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Mortal Kombat II

Posted: 03 Apr, 2021 00:29
Last Edit: 08 Apr, 2021 18:54
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Created 3 Apr, 2021 00:29 by zxmega

1. Parent set: mk2
Mortal Kombat II (rev L3.1)
RA Hash: a683090976ec0f04dca81f6db9ca7484

2. Clone set: mk2r42
Mortal Kombat II (rev L4.2, hack)
RA Hash: 1a1e7711672de486ce29704029108aa1

3. Clone set: mk2r91
Mortal Kombat II (rev L9.1, hack)
RA Hash: 4e047b985db4b9aaa67d2e1fdeaa085f

MK2 Move List
Posted: 04 Apr, 2021 15:59
Last Edit: 08 Apr, 2021 00:21
So here is some tips about this game:

To find Noob Saibot, it's recommended to play on Revision 4.2 or 9.1, because these versions you can get him to appear after 6 wins on Vs. Mode, compared to 50 wins on revision 3.1.
If you play on Revision 4.2 or 9.1, if you challenge Jade and defeat her, you will go back a few battles in the ladder, so it isn't recommended to fight her in these versions. This is likely some bug in the game programming.

About the AI, you can't be honest with it, you need to be cheap by baiting his jump.
Here is a more detailed way about how to exploit the CPU:

Posted: 08 Apr, 2021 18:02
Last Edit: 09 Apr, 2021 18:09


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