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** Achievement Creation **

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Posted: 29 Jul, 2015 20:11
Last Edit: 29 Jul, 2015 23:50
Hello, I have trouble logging in. Help please

Posted: 01 Aug, 2015 05:07
I want to learn how to do this more. I guess my first target will be Dragon Warrior II (then move into the others). How do I know which registers cover which?

I do have a programming background, but little with emulation background.


Posted: 11 Aug, 2015 01:35
Someone introduced me to this site when I was watching some FFV Fiesta on twitch. I have lots of information I plan to use to implement achievements for the GBA version (it has no achievement so far).

I'm fiddling with the tools but something that got me intrigued is why there is no space for commenting in the Achievement Editor? For example (speaking in general), I could create an achievement that checks 1 address (which is no good). I improve it by adding the address that checks the map, I could make a comment on why adding that second address is useful to make the achievement so if another developer checks the achievement knows why is that (and maybe decides to do something similar thanks to it).

I've played several games already and noticed that some times devs assumed some values not fully knowing the game, which leads to achievements not triggering when they are supposed to (because you're doing something alternative, therefore values are not the same). I know you can report achievements (which I have done) but I don't know how editing the achievement directly is viewed.

I know some FFV achievements could be checked in a better way which I could modify, but since I'm new to this I don't want get ahead of myself maybe breaking things because I'm not yet that familiar with these tools. I suppose I could try contacting the author of the achievement, but what in the case if that person is not active or such...

Also in FFVA, I was trying to implement an achievement that is to learn your first magic and uploaded it, but while the addresses are correct, they way it compares it is not (I want an OR but I think it does an AND because address had to be split in 2 parts because its size is of 32-bits). So I wanted to remove it but I don't know how (it's under the unofficial group).

Posted: 11 Aug, 2015 02:48
I agree that the ability to make comments on requirements would be very helpful. Also, the ability to copy and paste requirements would cut a lot of time on some projects.

Posted: 13 Sep, 2015 03:21
Last Edit: 13 Sep, 2015 03:24
Hi there! I was trying to see if I could fix the achievement Treasure Hunter for Ristar, found a way to do that, tested to make sure that it would work, then hit "Commit Selected" for that modification.
Unfortunately, it didn't go to the "Unofficial" list as I thought it was supposed to, and instead seems to have permanently modified my achievement set so that my modifications are the "Core" version (says it's not modified, but the editor still shows my version instead of the prior one).
I just wanted to make sure that I hadn't somehow bypassed the intended protocol by accident, and that my modification has been properly sent in for review.
(If you want I can list the previous way it was structured and compare it to how I structured it).

Posted: 13 Sep, 2015 04:16
Last Edit: 13 Sep, 2015 04:19
As for Inonis Thwarted (the only other achievement for that game I did not get without trying to modify it, but SOMEHOW got while I was trying to figure out how it works (keeping it because I should've had it anyway)), I haven't figured out how to fix that one yet. And likely won't be able to any time soon, if at all.

Posted: 13 Sep, 2015 09:14
Actually if you modify an achievement in the core section and you hit commit selected , It will modify the achievements for all the users.

Posted: 31 May, 2016 18:02
Last Edit: 31 May, 2016 18:15
I'm trying to start to create achievements, but the Memory Inspector dialog is not opening at RAGens Emulator. I'm using Windows 10 64 Bits. Is there someone that had the same problem? Thanks.

Posted: 31 May, 2016 18:14
Last Edit: 31 May, 2016 18:15
It was just the windows size, when the window redraw the achievements and memory inspector start to appear close to the start button. Now is party time! =D

Posted: 09 Jun, 2016 19:22
Last Edit: 09 Jun, 2016 19:22
I know some people interested in increasing the library of games compatible with RA, but unfortunately the lack of a tutorial PT - BR disturbs a little. I tried to follow this tutorial but it did not work with me.

There is the possibility of someone who knows how to create achievements do this or have to use a translator? =D

Posted: 19 Nov, 2016 03:31
A video tutorial of how to make achievements would be great and more understable for everyone

Posted: 19 Nov, 2016 21:19
Last Edit: 19 Nov, 2016 21:19

Aqui tem um vídeo tutorial de como encontrar valores e fazer conquistas.

Posted: 19 Nov, 2016 21:25
Está em inglês, mas eu acho que dá para entender.

Posted: 08 May, 2017 20:15
Last Edit: 08 May, 2017 21:42

Posted: 04 Aug, 2017 22:43
I'd like to try my hand at making a couple achievement sets, but I have two important questions I didn't see answered anywhere else.

#1 How are 64 achievements being created? The only way I know to get 64 achievements is through RetroArch, and that doesn't have an achievement editor.

#2 Is there some developer mode that can be toggled to work on achievements? I'm worried about getting flagged for cheating - one of the games I'm looking at is Mother 1+2 for GBA, and I imagine I would do a lot of save file copying/editing in the process.
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