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Neutopia II

Posted: 03 Jan, 2021 12:33

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Created 3 Jan, 2021 12:33 by televandalist

Posted: 18 Feb, 2021 11:08
Last Edit: 10 Mar, 2021 15:05

This game being the most requested for PC Engine, I'm reserving a set.

It will probably be in the vein of A Link to the Past, since both games looks quite the same.

Feel free to write suggestions ;)

Edit: March 10th: set is almost done. I will test a few things before promoting it.
Posted: 11 Mar, 2021 17:20
Last Edit: 11 Mar, 2021 17:26

Set is live, have fun!

Do not use passwords, only the file cabinet, or nothing will trigger.
Posted: 16 Mar, 2021 11:25

Rich Presence added.
Posted: 18 Mar, 2021 21:44
Last Edit: 18 Mar, 2021 21:45

I'm giving up on . I appreciate that hardt gave it a higher point value, but I do not have the patience for it. To anyone else attempting it, I'll give a few tips you may find helpful:

1. This boss's weakness is the boomerang. 16 hits with it will kill him.
2. He seems to follow a different movement pattern every time you load your game.
3. That being said, if you use a save state (i.e. practicing with achievements off, or playing in softcore), he seems to follow the same pattern for that particular instance. I still couldn't beat him in this state without getting hit!

Good luck and godspeed. If anyone has any additional tips on this boss, I'd be grateful. Here is a video of someone beating it without getting hit 12 years ago. It looks to me like he just got lucky.
Posted: 19 Mar, 2021 15:37

Thanks for the heads up. Time will tell !
Posted: 15 Sep, 2021 18:18

Looks like someone got it! Good for them. I'd love to know if they had a strategy or if it was just pure luck.
Posted: 21 Sep, 2021 21:04
Last Edit: 21 Sep, 2021 21:09

Sorry wrong game. Post was for another game.


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