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Treasure Planet


Posted: 19 Feb, 2021 18:54
Last Edit: 19 Feb, 2021 20:27
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Created 19 Feb, 2021 18:54 by

Disney's Treasure Planet (USA)
RA Checksum: a1a1200869187d2f3fb447c685c2c55c

Disney's Treasure Planet (Europe)
RA Checksum: f025f028001521301c717387aec16816

Disney La Planete au Tresor (France)
RA Checksum: 9318b12288a3e032d2f8fe1ee1a17540

Disneys Der Schatzplanet (Germany)
RA Checksum: b76f095ff44c3281e14a0dfb2805c526

Disney Il Pianeta del Tesoro (Italy)
RA Checksum: a9acb570669872a38d681897adbda3a3

Disney El planeta del tesoro (Spain)
RA Checksum: 102291e2713c7ebd3cd394358dcf727e

Disney's Piratenplaneet - De Schat van Kapitein Flint (Netherlands)
RA Checksum: e0ee2d0f629bcc1dad402a8f3d76f004

Disney's Skattkammarplaneten (Sweden)
RA Checksum: 694033eca29c7aa54c59a7631a3445bd

Disneys Skatteplaneten (Denmark)
RA Checksum: 00c0b8a6a200d8bddf7f2061f30da180

Posted: 19 Feb, 2021 20:27
Working on it

Posted: 22 Feb, 2021 20:13
Last Edit: 23 Feb, 2021 13:57
Absolute banger of a game, staple of my childhood. Please be sure to test it properly this time Alfex :D


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