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Challenge League 3

Posted: 26 Jan, 2021 18:51
Last Edit: 09 Apr, 2021 13:40
Welcome to Challenge League 3

This year will be a little bit different. There will be 8 challenges lasting throughout the year, no time limit on when you can start or finish these challenges. You'll have until Feb 1st 2022 to complete all 8 challenges to be awarded the badge.

Challenges will be released staggered giving you time to work on one without them all being piled on. Once you complete one, sit tight and wait for the next event announcement. New Challenges will be presented roughly every 4-5 weeks.

We kick it off this year starting on Feb 1st, 2021 with LeapFrog!

Leapfrog Challenge #1 has it's first group of winners!

Unwanted Challenge #2 has started! Check out the Un-wanted thread or discord channel for more information!

Peakstreak Challenge #3 hast started! Check out the Peakstreak thread or discord channel for more information!

Challenge League Standings

Spoiler (Click to show):
Traditional Leap Frog Rules Apply. (5) Point Minimum Achievement s
Day 1 = 1 (5)'s
Day 2 = 2 (5)'s
Day 3 = 3 (5)'s til you reach the final day 30

Again, there is no limit on when you can do this. You must however, complete the 30 days to continue on to Shinx's Leapfrog in March that will require 30 days of normal leapfrog into points leapfrog.

Don't worry, if you fail Challenge League Leapfrog. You can still start over and try again until the end of Challenge League 3.

**For Challenge League Portion of Leapfrog, you can just post your progress here, after the 30 days follow up with Shinx on how he wants to handle everything.

Xymjak has made a great script to start tracking performance and help easily post your progress for the daily requirements on the forum. Make sure to have TamperMonkey install. You can then go to this URL " ;u=SnowPin" replace SnowPin with your own name to see your progress.

*UPDATE* Feb 16th
The use of alts is allowed but you are required to obtain all of the current day's total's on a single account to make it through to the next day.

LeapFrog Standings as of April 9th, 2020
Players || Alt
🐸SnowPin πŸ‘‘
🐸Kisumebuckets πŸ‘‘
🐸Gamechamp πŸ‘‘
🐸Draco655 πŸ‘‘
🐸StingX2 πŸ‘‘
🐸Xymjak πŸ‘‘
🐸DanielARP πŸ‘‘
🐸Hotscrock πŸ‘‘
🐸minibt πŸ‘‘
🐸RetroRobb πŸ‘‘
🐸jabman696 πŸ‘‘
🐸msdmario πŸ‘‘
🐸freezestar πŸ‘‘
🐸KingS1zzle πŸ‘‘
🐸Pudpod πŸ‘‘
🐸SlashTangent πŸ‘‘

foli135 // Eliminated Day 1
TheLastBorba // Eliminated Day 1
Theta0Sigma // Eliminated Day 4
HolyShinx // Eliminated Day 5
L4stMinuteHero // Eliminated Day 10
Nevermond12 // Eliminated Day 15
ClayShaw // Eliminated Day 17
NickGoat1990 // Eliminated Day 19
BlotchJBMR // Eliminated Day 19
Whynot15 // Eliminated Day 20
Haruda // Eliminated Day 20
televandalist // Eliminated Day 23
deng // Disqualified Day 23
Bendyhuman // Eliminated Day 26

Challenge League Late Starters
πŸ‘‘Akai // Started Feb 7th
πŸ‘‘ockerjj // Started Feb 20th
πŸ‘‘Marshmallowzzz // Started Feb 21st
πŸ‘‘televandalist // Started Feb 27th
TheRecognitionScene // Started Mar 25th

TheRecognitionScene // Eliminated Day 20
Bananas731 // Eliminated Day 18
miccmike // Eliminated Day 15
YahwehTzVaoth // Eliminated Day 13
Adenothe // Eliminated Day 13
Tvols1480 // Eliminated Day 10
DansLabyrinth // Eliminated on Day 7
Whynot15 // Eliminated Day 5
foli135 // Eliminated on Day 4
japinhamaluco321 // Eliminated Day 4

Spoiler (Click to show):
With the 15th coming and going, that starts Challenge #2 which is a teamup with the Unwanted event! Your goal is to obtain a Bronze, Silver & Gold Qualification during any month to qualify for Challenge #2!

Spoiler (Click to show):
We start Peakstreak a little early due to some real life craziness going on around my house. This will be start of Challenge #3. You have will the rest of the competition to finish 10 successful days of Peakstreak! Mastering a game every day for 10 days straight. Doesn't matter how long or short! Check out the discord channel for more information!
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 13:34
hey look another leapfrog wow

oh I miss spoke

it's not leapfrog

it's everything wrong with the world

anyway count me in for that

who knows maybe I'll actually participate in challenge league afterwards
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 14:49
Soo... do we have to sign-up for it or just start posting on the first day?
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 16:18
Last Edit: 27 Jan, 2021 16:19
Since this is just a 30 day challenge league challenge, I won't require anyone to "register" just start posting away once you start completing. Although it seems maybe they want you to register here for the actual leapfrog that will continue on after the 30 days, but for Challenge league it's not required.
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 16:19
okay signing up
my alt is Bubsy
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 16:31
I changed my mind, I'm signing up

The frogs are too enticing
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 16:57
yo le chat
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 17:01
Signing up (if you need to).
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 17:17
im in
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 17:20
Im in
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 17:49
I want to use my alt XymjakThe2nd for the "30 days".
I want to use my main for the "week by week".
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 18:49
Signing in just for the leaping and the frogging.
Posted: 27 Jan, 2021 21:22
Cool event, Snowpin! I'll be participating in LeapFrog for sure, as well as the future challenges.
Posted: 28 Jan, 2021 04:35
I'll join
Posted: 29 Jan, 2021 00:26
gonna give this a try


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