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Gunstar Heroes


Posted: 08 Jun, 2013 01:48
Last Edit: 09 Aug, 2020 01:15
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Created 08 Jun, 2013 01:48 by

Gunstar Heroes (USA).md
Gunstar Heroes (U) [!].bin
Gunstar Heroes (1993-09-09)(Sega)(US).bin
mpr-15813 t59.u1
RA Checksum: 9a369cfc6355db48677771e345421e0e
CRC32 Checksum: B813CF0D

Gunstar Heroes (Europe).md
Gunstar Heroes (E) [!].bin
Gunstar Heroes (1993-09-10)(Sega)(EU).bin
gunstar heroes (euro).bin
RA Checksum: 3fb8a8dfd2cfea48ae3d378918691ee7
CRC32 Checksum: 866ED9D0


Posted: 02 Dec, 2013 00:54
Would love to get this one completed. What more is there to add really? Complete a level without firing a bullet? Without taking a hit? Using only a particular weapon?

Posted: 20 Aug, 2015 00:14
Last Edit: 21 Aug, 2015 00:13
I added three other achievement to this game in attempt to make a complete set:
-Defeat Pink without taking damage.
-Defeat Black without taking damage.
-Defeat 2 of seven force's in a row form without taking damage.
-Defeat Orange without taking damage.

Anyway it's my first time making achievements, I tested them a little bit and they worked fine.

Posted: 23 Aug, 2015 17:42
Last Edit: 07 Apr, 2016 13:03
I added two other achievements.

-Defeat Smash Daisaku without taking damage in saving Yellow Stage.
-Beat the game with only the fire weapon in the first slot for the whole game.

So now we have a complete set with 20 achievements.

Posted: 24 Aug, 2015 15:15
I want to try to make leaderboards and maybe rich presence script. But I think I need to be made into a developer by the admins.

Posted: 24 Aug, 2015 17:50
Give it a shot.

Posted: 24 Aug, 2015 19:20
Thank you.

Posted: 07 Mar, 2018 02:07
Last Edit: 07 Mar, 2018 02:10
There seems to be a bug in the leaderboards. I didn't die at all on Normal and topped the current leaderboard easily (it was at some silly score beginning with 5 once you beat the final boss, he gave a lot of points) except the RA score tracker reset/showed zero score once the game hit the ending/credits and remained there even when the game returned to the title screen. Score didn't get logged (though my earlier in the evening run did where I didn't finish the game).

Not that fussed, but I was excited and all once destroying the leaderboard. :( A fix sometime would be welcome, this is a game that deserves it.

RAGens emulator.

Posted: 12 Feb, 2019 05:18
Last Edit: 12 Feb, 2019 05:42
Friends of RA! I would like to propose a Set Revision for the game Gunstar Heroes (Genesis)

As a developer, I think this set is still incomplete as it don’t reflect all the experiences the game has to offer. Below is what I’m proposing to do with it:

1. What will stay in the set:

• Pink Roader
• Green*
• Orange
• Black Beat Stepper
• Save Yellow*
• Space Timeron Challenge
• Beginner
• High Score
• Killer Score
Comments: This game is perfect for the concept of “No Damage in Boss Fight” as it has infinite continues with checkpoints next to the Boss (majority of times) and is a Treasure game. Space Timeron Challenge adds variety to the set and is fantastic.
* “Save Yellow” is unfortunately broken and has been an origin of frustration to many players. It is going to be fixed.
“Green” must be rebalanced, demanding no damage for an entire fight under Normal settings (5 bosses). It is very doable.
** The coding on the “no damage” cheevos needs to be improved to be awarded to the player at the moment the Boss is defeated.
*** Scoring cheevos need to be rebalanced. Difficulty restrictions needs to be added and the final one (Killer Score) must only be attainable in a near perfect run.

2. What will be removed from the set:

• Forced Ancient Ruins
• Lighting Strike
• On the Chase
• Fire Starter
Comments: Maybe I missed the original developer’s idea here, but I really do not see any value on those ones. Those might stay as freebies with their value reduced to (1) and maybe stage conditions removed.

3. What will be discussed:

• Bad Luck
Comments: I like the idea here. The problem is that this cheevo fall into the non-recommended policies of achievement development as it heavily relies on luck. I like it because it act as a consolation prize but maybe this idea is not sufficient justify it.

4. What will be transformed:

• Intergalactic Adventure
• Victory
• Gunstar Professional
• Sacrifice
• Fire Away

Comments: The first four ones will be part of a more consistent set of progression. They will stay but their points must be redistributed accordingly between the new ones.
I think Fire Away break the purpose of the game and it is too much long of a challenge. Depending of the community thoughts, it can stay but I must confess I would prefer to transform it in a more soft part of the set, allowing double fire or even combinations never removing the fire from the first slot.

5. What will be added:

• Curiosity freebies for logo rotation and 999 vitality on the Save Yellow mission.
• A more consistent set for progression under “Normal Difficulty”.
• A progression set rewarding a no-death run in each stage under “Hard Difficulty”
• No damage cheevos for the rest of the bosses on the game (Including the refights in the last stage).
• A cheevo for completing the game with each of the power ups with the first slot not being allowed to be replaced or awarding for game completion with the second slot being a copy of the power up on the first.
• Possible variety cheevos based on Black’s Base (maybe not possible due to being luck based, but this can be fixed adding limitations)
• Possible variety cheevos for challenges in the various stages on the game

6. Game Trophy and Badges

• I think the game trophy must show the two main characters instead of only one.
• I’m studying the possibility of using game exclusive frames for all the badges of a game. Must read other opinions about this.

7. Community Thoughts
Love you, people, from the bottom o my heart. This is a fantastic game and deserves all the love we can possibly put into it. Any, ANY, ideas that can improve this set to show our appreciation for this gem will be considered.

The voting for this revision is taking place on the RA Discord Channel. I really encourage the fellow members to use the channel and put your vote there. You can express any opinions you have there or here or contact me directly on Discord (same user name) or here on the site.

Best regards,


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