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Umihara Kawase

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Posted: 02 Oct, 2014 23:54
Last Edit: 11 Apr, 2018 13:54

Official Topic Post for discussion about
Created 03 Oct, 2014 00:54 by StingX2

1. Umihara Kawase (J) [T+Eng.90_Satsu].sfc
RA Checksum: 5a474de20eca57067104ab00da0ff4c9
CRC32 Checksum: 5410108D

2. Umihara Kawase (Japan).sfc
Umihara Kawase (J).sfc
umihara kawase (japan).sfc
RA Checksum: abddd496bab9c4fd12007f3125db85cc
CRC32 Checksum: 393CCCA2

3. Umihara Kawase (J) [T+Eng2.1_ROMHackWorkshop].sfc
RA Checksum: ccb3810718ef071ef8d4bdc47d385edb
CRC32 Checksum: C5C9FB16

Posted: 06 Oct, 2014 02:36

The list is complete as far as i'm going. Every level, every path, every ending is accounted for. I also added a few of the one ups as an achievement that are a pain in the neck to get. If any speed runish people want to come do that be my guest, same with hard mode...which is insane cause this game is so hard

Here are the Stage IDs, it was too big for the notes

(#) = hex number
Stage 0 = 0
Stage 1 = 1
Stage 2 = 2
Stage 3 = 3
Stage 4 = 4
Stage 5 = 27
Stage 6 = 6
Stage 7 = 7
Stage 8 = 8
Stage 10 = 5
Stage 11 = 9
Stage 12 = 12 (0c)
Stage 14 = 10
Stage 15 = 11 (0b)
Stage 16 = 55 (37)
Stage 17 = 13 (0d)
Stage 18 = 20 (14)
Stage 20 = 14 (0e)
Stage 21 = 15 (0f)
Stage 22 = 16 (10)
Stage 23 = 51 (33)
Stage 24 = 37 (25)
Stage 25 = 61 (3d)
Stage 26 = 18 (12)
Stage 28 = 52 (34)
Stage 29 = 56 (38)
Stage 30 = 28 (1c)
Stage 31 = 50 (32)
Stage 33 = 49 (31)
Stage 34 = 44 (2c)
Stage 35 = 38 (26)
Stage 36 = 63 (3f)
Stage 37 = 53 (35)
Stage 38 = 22 (16)
Stage 40 = 59 (3b)
Stage 41 = 54 (36)
Stage 42 = 43 (2b)
Stage 43 = 46 (2e)
Stage 45 = 36 (24)
Stage 46 = 27 (39)
Stage 47 = 41 (29)
Stage 48 = 40 (28)
Stage 49 = 60 (3c)
Stage 50 = 45 (2d)
Stage 51 = 58 (3a)
Stage 52 = 42 (2a)
Stage 55 = 48 (30)
Stage 56 = 62 (3e)
Stage 57 = 47 (2f)
Posted: 08 Sep, 2015 14:58
Last Edit: 25 Sep, 2015 07:32

Added rich presence based upon the above post as well as some score leaderboards. (One submits on game over and the other on credits)

Disabled credits leaderboard because it kept infinitely popping at credits despite the coding making that impossible. Seems to happen randomly with leaderboards. It's still there, just with dummy start conditions.
Posted: 08 Sep, 2015 16:43
Last Edit: 08 Sep, 2015 16:44

Has the wrong value, so it can't be achieved. It has 0x27 instead of 0x39 (39 dec = 27 hex, so hence the typo). Forgot to mention that's the value of field 46
Posted: 08 Sep, 2015 17:07

Can you fix that Goroh or Dex, cause my brain isn't grasping that. But I'm awarding you the achievement goroh
Posted: 08 Sep, 2015 17:30

It's kinda running my head in circles too, but I think I fixed it.
Posted: 08 Sep, 2015 17:40

Well, the Stage 46 (called Field 46 in the game) has the value of 39 hex (or 0x39 for short). It was comparing to 0x27 which is in decimal 39.

This is where the creation of the achievement got confused, instead of using hexadecimal 39, it had decimal 39, hence it was not possible to achieve it. It seems that it now points correctly, so is all fine.

And with that I was able to get all achievements :)
(now time to see how many I can take in hardcore mode...)
Posted: 02 Oct, 2015 15:08
Last Edit: 02 Oct, 2015 15:43

Here are some ideas of achievements for the moment.

The big one I have in mind right now is: "Capture 18 variants of enemies in one session".
Would it be possible? There are also similar enemies to worry about, that I'm not even sure if they are considered separate enough in the coding; there are two colors of snails, and two different tiny fishes.
I quickly figured out a path for that; it's just a draft, but you might grasp the challenge aspect of the thing for now. I'm just worried that might not work. ;o=0

There should maybe be multiple Speedrun Achievements, for each ending levels, or even different paths. That I haven't tried to calculate a proper time yet.

There is no achievement for beating the Crab Boss in Field 56? Weird.

By the way, I tried twice in Hardcore and never got the achievement, yet I see that Goroh got it. Wut.
Posted: 02 Oct, 2015 15:46

I think there were 2 stages where there was no achievement, the other one was also one of the latest stages (Stage 52 to 55). I didn't think is a big deal considering the next level is covered (although taking into account that reaching each level does have an achievement, maybe these 2 should be created).
Posted: 02 Oct, 2015 15:49

Forgot to mention, as for the speedrun, there's a cheat that makes you have 5:00 minutes to beat the game, else you'll warp to level 28 (You just press down exactly 100 times on the main menu)...
Posted: 02 Oct, 2015 16:28
Last Edit: 02 Oct, 2015 17:38

Seems the ending for field 35 had a really low chance of hitting its credit value for some reason, I've changed it to use the gamestate's credit value instead so it should work consistently. As for the fish collection, I can't seem to find anything to suggest the game cares which kind of fish you have hooked or caught, though that is a very interesting idea.

Beating the game on hard mode would be an alright speedrun achievement, though just beating it in 5 minutes would be better so people don't have to keep entering the cheat. I've marked the overall time limit's address and uploaded the achievement to unofficial.

Edit: Also uploaded the crab and 52 to 55 achievements to unofficial. Unsure what would be reduced to fit all these in (probably earlier fields and endings). Crab needs in, though. I timed out to field 57, I believe, and didn't even know the crab existed.

Edit Edit: Promoted to core.
Posted: 02 Oct, 2015 17:11
Last Edit: 02 Oct, 2015 17:23

There should be an achievement for completing Field 40 (*40 to 35*).
Although, would it be possible to replace with that? As I previously stated, it's the only way to get into Field 40 anyway, so two birds, one stone.
Posted: 02 Oct, 2015 17:28
Last Edit: 02 Oct, 2015 17:37

I thought it would be better to keep the consistency and just put every door as its own instead of having minor exceptions. I reduced the ending achievements and first 5 stages to make room for them.

Edit: Gave you both the new achievements, seeing as how you pretty much have achievements proving that you did them. (Neon got hardcore, Samurai softcore)
Posted: 02 Oct, 2015 18:18
Last Edit: 02 Oct, 2015 18:41

More achievement ideas: "Get the Life in Field 8, then complete the level without dying"
Didn't notice it exists, in an alternate form, but perhaps there should be this added condition, just to be more evil, and you get to fight the boss multiple times anyway and it's near the start, so having to redo the game to get back there isn't much of a problem.

How about: "Get to an ending without dying and under 30 minutes?"

I must say I'm very surprised how quick these achievements are made. Thanks for all that.
And I notice the Score Leaderboards at the credits seems to be fixed.
Posted: 02 Oct, 2015 19:09

Made both, though the backpack one is giving second thoughts. I'll keep it there for now, though. The achievements are quick because this game's memory is nice about endings and I already know how the values work, having done work with it in the past. I didn't make any changes to the leaderboard code, though leaderboards tend to do whatever they want.
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