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Pac-Man Collection


Posted: 28 Apr, 2015 04:55
Last Edit: 29 Apr, 2015 00:28
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Posted: 12 May, 2016 07:10
Last Edit: 08 Jun, 2016 22:53
So, today I've played Pac-Man Arrangement fully twice today, and I was thinking that this game very much deserves a set of achievements. Here's a set for all the games, I hope it's good.

Pac-Man Arrangement

-Eat [insert fruit here]
-Eat 4 ghosts in a row
-Eat 5 ghosts in a row
-Eat 4 powered-up ghosts in a row
-Get a 7650x2 point bonus when eating a ghost
-Eat Kinky twice in a level
-Eat Kinky 3 times in a level
-Beat the final boss
-Beat the game without continuing (3 live mode setting only)
-Get 100,000 points
-Get 250,000 points
Wasteful- Eat a power pellet as the last pellet in a level
Double Wasteful- Eat 2 power pellets at once while in blue pill power-up mode
The Pac Who Stole Christmas- Eat at least 4 ghosts when they are turned into presents
Lucky Extend- get a 1up when it appears in the maze
2 fast 4 U- Dash past a ghost
Speedster- Dash through ghosts 10 times in a level
Speed Eater- Eat at least 3 ghosts in a row while dashing from a dash panel
Pac-Dash- Eat the red pill
Mirror, Mirror,- Eat the blue pill
Ain't no slowing me down- Eat the orange pill
Bagged myself a ghost- Eat the pink pill
Redundant Item- Eat the Brown Bag
Useless Item- Eat the gold pill


-Eat [insert fruit here]
-Reach each intermission
-Eat all 4 ghosts
-Use the side warps 10 times in a level
-Eat all 4 ghosts 4 times in a level
-Get 50,000 points
-Get 100,000 points
Procrastination- Survive for 90 seconds without eating anything

-Eat [insert fruit here]
-Eat the Pink Pellet
-Eat the Green Pellet
-Eat 4 ghosts in a row
-Eat 5 ghosts in a row
-Eat 6 ghosts in a row
-Get 7650 points from a ghost
-Successfully jump over a Common in any level after level 5
-Get 100,000 points
-Get 250,000 points
Fruit Pouncer- Jump onto a fruit
Ghost Pouncer- Jump onto a ghost to eat it
Bouncy- Jump 25 times in a level
Can't Catch Me- Jump over 3 ghosts at a time
You call that a jump?- Die in midair by jumping into a Grey Common
Cup O' Joe- Eat the cup of coffee
Granny Smith- Eat the Green Apple


-Clear 2/3/4/5/6 lines at once
-Eat 5 ghosts in a row with a Pac in Normal Mode
-Eat 10 ghosts in a row with a Pac in Normal Mode
-Eat 20 ghosts in a row with a Pac in Normal Mode
-Eat 50 ghosts in a game of Normal Mode
-Eat 100 ghosts in a game of Normal Mode
-Eat 200 ghosts in a game of Normal Mode
-Clear 25 lines in a game of Normal Mode
-Clear 75 lines in a game of Normal Mode
-Clear 150 lines in a game of Normal Mode
-Get 200000 points in Normal Mode
-Get 400000 points in Normal Mode
-Get a Fairy
-Clear Puzzle Mode
-Clear Extra Puzzle Mode
Waste of a good Pac- make a Pac drop without it eating anything

That's most of what comes to mind right now. There may be a need for a few more achievements each for Pac-Man and Pac-Attack (I don't play them very much), but I think that should cover most of it. Hopefully a developer notices this and makes a set for this excellent collection. Anyways, thanks for reading!

EDIT: added some new achievement ideas.

EDIT 2: added more achievement ideas.

Posted: 12 Jan, 2017 19:01
Would love to see achievements for this.

Posted: 19 May, 2017 20:46
I still really wanna see a set for this, so I'm reposting here so hopefully someone this thread catches someone's attention so they make a set for it.

Pac-Man Arrangement is so worthy of a set tbh


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