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Boktai : The Sun Is In Your Hand

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Posted: 28 Mar, 2019 10:03
Last Edit: 28 Mar, 2019 10:04
Ended up feeling bad about leaving out the tree ones, so I took the time to figure them out and added them now. It should not affect anyone who started playing already.

Posted: 05 Apr, 2019 04:34
Last Edit: 05 Apr, 2019 05:57
Awesome to see this! Thanks so much. I've been looking to replay this recently and this definitely makes it all the more interesting to do so.

As a heads up, the Solar Sensor Patch Kit download is down. I went to the site, tried to download, and it gets me to an error page. I noticed the banner at the top of the page stating that File Trip was permanently closed as of March 31. Is there any other reliable place to pull this patch from? Or does some one have a list to add here of cores that support the solar sensor?

Thanks again for getting these set up!

Edit: Upon doing some research, I have found that the mGBA core supports solar sensor adjustment using the L3 and R3 for decrease and increase respectively. Hopefully this will help some people out.

Posted: 05 Apr, 2019 15:47
Last Edit: 05 Apr, 2019 17:12
mGBA clock is broken for me but VBA-M (libretro version) works. Only RAVBA-M needs the patch for now and the patched versions will be unlinked after an update is released to fix native sensor support. Updated the link in my post for now.

Posted: 12 Apr, 2019 21:20
Thanks much for the comment on the clock. I've been playing through this on VBA-M and it's been a blast to revisit it. ^_^

Quick question on the S-Rank achievements.

On my first run-through, after completing the Undead dungeons, I went back and attempted to clear them on S-Rank. When I got the S-Rank, the achievements didn't trigger (tested it on all four of the Undead dungeons before Bloodrust), but the levels that I got S-Rank on the first attempt (instead of replaying them) seem to have triggered correctly. On a later run-through, I made sure to S-Rank them on the first attempt and they all triggered just fine at that point.

So, the question is, is this intentional that it must be on the first attempt (if so, can we add that to the description), or is that a bug I should submit a ticket for?

Posted: 12 Apr, 2019 21:33
Last Edit: 12 Apr, 2019 21:48
That was an oversight, it is fixed now.

Posted: 12 Apr, 2019 22:12
Awesome! Thanks for the quick response and update. The effort you've put into these is much appreciated! ^_^

Posted: 15 Apr, 2019 23:52
Alrighty, two more quick things.

First, I received the Fully Charged achievement when I earned the Chaos Battery. However, I was still missing the Astro Battery at the time, which is not restricted by Azure Sky Tower. Is this intentional? I have since earned the Astro Battery, just wanted to check if this was an oversight.

Second, I'd like to verify the list of frames required for the Gun Maniac achievement, as I believe I have met the requirements for it, but want to make sure. I currently have the following frames: Fighter, Knight, Crusader, Fencer, Swordsman, Swordsmaster, Axel, Vortex, Tornado, Spear, Lance, Javelin, Knife, Dagger, Gradius, Juggler, Beatmania, and Phantom, along with three Azure Sky Tower ones (Dragoon, Phalanx, and Stalker). I believe the only remaining frames left are the other four Azure Sky Tower frames and Wizard (which requires Link Battles).

Thank you much for your time.

Posted: 16 Apr, 2019 01:34
Last Edit: 16 Apr, 2019 03:03
Yes and yes, counting is hard.

Should be fixed now, thanks for the reports.

Posted: 02 Jun, 2019 20:40
wow cant believe I never heard of this game. such a unique idea. kudos on making the set for it
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