The music in Top Gear mostly consists of remixed tracks from the Lotus series of racing games on the Amiga (Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2) produced by music composer Barry Leitch (Sound Cloud).



- Cars -

Red car (Cannibal) based on Ferrari 512 TR Testarossa from 1991
White car (Sidewinder) based on Ferrari 288 GTO from 1985
Purple car (Razor) based on Honda NSX
Blue car (Weasel) based on Porshe 959


Posted: 12 Feb, 2017 22:14
I almost start make new achievements right now, luck that i saw this post. Thx Arcaderama .

Posted: 14 Feb, 2017 23:39
Last Edit: 26 Nov, 2019 14:05
After talking with others devs I decided to rework all cheevos of this set instead of just dumping new ones to preserve the max of points of those who already own them.

Here the register of them before beginning the work (10 were made by may/feb, 2013 and 2 by around Oct, 2013)

Posted: 16 Feb, 2017 13:45
Last Edit: 12 Feb, 2018 19:21
The is done! Now the set has 46 achievements.

Notes about the rework

Winner ->

Racer King ->

The strategist ->

Victory ->

Victory II ->

All cheevos "reached the level" become "Win the race by finishing in 1st place".


=== Notes ===

@ On Feb 15, 2017 there was a major bugfix some cheevos were popping incorrectly

@ On Feb 21, 2017 I added one more achievement! Thanks for suggestion

@ On Oct 12, 2017 Fixed the aspect ratio of Badge (Image from the Instruction Booklet).

@ On Nov 15, 2017 Fixed the values of cars (Rich Presence)

@ On Feb 09, 2017 added Leaderboard for each race.

Posted: 20 Feb, 2017 18:12
Last Edit: 20 Feb, 2017 18:13
Hi, thx for replying. I saying to finish the game in championship level(Difficulty) without using nitrous. I always play this way and I think is entertaining. Some races is impossible to win, maybe some countries, but i know the last country England you can reach 1st in table without using nitrous. I'd like a achievement that you have to qualify to every country and finish the game in championship level without using nitrous. If you want put to win the last country is needed, you choose.

Posted: 20 Feb, 2017 22:38
Last Edit: 20 Feb, 2017 22:48

I even thought about creating, I was kind of upset to do it because had created achievements with nitro on .

But the last race is so lame! What you think about choosing just a hard track to win without using nitro, where even the white car needs to refuel. I thought a good name for this "Like a Formula One".

- Without nitro checked;
- Need use the Pitstop checked;
- A long race checked.

Possible candidate locations:

* London
* Tokyo
* Kyoto
* Rome
* Nice
* Munich

* I'm not sure if it's possible to win without using nitro with all the cars.

Posted: 20 Feb, 2017 23:38
Last Edit: 20 Feb, 2017 23:40
Then you'll have to make a study before make the achievement,, the opponents are to fast in Hard.
I always play with red car and it's tough. London i think it's only possible with Red Car.

I think it's not possible win with every car, but i can be wrong. Only testing to know.

Posted: 21 Feb, 2017 01:26
Last Edit: 21 Feb, 2017 05:28
Yes, I need to check this out, but if I remember correctly, it's completely possible!

I really like the idea because It reminds me Formula One, I prefer a location that can be password-accessible like London, so the player can easily try again if he fails to win. It's no big deal to implement because only 2 players completing the new set, it's ok to push another challenge!

Updated Feb 21, 2017

I tested London it's possible to win with all the cars, some need more attention just have to plan well the pits, make tight maneuver around curves and use the kerbs carefully.

Updated 2


I think this name is much better!

Posted: 21 Feb, 2017 23:29
Cool, I'm happy that you can win with all cars, makes the game more fun. Next time that i play Top Gear i'll try.

Do you will do achievements with others cities that you were thinking?

Posted: 22 Feb, 2017 01:49
Last Edit: 22 Feb, 2017 02:23
Nope, 46 achievements is enough and a grinding concept for a racing game is just tedious for many players play a same race again and once again even with passwords!

Now the set fits nicely with the last achievement added and let me say thank you again for your suggestion!

Posted: 09 Sep, 2017 04:36
Last Edit: 09 Sep, 2017 09:40

Posted: 17 Dec, 2017 15:40
Last Edit: 17 Dec, 2017 15:43
Rich Presence Update!

ex v1.2:
🎮:Player | San Francisco | 🚗:Cannibal, Lap:1 🏁:1º 🏆:0 pts , Championship Diff.

Map symbols: 🎮=Player Name, 🚗=Car , 🏁:Position, 🏆:Player Points,

Removed 💻=Computer Points, the "Active Player" area has limited space to show information.

Backup: v1.1 -

* thanks for the initial setup.

Posted: 06 Feb, 2018 15:35
Last Edit: 06 Feb, 2018 15:38
What happened to Top Gear? No achievements loading here.

Posted: 12 Feb, 2018 19:07
Last Edit: 12 Feb, 2018 19:13

@ added Leaderboard for each car race.

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