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Year in Review and January RANews

Posted: 09 Jan, 2022 17:12
Last Edit: 09 Jan, 2022 17:14

The January issue of RANews is out!

We have a special treat for you in this months issue of RANews. We have composed a stats page of achievements, unlocks, awards and much more from 2021. We also included Year in Review page to recap everything that happened and was accomplished over the past year. Wishing everyone the best of luck for 2022 and looking forward to another great year.

Cover by Nydaxn:

What you can find in this months issue:
- Stats from 2021, and lots of them.
- A Year in Review, check out all that was accomplished in 2021
- Check which events are currently ongoing.
- Check out the results of the yearly ticket clearing event Devember.
- Stay up to date with the latest dev related news.
- Play This Set and Wish This Set are back with more entries.
- Master The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past
(SNES) with the latest RAGuide by Nepiki.
- 5 new RAdvantage tips from the community.
- Check out the list of new sets, revisions, rescores, and art updates.
- Find how you rank among the top 300 players on the site.
- We'll take a look at developer and user RAnniversaries this month.
- New updates in the Top Masteries section.
- Having trouble finding an available game for DevQuest 007? Most Wanted will now be showing a random consoles Top 20 each month, increasing the available open games.
- New Spot the Difference game featuring Sonic Rush: Adventure (Nintendo DS).
- StingX2 talks 1 on 1 with the man that brought you Cheevo, Nydaxn.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this months issue. Please feel free to reach out to RANews for any questions, comments, contributions, etc.
Posted: 10 Jan, 2022 19:55

Never had the chance, but i love this magazine. It is always an interesting read. I also love this months Guide for A link to the Past. gives me motivation to try a serious run in the near future.

Hope you continue the good work this year and beyond.
Posted: 11 Jan, 2022 03:22
Last Edit: 11 Jan, 2022 04:29

Love it!!! Awesome cover
Posted: 12 Jan, 2022 16:33

1060 sets released in 2021, that's really impressive. Loved reading the stats for all the things and stuff.

Thank you to everyone who does the hard work to keep this community flourishing. I hope this year, with DC release (and maybe other additions), we all have a wonderful time here.
Posted: 12 Jan, 2022 17:20


1060 sets in a year is like 3 sets being released every single day!

The power of a strong community sharing the same passion is huge and impressive.
Posted: 14 Jan, 2022 13:48

Hooray, RANews is back! You are best!


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