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Achievement of the Week #49


Posted: 11 Feb, 2015 00:48
Last Edit: 17 Feb, 2015 03:29
A new achievement will be chosen each week as "Achievement of the Week."

Some will be set for obscure and underplayed games; while in other weeks, the challenge will be the hardest goal in that game's entire achievement set. If you can get the achievement:
You win 1 point towards the "Just For Fun" leaderboard, 2 points for earning it on hardcore mode!
(Note: You must earn it in the current week to get the point)

Scott: "Can I add - if you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under "reset game progress", first pick the game, then the achievement. This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week! Good luck all!"

This Week's Achievement: Symphony in the Moonlight by Popoki

Squares PROfessor 5 by Scootaloo

2015 Leaderboard
Beethro: 14
popoki: 12
msdmario: 10
SexyChazz: 6
SirVG: 5
fsvgm777: 4
Netto: 4
Zato: 4
AxelNL: 2
p4uloalmeida: 2
JonnyRetro: 2
Zengis: 2
BMT: 2
KojiroS: 2
coczero: 2
tuteur51: 2
HUKU117: 2
SoniChair427: 2
Altomar: 2
Zippeh: 2
Seijin: 2
Sikieiki: 2
DarkDash: 2
JoeSpar89: 2
Hien: 2
Myka: 1
StingX2: 1

#49: CV3: msdmario, popoki, StingX2 (softcore), Beethro, Hien, JoeSpar89, DarkDash (softcore), zato, SirVG

#48:Trojan: Sikieiki, msdmario, popoki, Beethro, zato, SexyChazz

#47 Mega Man IV: popoki, msdmario, DarkDash (softcore), HUKU117, SirVG (softcore), SexyChazz, fsvgm777, Beethro, KojiroS

#46: Super Mario Land 2: SirVG, msdmario, JonnyRetro, Myka (softcore), zengis, popoki, BMT, fsvgm777, SexyChazz, Beethro, coczero, tuteur51

#45: Friday the 13th: Beethro,

#44: Contra III: Beethro, popoki, Netto, AxelNL, p4uloalmeida

#10: Breath of Fire : SoniChair427, Altomar, Beethro, Zippeh, Netto, Popoki, Seijin, msdmario

#11: Lolo

Posted: 11 Feb, 2015 00:48
I cant update stats until i don't feel like death

Posted: 11 Feb, 2015 06:51
Last Edit: 11 Feb, 2015 06:51
is mine on HARDCORE!! and was my first defeat of Castlevania III!

Block 7 and A were the worst.

Posted: 11 Feb, 2015 14:29
woooo my *one game i ever actually completed on here* finally has an aotw! now let's see if i'm actually able to GET it... i did master this game years ago on virtual console but it is definitely one of the hardest EVER for the nes...

grats SirVG and good luck to any of the rest of you attempting this! Alucard rules for cheesing past difficult platforming sections with his bat form but in combat he is by far the worst character, so you'll need lots of skill to make this happen!

Posted: 12 Feb, 2015 15:00
Last Edit: 12 Feb, 2015 21:32
It took me 2 days but I did it, Castlevania 3 on hardcore.

I'm loving this website thanks for pointing me in the right direction VG.

Posted: 12 Feb, 2015 21:50
Last Edit: 12 Feb, 2015 21:51
Symphony in the moonlight Get! on Hardcore.

Posted: 15 Feb, 2015 20:59
achieved on hardcore... *phrew*!!! I sure know how to make the hard ones.. that was one of the roughest aotw's i've tried for in a long time! This also has gotten me in the mood to work more on achievements again though...

Posted: 16 Feb, 2015 05:01


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