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Posted: 24 Apr, 2013 03:08
Let me know here if you find any issues with the All Achievement List page!

Posted: 28 Mar, 2014 02:29
I found some achievements are on the list but are not used in the games.

Posted: 06 Oct, 2014 02:22

Posted: 19 Jun, 2015 08:05
Last Edit: 20 Jun, 2015 03:46
there are 2 achievements in the game dragon ball advanced adventure (gba) who cant be done, the only way to get those 2 is with gameshark ("pteradon" only can play with him using game shark and "the young monkey tailed boy" because at one of the last stages you automatic take an upgrade)

EDIT: tks for remove the "pteradon" now only need to fix the another one, bytheway the achievements for the game Dragonball GT: Transformation gba doesnt work, i tryed alot of roms and nothing work, and nobody did any of the achievements of this game (all the achievements for this game are "0 of 1") so ... probably there's a problem of compatibility.

Posted: 20 Jun, 2015 16:38
Last Edit: 20 Jun, 2015 16:38
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