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Dragon Quest I & II


Posted: 06 Jun, 2015 15:24
Last Edit: 10 Jan, 2019 01:45
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Created 06 Jun, 2015 16:24 by

1. Dragon Quest I & II (Japan).sfc
RA Checksum: 1def71b5557cc6bb7402281d888cae80
CRC32 Checksum: 98BB6853

2. Dragon Quest I & II [T+Eng2.0_DQ_RPGONE].sfc
RA Checksum: 7dd0c11fedca7ac517c2480533afbecf
CRC32 Checksum: B5AE1E89

3. Dragon Quest I & II [T+Eng2.0_DW_RPGONE].sfc
RA Checksum: 153bf4cd05d8f4bdee2ab734a28b8c7f
CRC32 Checksum: 80C078FF


Posted: 06 Jun, 2015 15:26
Aqui abre-se uma discussão sobre o jogo Dragon Quest I de SNES.

Posted: 22 Jan, 2018 14:51
Last Edit: 22 Jan, 2018 16:43
I would this game to have achievements.

Posted: 26 Sep, 2018 04:36
Last Edit: 26 Sep, 2018 15:41
Would it be possible to port the NES achievements over to this one?

Posted: 27 Sep, 2018 13:05
Not really. Achievements rely on certain memory addresses having specific values, and those addresses won't be the same. While the NES achievements can be used as a template, someone would effectively be creating a brand new set from scratch.

This is a game that I have interest in doing, but I don't see myself getting to it any time soon.

Posted: 08 Jan, 2019 22:09
Last Edit: 09 Jan, 2019 02:39
I was going to try making achievements, but I have 3 different checksums for DQ1&2 (english translated) game and none match the checksums in the hashes.

Two are the same as I can tell, both rpgone Versions 2.0.DQ on the splash screen that loads.

One I have is the what I assume was the original Japan rip. This will be tricky as I'd prefer an english one, yet something that can be useable for the next decade for everyone. Thoughts?

Posted: 10 Jan, 2019 01:50
There were two hashes linked, neither of which matched up to any of the files I had. I've added three new hashes - the no-intro Japan ROM, and that ROM with the DQ and DW patches applied. All three hashes are headerless, but the IPS required a headered ROM, so if you're patching yourself, you may need to add a header, patch, then remove the header. The two original hashes were not removed at this time.

Posted: 12 Jan, 2019 02:33
Last Edit: 12 Jan, 2019 02:38
Hm the one I had didn't match those. My checksums for my RPGOne Translations of the game is 6dcaf32dc7aa3bfb3e7f72076679515f or b063cd2981a9abfcced594ca5be658a2. The first linked files appear to be for version 1.0 of the translation?


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