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Peak Streak

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Posted: 29 Dec, 2020 00:00
Last Edit: 14 Dec, 2021 06:26

Welcome to Peak Streak. The goal of this event is to master one game per day for as many consecutive days as possible. If you miss a day, your streak is over, and you may start again from day one. I maintain a leaderboard keeping track of each participant’s longest streak, found in the second post of this thread. I update this on a daily basis, usually within a few hours after the daily reset.

This is an ongoing event, so participants may join in or drop out at any time. Participants are expected to post in this thread on a daily basis for ease of tracking. Your posts should contain a link to the game that you have mastered.

1) Your streak begins the first time you post in the thread. Streaks earned prior to this date are irrelevant. 

2) Each day starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 GMT (server time).

3) "Mastering" a set means earning all achievements in Hardcore Mode. The time of mastery is based upon the time at which you earn the final achievement; when you start the set is irrelevant.

4) Mastering more than one game per day is allowed, though there is no advantage to doing so.

5) You may not delete achievements in a set that you have previously mastered to “remaster” the set. Similarly, you may not “remaster” a set following a set revision.

6) Usage of an alt account is not allowed.

7) Event badges and games with fewer than six achievements do not contribute toward streaks.

8) In the event that you require a manual unlock in order to master a set, please bring this to my attention and I will take into account the time at which you submitted the manual unlock request.
Posted: 29 Dec, 2020 00:00
Last Edit: 12 Aug, 2022 02:39

Peak Streaks (as of August 12th 00:00 GMT)

ShadwSonic 245
*NickGoat1990 238
YahwehTzVaoth 223
deng 189
freezestar 163
FireSonic 151
*Lonoke31 133
Bendyhuman 102
ParaParaKing 75
guineu 69
mikeisafighter 62
HolyShinx 51
Whynot15 50
Juliushuber 45
Boldewin 44
FlamingDoom 44
Draco655 39
Enagonius 39
DigitalDusk 34
Tayadaoc 25
H1gh5pd 21
Marshmallowzzz 21
RomaKiev 20
LordAndrew 18
StingX2 14
Xymjak 13
BahamutVoid 12
Sairotra 12
benmoot 11
Grungust 11
MisfitMatt187 11
Akai 10
Bananas731 10
BlotchJBMR 10
Burgins 10
FBernkastelKues 10
Gamechamp 10
jabman696 10
minibt 10
msdmario 10
ockerjj 10
pinguupinguu 10
Probored 10
Pudpod 10
s0uth 10
SlashTangent 10
televandalist 10
TheRecognitionScene 10
xnaivx 10
RaphMec 9
kcoconnor76 7
Haruda 4
Kisumebuckets 4
SnowPin 4
Dest 3
GalacticSpear 3
MaddieKittyTV 2
Tuddywutwut 2

Asterisks denote participants who are currently streaking. Parentheses denote their current streak if lower than their Peak Streak.
Posted: 29 Dec, 2020 00:00

Peak Streak will officially begin on January 1st, 2021. In the meantime, feel free to use this thread to GET HYPE and ask any questions you may have about the rules.
Posted: 29 Dec, 2020 00:03

Posted: 29 Dec, 2020 00:33

I can't wait to have #1 on the leaderboard

Spoiler (Click to show):
And by that I mean I will have a score of 1
Posted: 29 Dec, 2020 00:37

Posted: 29 Dec, 2020 05:12
Last Edit: 29 Dec, 2020 05:13

You may not delete achievements in a set that you have previously mastered to “remaster” the set. Similarly, you may not “remaster” a set following a set revision.

this counts for all games or just during the event? Was hoping to finally have a reason to remaster and after the revisions a couple months ago.
Posted: 29 Dec, 2020 05:24

deng, if you mastered those games prior to their revisions, then you may not remaster them post-revision for Peak Streak.
Posted: 29 Dec, 2020 10:57
Last Edit: 29 Dec, 2020 10:57

I hope this event will be part of my streak, well if I survive to it
Posted: 30 Dec, 2020 18:46

Are games that we started playing before the event but never mastered allowed?

I have a few of those PS1 bootleg Disney slide puzzle games halfway done, I could finally find the motivation to finish them.
Posted: 30 Dec, 2020 21:21

guineu, yes those games would be allowed. I will be basing the time of mastery on the timestamp at which you earned the final achievement in the set, regardless of when you started the set.
Posted: 31 Dec, 2020 23:01

Approximately one hour until Peak Streak officially begins! Here is a sample template for an idea of what your posts should look like. If you aren't sure how many masteries you have, the easiest way to check is by clicking on your site rank on your profile.

Day 1, Mastery 100:
Posted: 01 Jan, 2021 01:10

Posted: 01 Jan, 2021 04:14
Last Edit: 01 Jan, 2021 04:15

Posted: 01 Jan, 2021 05:42
Last Edit: 01 Jan, 2021 18:54

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