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Deja Vu

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Posted: 28 May, 2015 14:11
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Posted: 07 Jun, 2015 11:26
Last Edit: 07 Jun, 2015 11:29
Looking forward to some achievements for this one and hopefully the Uninvited also. Both great games.

Posted: 12 Oct, 2017 23:25
Last Edit: 13 Oct, 2017 01:01
I too would love to see some achievements for this game. Currently I'm going through a play through noting any achievements I can think of. So far this is a list of some possible achievements I've compiled:

Go Ahead and Make Your Day - Pick up the Gun1

Who Am I? - Look at yourself in the mirror and realize you have amnesia

Secrets of Prohibition - Descover the hidden door in the wine cellar

Jackpot! - Win 30 or more coins in the casino

Loose Change - Find a lost quarter in the slot machine

Go Out With a Bang! - Commit suicide with any gun

Eye of the Tiger - Discover your boxing poster in the hall

Address Seeker - Find the names of addresses to all of the available locations

The Stakes Have Risen - Discover the dead body in the office

Grab Anything That Isn't Nailed Down! - Take every last bit of useless junk you see(Hold more than x items in inventory that isn't stored in another object like the pocket of a coat)

Escape Joe's Bar - Find a way to leave the bar (must actually exit the building and/or the sewer and be on the streets)

Savvy Detective - Beat the game with only taking the absolutely necessary items

Clear Thy Name - Dispose all harmful evidence against you

Alley's Aren't My Friend - Survive the encounter with the big alley thug

I Give Up! - Turn yourself in willingly to the police

Crocodile Sherlock - Survive the encounter with the alligator

It's Such a Nice Day for a Robbery - Survive the first encounter with the mugger without losing any money

He Wanted More, So I Gave it to Him - Survive the second encounter with the mugger without losing any money

Last Facial Feature Standing - Survive the third encounter with the mugger without losing any money

Fourth Time May Be Pushing It... - Survive the fourth encounter with the mugger

Watch Out For That First Step! - Commit suicide on the road construction site

Right To Bear Arms - Purchase the Gun in the Gun Store

My Life Is Worth a Lousy 50 Cents - Pay the Bum for the word on the street

Blissful Revenge - Survive the encounter with the prostitute

Repay The Favor - Pay the Yellow Cabbie back after he gave you a free ride when you were out of coins

Oldest Trick in the Book - Death by exploding car

Up In the Penthouse - Enter the penthouse in West End

Make an Entrance Like in the Movies - Shoot your way into the bungalow on Kedzie

Loyal Customer - Use the same cab driver to reach all of the locations in the game

I Didn't Realize Drugs Exited in the 40s! - administer deadly medicine on yourself

Become a Vegetable - Enter your office without curing your amnesia

I'm Cured! I'm Ace Harding, Private Eye - Cure your amnesia

Not Gonna Take Any Chances - Take care of the silhouette behind your office door before entering

Truth Serum - Make an unconscious person give you information

Butler Bungles - Get past the butler on Auburn Road

I'll post more ideas as I play through the game.

Posted: 13 Oct, 2017 02:30
wow thats a whole lot of ideias :) If youre able to provide some save states to help us get to diferent parts of the game, that would be great (especially before the points of the cheevos you sugested).

If you dont plan on working tat set yourself I might check it after I finish Paperboy :)

Posted: 13 Oct, 2017 03:32
I don't know how to make the achievements, but I can look into creating some save states for particular moments of the game the next time I have a chance. Thanks for the interest in helping creating achievements for this game.

I would also like to look into making achievements for Shadowgate & Uninvited after Deja Vu is finished.

Posted: 14 Oct, 2017 16:34
I used to love this game but I didn't really play it much. My older sister did and I watched her play it so I kind of know it second hand.

As far as this game, Uninvited, Shadowgate, would the mystery style achievements be a good idea? Some games have sets where some achievements are not detailed to know exactly what to do and you have to solve them. I am not sure they work in those games, but this point and click is made off of it. And being able to solve a riddle using the game itself may show mastery of the game in a way that would be unique to this style of game.

Say you took some of the ideas and did something like "He learned this time" for the description which requires you to pay off the robber the last time because he finally took the safety off without explicity stating that but using something like that as a clue.

Posted: 28 Oct, 2017 13:16
Last Edit: 28 Oct, 2017 14:36
I'm not sure if you guys are aware, but this game is about to be released on Xbox One/PS4/Steam (bundled with The Uninvited and Shadowgate) as 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One). I only mention it because it DOES have achievements! The game is going to be released on Halloween, but I've had access to a press copy for a few days.

I've unlocked two achievements so far for Déjà Vu, which were for dying to the explosive device in the car and also for dying to the mugger. I've just finished the game and those are the only two which have unlocked so far.

Just thought you guys would be interested if you didn't know about this already!

Posted: 28 Oct, 2017 21:24
Just dont punch the mugger more than 3 times max.

Posted: 14 Jan, 2018 10:13
Any news on achievements? :)

Posted: 21 Jul, 2018 10:23
I just uploaded a set that I've worked on for the past couple days. I swear this game's memory addresses and values are probably one of the easiest ones to work around. Hopefully Uninvited and Shadowgate are the same way.

Posted: 22 Jul, 2018 02:38
Last Edit: 22 Jul, 2018 02:45
This is the set I submitted:
It Weren't Me: Found the body in the office upstairs
Teach the Mugger a Lesson: Let's hope he doesn't forget it.
Holding Out: The mugger prefers dollar bills.
Sucker: The mugger ran off with your money.
Cheap Death 101: You fell in a hole at the construction site...
I Got Your Scoop Right Here: Shot the bum.
Your Muscles Mean Nothing to Me: Shoot the mugger in the alley.
Femme Fatale: The woman has shot you.
Bananas!: You got all bananas at the slot machine.
Lucky 7s!: You hit the jackpot!
Pop the Hood: Go ahead, do it.
They Were Different Times: You knocked the woman out. In broad daylight. Near a police station.
You Just Had to Make It Worse: You shot the woman while she was unconscious.
No Free Rides: Attempt to leave the cab without paying.
It's Bulletproof, Dummy: You attempted to shoot a cabbie.
Put the Toilet Seat Back Down: What were you hoping to find anyway?
Putting on the Ritz: Acquired a total of 100 coins by playing slots.
The House Always Wins: Lost your last coin to the slot machine and then shot yourself.
I Got a Job to Do: The butler has unwillingly allowed you into the estate.
Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Attacked the gun shop clerk.
Address Books Were a Thing Back Then: Obtained all five addresses.
Wake Up!: Punch the woman in the trunk before removing her gag.
Alligators in the Sewers: Maybe you just probably imagined it.
Socko Extraordinaire : Foiled the street mugger's plan for a third time.
I Can't Brain Today: You have died from... amnesia.
Boogaboogabooga!: Surprised in your office.
Ace Harding!!: You've regained your memories.
You've Got Some Nerve?: Took the Medrezine while standing in front of the police station.
He Finally Bought Bullets: Give the street mugger $20 to avoid certain death.
All Evidence Discarded: Everything that points to you is now submerged.
Way to go, Ace!: You presented evidence against Vickers and Sherman, clearing your name!
Hard Boiled: Cleared your name without continuing or viewing the save screen.

I wanted to make one for only picking up the most essential items, but was too burned out to work on it. But after seeing Megafield64's suggestions, I feel like I should have included it. I may still do it, but if anyone wants to take a crack at it, I'll break down how the inventory system works in the memory inspector.

Anyway, I would appreciate some help testing these before (if) these get approved. I've went through the game 3-4 times and everything seems to work. I'm a little worried about "Putting on the Ritz" not popping for people because I could never seem to win more than 85 coins, but editing the values in the memory inspector made it pop. Not sure if 85 is the max you can have or if I just had shitty luck.

I'm also worried about "Hard Boiled" not popping... I got it to pop once, it didn't the second time, but I figured out why and fixed it.

Posted: 24 Jul, 2018 07:09
re: Putting on the Ritz

I just managed to hit 99 by hitting a jackpot when I already had 70 coins (minus the one I put into hit the jackpot), but it seems like you are unable to win when you have over a certain number of coins. I think 100 might actually be impossible, or else it relies on having 71, putting one coin in, and hitting a jackpot. I'm pretty sure, after plenty of experimenting, you can't win anything if you have more than 70 coins.

I'd suggest maybe making the goal 80, definitely no more than 90, or else redistributing the points. I don't think anybody wants to spend hours on Deja Vu slots.

Posted: 24 Jul, 2018 08:07
I just lowered it to be equal to or greater than 80, which it appears to be on the site now. That was the only achievement I've been iffy about. I'd go ahead and refresh everything. Also, the achievement should only pop when you're at the slot machine screen. Thanks!

Posted: 25 Jul, 2018 01:10
Works like a charm. Thanks for making this set. I've actually been wanting to see this one for a while. We just need Princess Tomato and we'll have sets all the NES games in this style.

Posted: 25 Jul, 2018 02:04
I'm currently on/off working on sets for Jack Bros. (VB), Radia Senki (NES), Ultimate Qix/Volfied (GEN), Alcahest (SNES), and Golvellius (SMS). Also working on additional Holy Diver (NES) achievements since the set that's up is incomplete.

BUT... I do have Princess Tomato (NES) and Shadowgate (NES) in the pipeline. I just have a bit of point-and-click burnout from playing Deja Vu for two days straight. Got a list of about 80 games that don't have achievements and 20 more that are incomplete that I plan to eventually work on.
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