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What About N64 and PS1 achievements?

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Posted: 21 Jan, 2015 17:51
Last Edit: 22 Jan, 2015 02:41
I would love to see some achievements for some N64 and some ps1 games...would that even be possible?

Posted: 22 Jan, 2015 09:19
It is currently being worked on those emulators (and in fact a lot more), but it will take some time, so dont expect N64 or PS1 in the next few months.

Posted: 22 Jan, 2015 21:37
I believe the only problem with the N64 emulator is that we would have to create our own plug-ins for the overlay and sounds when messages happened. The person who started this, , did register while he was testing it out.

Posted: 12 Apr, 2015 22:20
i would love for that to happen and maybe dreamcast emulator

Posted: 13 Apr, 2015 01:06
Some of the Dreamcast library is already on Steam, with achievements, like Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, and Crazy Taxi, so doubtful there will be any effort here. ;)

Posted: 13 Apr, 2015 06:55
Last Edit: 13 Apr, 2015 06:55

Posted: 14 Apr, 2015 05:07
PS1 & N64 achievements would mean me completely giving up on all other gaming platforms, and that's a good thing! Would love to throw some money to the people trying to do this!

Posted: 07 Jun, 2015 16:17
Although, Im all for N64 and PS1 achievements, my theory is that following that, this site and community might start to lose some of its "Retro" theme.

Posted: 07 Jun, 2015 18:20
My definition of "Retro" is any console that is no longer physically supported anymore from the companies that make them. This definition actually allows the Wii to be considered retro, as Nintendo no longer makes the consoles or games for the system, with the only thing being made for it are the controllers because the Wii U can use them.

Posted: 07 Jun, 2015 20:09
The N64 and PS1 eras will soon be two decades in the past. Sounds pretty retro to me!

Posted: 07 Jun, 2015 21:34
I think that if mid-2000 games are supported on GBA (though through the multi-gameboy emulator), I think PS1 and N64 have every right to be supported!

Posted: 08 Jun, 2015 09:46
N64 and PS1 were planned almost since the beginning of RA, and theyre pretty retro imo.
But I believe those will be the newest consoles we will ever support because the newer it gets the more the memory will be dynamic.

Posted: 08 Jun, 2015 13:56
Works for me :)

Posted: 11 Jun, 2015 18:32
@coczero You're talking about stationary consoles. GBA is newer then both of them.
I think Dreamcast should be the last big console supported here. It's symbolic: by giving up Dreamcast, Sega retired from the console market, and Microsoft took the place. At least for me it's end of transition era between 2D and 3D domination, that I called "retro 3D era" (1994-2001). Handhelds are something different. Support for GBA in US ended in 2008, but this is still a system designed only for 2D, and qualify as retro. NDS and PSP are handhelds counterparts for "retro 3D" (their computing performance in sequence resemble N64 and something between Dreamcast and PS2).
In my opinion the problem of dynamic RAM values is not system but game relative, and on newer platforms (like DC, NDS or PSP) there are games where it does not occur at all or is still possible to tame.

Posted: 27 Aug, 2015 04:20
Last Edit: 27 Aug, 2015 05:25
ps1 achievements is like a dream coming true to me. please, make this happen.
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