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Peak Streak

Posted: 24 Nov, 2021 00:19
Last Edit: 24 Nov, 2021 00:20

BahamutVoid, your streak has ended. Hope you enjoyed your time here with us, and remember you're always free to try again if you wish.
Posted: 24 Nov, 2021 01:34

Day 10:
And that's all for challenge league! Let's see if I keep going lol.
Posted: 24 Nov, 2021 19:18

Peak Streak Day 100!:

So I guess I wasn't quite done with SM64 hacks... I honestly wanted today to be Pokemon Picross GBA, but I'm a bit farther away than I'd like to make that work.

I had also originally wanted Day 100 to double as the final piece of Devember, but my current plans for that are to redo DKC3 for GBA. As it has two Tickets as well, clearing that will just barely net me the Hardcore badge, and as the DKCs have always been dear to me...
The trickiest part is actually figuring out which DK Coin to leave uncollected in each world (1 and 2 were simple enough, but the others?).
Posted: 25 Nov, 2021 01:19

Congratulations s0uth! I'll pass along the message to Snowpin so you can get your Challenge League credit.

Wow ShadwSonic, 100 masteries and showing no signs of stopping! That's a huge milestone that very few people have reached. It's easy to lose a sense of scale when you do this for so long, but when you think about it, a single mastery every single day for 100 days is so incredibly impressive.
Posted: 25 Nov, 2021 23:38

Peak Streak Day 101:

The levels were enjoyable, but he doesn't quite know how to make an enjoyable boss. Some are brainlessly easy, but most are unfairly brutal. Oddly, the final boss is one of the "easy" ones.
Posted: 26 Nov, 2021 22:41

Peak Streak Day 102:

I wasn't going to finish a new game today, and the 50-point cheev for 100% put this high on the list for using from my buffer.
Posted: 27 Nov, 2021 00:07

s0uth, your streak has ended. Back to the ShadwSonic show for now, haha.
Posted: 27 Nov, 2021 01:03

Peak Streak Day 103:

Same basic premise as HACK 1, but the Ultra Challenge was NOT simply the Mega Challenge without health!
Posted: 28 Nov, 2021 00:21

With that, you've officially surpassed my personal peak and entered the top five. It'll be a long road to climb any further, but considering the size of your buffer I don't expect you to run into trouble anytime soon. Wishing you the best of luck moving forward.
Posted: 28 Nov, 2021 04:04

Peak Streak Day 104:

Another short one, but there's three reasons why:

1. This wasn't part of my buffer.
2. I've been working on DKC3 GBA to finish off Devember (10 points for full-game plus 2 more apiece for the tickets).
3. I've been really struggling with Banjo-Dreamie, which is my "main" game at the moment.
Posted: 29 Nov, 2021 02:23

Peak Streak Day 105:

The HACK series was actually tougher than this by a noticeable margin. Not enough to call this "easy" (well, maybe), or HACK "hard", but definitely on opposite ends of the "normal" scale.
Posted: 30 Nov, 2021 07:00

Peak Streak Day 106:

I was a bit worried about fitting this all into one day due to those "Small Mario VS the World" cheevs, but it really wasn't that bad! Had I thought I could do another game in time, I probably would've added it to the buffer... like I just did with Banjo-Dreamie.
Posted: 01 Dec, 2021 00:07

Peak Streak Day 107:

This would've been brutal... IF Super Mode wasn't allowed for all cheevs that don't explicitly ban it. I'd really like to play a hack that's built with such an ability in mind to be honest!


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