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Dracula X no damage achievements not unlocking


Posted: 25 Feb, 2015 10:36
I beat the Wyvern and Minotaur a couple times each with Richter at full health and over 20 hearts, but neither achievement has unlocked for me.

Posted: 25 Feb, 2015 12:20
Last Edit: 25 Feb, 2015 12:21
Please, don't play on PC Engine for now, because we are checking a serious problem. I'll post here when normalized.

Posted: 25 Feb, 2015 12:45
OK. Thanks for the help!

Posted: 22 Jun, 2015 06:06
Last Edit: 22 Jun, 2015 07:33
Same problem here.
Any solution now ?

Posted: 21 Aug, 2016 21:14
Last Edit: 21 Aug, 2016 22:34
Hello, i would like to share my experience concerning these glitched achievements since i manage to get all of them (i had only farmed two bosses in order to get these achievements).

So i had two files : one classic and one with the name that can unlock all levels.

I begin with the second (the one that gives you all levels).

Wyvern : i only use the whip, no subweapons. At the end, i had more than 20 hearts and full life. The achievement appeared after the last hit.

Werewolf : the first one that needed some battles. I had the "potion" item in order to use the item crash. At the end, i had 20 hearts and full life, The achievement appeared after the last hit.

Minotaur : i get the achievement when i have been hit by him. I use a savestate/loadstate in order to retry the challenge and the achievement had appeared then i had been hit by his axe.

Dullahan : I use a savestate in front on the door. I entered, manage to kill him with full life and more than 20 hearts. i use a loadstate, re-enter to fight again the boss and then, the achievement appeared !

Death : same that Dullahan

Shaft : i manage to get the success when i defeat the last monster with full life (yep, i get the achievement just before the appearance of Shaft).

Shaft ghost : same that Dullahan and Death

Dracula : got him than i delivered the last hit on his first form, didn't use subweapons for that fight

Water Dragon : same that Dullahan, Death and shaft ghost

Dogether : same that Dullahan.. but an important note : When i defeat the boss, i had full life and 18 hearts !

Carmilla : same that Dullahan, etc.

Bone golem : the only one that i need some farm so i use another save (classic) to get the achievement than i delivered the final blow.

Note 1 : for all bosses, except Dracula, i had the potion item.
Note 2 : i manage to pass the stage without being touched by ennemies
Note 3 : it's hard to explain but i think you must have a save that considered that you didn't discover the next level. For bone golem, i use the classic file (because i didn't manage to get the achievement on another file) because i didn't discorvered yet the stage 3'

I hope that my experience could help some members to get these glitched achievements.

Posted: 06 Apr, 2017 05:18
Regarding the "No Damage & 20 Hearts" achievements against bosses, it does not matter what subweapon you use and you do not need to use save states or have a separate file.

You must wait until the boss' health has filled up completely/reached max before you attack it. This is true (meaning I have personally confirmed by comparing fights where I hit the boss early versus ones where I waited) against the following bosses:

Bone Golem
Water Dragon
Shaft (The same rules apply to the 4 bosses you face before him, but the achievement pops before you actually fight Shaft)
Shaft's Ghost

It's safe to assume this also applies to Camilla, though I haven't personally confirmed it yet.

It seems that you can't attack Dracula's first form early, so I don't believe the health meter warning applies to him. The achievement for him pops while you're fighting his second form after the high score notifications have finished.

**A big thanks is owed to GameDragon. He is the one who discovered that you must wait for the boss' health meter to be full.**

Posted: 15 Oct, 2017 12:30
was this ever fixed?


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