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RetroAchievements Roulette (RAWR)

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Posted: 28 Jan, 2022 12:59
Last Edit: 14 Aug, 2022 01:52

Presenting RAWR, the W is silent and non existent!
===Retro Achievement Roulette===
When: Jan 29th 2022 to Feb 4th 2023
Updates: Rounds end Saturday 10am est and start anew Every Saturday 11am EST


This Weeks 29 Achievements Are

1.\' width=\'64\' height=\'64\' /><div><b>A Catch Above the Rest
</b><br>Get 1st place in the Amateur Tournament
<br><br>10 Points<br><i>Sega Bass Fishing</i><br></div></div>')" onmouseout="UnTip()" >A Catch Above the Rest
A Catch Above the Rest (10)

A Catch Above the Rest (10) (23)
Get 1st place in the Amateur Tournament

Eliminator Mode (10) (15)
Win a race in Eliminator Mode (bonus level)

Purple Mountain Majesty (5) (5)
Collect All Star Coins in Amber Waves of Grain

-Each week three random achievements are chosen, you can earn 1, 2 or 3 of them. Each earn you points
-Although this is a year long event you will at minimum only need 4 months to finish this event giving it a seasonal "vibe"

-You need 52 points to win a badge made by the lovely Nydaxn

How to earn points:
-Each one you do is worth 1 points, max you can earn is 3 per week
-A final way to earn points is developing a random game via choice. By asking for this you get 3 random games to choose from, if you make the set you get 3 points and can then ask again in 30 days for this option. If you don't like any of the choices, you can ask 30 days later for a new draw. This is limited and truly exists as a way to finish faster.

-You can earn 1 reroll for yourself every month for the games by completing the task of the month. You can only finish the task once per month.
-For rerolling the dev games, you get to reroll the 3 games offered to you after 30 days pass from your ask

[Examples of Tasks]
Februarys Task could be write an RAGuide that is approved by ViperZang (Guide Man)
Marchs Task could be write a Play This Set for RANEWS
Aprils Task could be improve an icon (from provided list) and get it approved at icon gauntlet] 

Posted: 28 Jan, 2022 12:59
Last Edit: 03 Feb, 2022 17:09

1. All achievements must be earned in Hardcore Mode, no exceptions.

2. You must get the progression leading up to the achievement, so if you just enter a password to do lvl 8 you will not get credit

3. If you are caught cheating at the event you are banned from the event

4. If you wish to use an alternate account you must declare that account the first time you enter the competition. Whenever you earn on an alt account please clarify so I'm not confused. 

5. You must post in the forum, do not edit posts. Multiple posts are fine! I will 100% miss stuff and you will be sad face 😦

6. Week Starts at Saturday 11:00 AM Eastern, and ends the following Saturday 10:00 AM Eastern. The hour break is to let me catch up if behind, and if I'm caught up the week can start early.

7. The discord channel raroulette  is more for discussion, tips, and help. 

8. If you already completed said achievement you can re-earn said achievement thru a reset or an alt account. But that means having the required progression on your account or re-earning it on an alt.

9. Each player can earn 1 reroll every 30 days, you may hold earned rerolls for a later date if you wish.

10. For the Dev point option
-You can ask once every 30 days for a roll of 3 random games to dev. you have the standard claim time of 3 months (or 9 months with claim extensions) to release the set. Whenever you do and if it meets CoC standards you earn 3 points.
-If you decide not to dev one of the 3 rolled you can wait 30 days for a chance to draw new possibilities
This is open to jr devs and devs, just realize jr dev sets must go thru the Code Review process and jr devs can only take on one claim at a time so your wait time will be longer.

11. There is no prize for getting more than 52 points, you ONLY need 52 points for the badge. You can keep playing for fun but the most you'll be playing for is a stat in history.
Posted: 28 Jan, 2022 12:59
Last Edit: 08 Aug, 2022 06:05

Reroll Task 8 - do this and get a reroll token
Redo A Badge Set That Falls Under this Hub
August 6th - Sept 3rd
Note: Some stuff is there for well partial reasons, so please run by me what you are doing first
Example: Aero the Acrobat 2 is a set split between myself and Scott, Scotts achievement icons are generic and mine are not
Posted: 28 Jan, 2022 12:59
Last Edit: 08 Aug, 2022 06:07

Winners of Fame
1. heintsi - 6/13/2022 - (First without dev points)
2. WanderingHeiho - 6/15/2022 - (First to win on a single reroll)
3. malasdair - 6/17/2022 - (First to win on a devroll)
4. freezestar - 07/09/2022 - (Rarest win: THUG)
5. FlamingDoom - 07/09/2022 - (First site only winner)
6. Cadaxar - 7/11/2022 - (First with double digit dev points)

Top 5 So Far as of 8/8
1. WanderingHeiHo (73)
2. heintsi (62)
3. Cadaxar (56)
4. malasdair (54)
5. FlamingDoom (52)
5. Freezestar (52)

% So Far
DBZ Final Flash: 100% Earned
ShiningSoul: 81.8% Earned
MarioWorldBros: 70.4% earned
Data File: 67.65% earned
MickeyMath: 65.85% earned
Mario Arcade: 65% earned
PKMN Puzzle Collection: 52.5% earned
Jumping Flash: 51.1% earned
Tasac: 49.2% earned
SBVoldo: 46.8% earned
Outrun: 46.2% earned
Mario3Golden: 45.7% earned
SimpleFlips: 44.2% earned
Buzz: 43.9% earned
Wonderboy: 43.5% earned
MarioNWario: 42.9% earned
Castlevania 2 GB: 41.6% earned
Robocop: 40.3% earned
SectionZAgain: 37.1% earned
HomeAlone: 35.4% earned
UnhundredMetroid: 35.1% earned
Spongebob: 34.5% earned
StarWarsNES: 34.1% earned
RunWild: 33.3% earned
WolfVsDog: 30.9% earned
HelloKitty: 30.8% earned
ShamanKing2: 30.6% earned
Rtype: 30.2% earned
SonicRacing: 28.6% earned
Togepi: 28.3% earned
ColinMcRae: 27.8% earned
Glover: 27.3% earned
ColdMan: 25.0% earned
JackTheRipper: 25.0% earned
MysticalStars: 25.0% earned
Predator: 24.5% earned
OilVsCut: 23.9% earned
Lunacy: 23.9% earned
RE2: 22.7% earned
Ehrgeiz: 21.7% earned
Asterix: 20.8% earned
Pinnochio: 20.8% earned
RocNRope: 20.8% earned
Voodoo: 20.5% earned
Chicken Little: 20.5% earned
SamSho1: 18.2% earned
CaptainNovolin: 18.2% earned
SpyVsSpy: 18.2% earned
FF1Thief: 17.7% earned
Green Arrow: 17.65% earned
Crash2: 17.2% earned
PrinceofPersia: 17.0% earned
DiddyKongRacing: 16.7% earned
SectionZ: 15.9% earned
SnatcherSD: 15.7% earned
MMZX: 15.1% earned
DQ9: 12.9% earned
Xena: 12.3% earned
WarioAdv: 12.2% earned
HokutoNoKenII: 11.5% earned
CrystalPalace: 9.6% earned
THUGGBA: 9.4% earned
Blanka: 8.3% earned
AlienTrilogy: 8.3% earned
FF4PSP: 7.7% earned
AloneintheDark: 6.9% earned
Angelic Layer: 4.6% earned
SpidermanSMS: 4.4% earned
SummonNight2: 4.1% earned
RoadRash2: 4.05% earned
MGS GBC: 3.8% earned
PuyoPuyo: 3.08% earned
Quake2: 2.07% earned
FZero GP Legend: 2.5% earned
PKMN Ranger: 2.44% earned
BoF3Goo: 1.8% earned
Nintendogs: 1.6% earned
TrailsintheSkySC: 1.54% earned
PooWorld2: 0.00% earned
WizWar3: 0.00% earned
MGSPoopsPlus: 0.00% earned
Posted: 28 Jan, 2022 13:04
Last Edit: 28 Jan, 2022 13:04

My alt: XymjakThe2nd
Posted: 28 Jan, 2022 13:09

declaring myself or something
Posted: 28 Jan, 2022 17:58

My alt is ockerjjEncore
Posted: 28 Jan, 2022 19:43

Posted: 29 Jan, 2022 01:22

Posted: 29 Jan, 2022 14:46

Week 1 is live, see first post for the achievements

Those wanting to take on the devroll of 3 random games can hit me up at the discord channel
Posted: 29 Jan, 2022 20:39

Posted: 29 Jan, 2022 21:56

Posted: 29 Jan, 2022 23:03
Last Edit: 03 Feb, 2022 06:01

Using my only acct. ItzNoFNJoke
Posted: 29 Jan, 2022 23:59

Posted: 30 Jan, 2022 00:13
Last Edit: 30 Jan, 2022 00:22

I am done for the week. [5/52]



Next Dev available on Feb. 26

Submitted an RANews article for the reroll token:
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