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ToeJam and Earl

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Posted: 12 Sep, 2014 14:21
Last Edit: 25 Mar, 2018 00:14
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Created 12 Sep, 2014 15:21 by

1. ToeJam & Earl (World).md
Toejam & Earl (UE) (REV00) [!].bin
ToeJam & Earl (1991-10)(Sega)(US).bin
RA Checksum: 0a6af20d9c5b3ec4e23c683f083b92cd
CRC32 Checksum: D1B36786

2. ToeJam & Earl (World) (Rev A).md
Toejam & Earl (JE) (REV02) [!].bin
ToeJam & Earl Rev 2 (1991)(Sega)(JP)(en).bin
RA Checksum: 72dc91fd2c5528b384f082a38db9ddda
CRC32 Checksum: 7A588F4B

3. Toejam & Earl (UE) (REV00) [T+Fre0.90_sky2048].bin
RA Checksum: 17bc889f3286ac01728d2745e615ced1
CRC32 Checksum: DD7E98C7

4. Toejam & Earl (UE) (REV00) [T-Bra_FjM].bin
ToeJam & Earl (1991-10)(Sega)(US)[tr pt][a].bin
RA Checksum: e46a4d48532d561bf7da5649d78ddfce
CRC32 Checksum: 7049B44D


Posted: 28 Apr, 2015 17:52
Last Edit: 29 Apr, 2015 00:29
we need a few more achievements for this game.
Steal from santa.
Meet Trixie?!?
Drink some lemonade (level 0)
You are a Weiner
Achieve Dufus status
Achieve Poindexter status
Achieve Peanut status
Achieve Dude status
Achieve Bro status
Achieve Homey status
Achieve Rapmaster status
Achieve Funklord status

Obtain first ship piece
Obtain second ship piece
Obtain third ship piece
Obtain fourth ship piece
Obtain fifth ship piece
Obtain sixth ship piece
Obtain seventh ship piece
Obtain eighth ship piece
Obtain ninth ship piece
Obtain 10th ship piece Back to funkatron

could name quite a few other achievements but this is a really good start, can apply this x2 in fixed and in random mode (note do not use cheat codes).

Posted: 30 Apr, 2015 07:57
Excellent research putz! Thanks for doing this: I totally agree that TJ&E needs more :) it's a fantastic game!

Posted: 01 May, 2015 08:15
This game is a bit difficult to find proper memory locations, but I have added for now.

Posted: 22 Jul, 2015 07:09
I've created the full set of achievements for this game. Too bad I didnt read this first I would've added a trixie achievement. Luckily tho I was in much the same thought process as putz and my achievements are nearly identical to that list. Had a few people test the achievements and they look good. Now on to toejam and earl 2, nostalgia continues. Cheers!

Posted: 04 Aug, 2015 20:06
This for fixed mode and random mode or just 1 or the other? its a great start but needs more i feel. To many toejam only achievements. Need some Earl love

Posted: 04 Aug, 2015 20:16
Last Edit: 04 Aug, 2015 20:16
Yeah I feel the same way. Using alts, you could make the Toejam achievements usable with Earl as well. Needs achievements for identifying all the items at once besides randomizer and random/fixed modes as well as some other random things like paying for identification or holding a certain amount of cash. These achievements as they stand should work for both modes, and that should be changed.

Posted: 22 Aug, 2017 11:56
These 2 food ones still won't unlock for me, tried every combination order I can as there's a pizza and sundae on level 3 and a hamburger on level 4. Using retroarch 1.6.7 genesis plus gx core

Posted: 23 Aug, 2017 02:51
I had no problem getting it using RAGens

Posted: 24 Aug, 2017 09:21
@kdecks just tried ragens managed to get the under achiever in sonic, but these two still didn't work

Posted: 24 Aug, 2017 20:40
It's not too tricky to find all those foods. Make proof it via images or video and I can award you completion.

Posted: 24 Aug, 2017 20:48
@aN1LEator, Did you try using Picodrive core?

Posted: 25 Aug, 2017 11:03
@GameDragon just tried Picodrive core still no success

@kdecks here you go completed again, screenshot each mentioned food I came across before I ate it, that damn bread took half the game this time!

Posted: 25 Aug, 2017 18:37
Good enough. It's done

Posted: 03 Sep, 2017 00:00
"Return to Funkotron" didn't trigger correctly for me, I got a game over and then when I started a new game I got the achievement.
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