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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Posted: 09 Sep, 2014 02:24
Last Edit: 24 Mar, 2018 22:34
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1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (USA).md
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (U) [!].bin
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1994-11)(Sega)(US).bin
mighty morphin power rangers (usa).bin
RA Checksum: cdcfb24231942f535a18d2097ab5b68e
CRC32 Checksum: 715158A9

2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Europe).md
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (E) [!].bin
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1994-08)(Sega)(EU).bin
mighty morphin power rangers (euro).bin
RA Checksum: 822ad49995f8958d32f46948885f1564
CRC32 Checksum: 7F96E663


Posted: 20 May, 2017 22:49
Last Edit: 01 Jul, 2017 19:30


Suitable Rom:

Name: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (USA).md
Size: 2 MB (2,097,152 bytes)
SHA-1: DBE0C63C9E659255B091760889787001E85016A9
MD5: CDCFB24231942F535A18D2097AB5B68E
CRC32: 715158A9


Play as the Evil Green Ranger in 2p Battle
Press A+B+C repeatedly on the second player controller at the Banpresto Logo screen. If entered correctly, a voice will shout ''Power Rangers'' The ''Evil'' version of the Green Ranger should be selectable in the 2P Battle Mode.

Unlock Green Ranger
To unlock Green Ranger, you need to defeat the Dragonzord enemy with Megazord in 1P Scenario Mode. After that, Green Ranger will be unlocked as a selectable character for the remainder of the game in 1P Scenario Mode.

Posted: 20 May, 2017 23:10
Last Edit: 30 Jun, 2017 00:04
Memory Addresses

Pause: 0x00c116
0x00 = Default
0x01 = Pause

Game Sections: 0x00a030 or 0x00a032 (works as cache or auxiliary addreses, change them doesn't trigger anything)
0x00=Sega Logo
0x04=Banpresto Logo
0x08=Start Menu
0x10=Option Menu
0x14=PVP Settings Menu
0x18=Continue Screen
0x1C=Game Over Screen
0x20=Campaign Player Select
0x24=Cutscene: Green Ranger Calling DragonZord
0x28=Cutscene: MegaZord Sequence Has Iniciated
0x2C=Cutscene: Red Ranger Defeating Green Ranger
0x30=PVP Player Select
0x38=Cutscene: Campaign Intro
0x3C=Cutscene: Morphing Time
0x40=Credits Part II
0x44=Cutscene: Showing up he enemy before the stage (Repeats to all Enemies)
0x48=Cutscene: After The Enemy get's defeated for the second time (Repeats to all Enemies)
0x4c=Cutscene: Enemy Growing Up (Repeats to all Enemies)
0x50=PVP Results
0x54=Cutscene: Cyclopsis Transforming
0x58=Cutscene: Power Rangers MegaZord (between demo fights)

Timer: 0x00c111 (decimal values: 0x99 to 0x00, 0xff infinite timer)

Stored Timer Settings:
0x99=Default Settings (99secs)
0x60=60 secs
0x45=45 secs
0x30=30 secs
0xff=infinite timer

HP: (0x60 full hp to 0x00 HEX values, 0xff triggers the defeat)
1P: 0x00d081
2P: 0x00d201

Special Bar: (0x00 to 0x30 decimal values, 0x31 triggers the max special blinking, the value can overpass the 0x31)
1P: 0x00d083
2P: 0x00d203

Round Victory Markers:
1P: 0x00d08e
2P: 0x00d20e
0x00 = Default
0x01 = 1 Round
0x02 = 2 Rounds

Game Level - "Overall Difficulty": 0x00a012
1P - Game Level: 0x00a014 (Higher the level, weaker the character became - PvP handicap option)
2P - Game Level: 0x00a016 (Higher the level, weaker the character became - PvP handicap option)
0x00 = 1
0x02 = 2
0x04 = 3
0x06 = 4
0x08 = 5
0x0a = 6
0x0c = 7
0x0e = 8

Locations: 0x00a00c
0x02 = Rangers Stage
0x06 = Minotaur Stage
0x08 = Dragonzord Stage
0x00 = Madam Woe Stage
0x04 = Goldar Stage
0x0a = Cyclopsis Stage

1P Campaign Phases: 0x00a01c
0x00 = Minotaur
0x02 = Evil Green Ranger & Evil Dragonzord
0x04 = Madam Woe
0x06 = Goldar
0x08 = Cyclopsis & Cyclopsis Final Form

1P Campaign Parts: 0x00a020
0x00 = Part I
0x01 = Part II

Level N.º - Phase - Part - Enemy:
Level 1 = 0x00 - 0x00 - Minotaur Part I
Level 2 = 0x00 - 0x01 - Minotaur Part II
Level 3 = 0x02 - 0x00 - Evil Green Ranger
Level 4 = 0x02 - 0x01 - Evil Dragonzord
Level 5 = 0x04 - 0x00 - Madam Woe Part I
Level 6 = 0x04 - 0x01 - Madam Woe Part II
Level 7 = 0x06 - 0x00 - Goldar Part I
Level 8 = 0x06 - 0x01 - Goldar Part II
Level 9 = 0x08 - 0x00 - Cyclopsis
Level 10 = 0x08 - 0x01 - Cyclopsis Final Form


1P: 0x00a000
0x08 = Red Ranger
0x0c = Black Ranger
0x10 = Blue Ranger
0x14 = Pink Ranger
0x18 = Yellow Ranger
0x1c = Green Ranger
0x34 = Evil Green Ranger
0x00 = Megazord
0x04 = Dragonzord
0x05 = Evil Dragonzord
0x20 = Minotaur
0x24 = Madam Woe
0x2c = Goldar
0x38 = Cyclopsis
0x30 = Cyclopsis Final Form

2P: 0x00a002
0x0a = Red Ranger
0x0e = Black Ranger
0x12 = Blue Ranger
0x16 = Pink Ranger
0x1a = Yellow Ranger
0x1e = Green Ranger
0x36 = Evil Green Ranger
0x02 = Megazord
0x06 = Dragonzord
0x2a = Evil Dragonzord
0x22 = Minotaur
0x26 = Madam Woe
0x2e = Goldar
0x3a = Cyclopsis
0x32 = Cyclopsis Final Form

Unlocking Green Ranger and DragonZord (Single Player Campaign): 0x00a052

Unlocking Evil Green (Cheat Code): 0x00a058
0x00 = Locked
0x01 = Unlocked

MegaZord or DragonZord Player Select Screen: 0x00a05a

Player Inputs:
1P: 0x00a048 (16bits)
2P: 0x00a04a (16bits)

Action Triggers: (the values are different if the player is in right or left side of the battle)
1P:0x00d002 (16bits)
2P:0x00d182 (16bits)

Movement and actions sprites: (the values are different if the player is in right or left side of the battle)
1P: 0x00d060 (16bits)
2P: 0x00d1e0 (16bits)

Continue Counter: 0x00a2c2
0x00 = 10
0x24 = 9
0x20 = 8
0x1c = 7
0x18 = 6
0x14 = 5
0x10 = 4
0x0c = 3
0x08 = 2
0x04 = 1
0x00 = 0

CPU Related:
1P CPU: 0x00a004
2P CPU: 0x00a006
0x00 = Disabled
0x02 = Enabled

Gameplay Demonstration (enforces CPU vs CPU): 0x00a100
0x00: Disable
0x04: Enable

Battle Stages: 0x00c100
0x00=Battle Stage 1
0x01=Battle Stage 2
0x02=Battle Stage 3
0x03=Final Battle

PVP Mode: 0x00a03a (16bits) = 0x8e92

PVP Stats: (Decimal Values 0 to 99)

1P: MegaZord - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0a1
1P: MegaZord - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0a3
1P: MegaZord - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0a0

2P: MegaZord - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0d1
2P: MegaZord - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0d3
2P: MegaZord - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0d0

1P: DragonZord - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0a2
1P: DragonZord - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0a4
1P: DragonZord - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0a5

2P: DragonZord - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0d2
2P: DragonZord - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0d4
2P: DragonZord - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0d5

1P: Minotaur - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0a7
1P: Minotaur - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0a9
1P: Minotaur - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0a6

2P: Minotaur - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0d7
2P: Minotaur - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0d9
2P: Minotaur - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0d6

1P: Madam Woe - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0a8
1P: Madam Woe - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0aa
1P: Madam Woe - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0ab

2P: Madam Woe - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0d8
2P: Madam Woe - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0da
2P: Madam Woe - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0db

1P: Goldar - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0ad
1P: Goldar - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0af
1P: Goldar - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0ac

2P: Goldar - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0dd
2P: Goldar - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0df
2P: Goldar - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0dc

1P: Cyclopsis - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0ae
1P: Cyclopsis - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0b0
1P: Cyclopsis - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0b1

2P: Cyclopsis - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0de
2P: Cyclopsis - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0e0
2P: Cyclopsis - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0e1

1P: Red Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0b3
1P: Red Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0b5
1P: Red Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0b2

2P: Red Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0e3
2P: Red Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0e5
2P: Red Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0e2

1P: Black Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0b4
1P: Black Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0b6
1P: Black Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0b7

2P: Black Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0e4
2P: Black Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0e6
2P: Black Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0e7

1P: Blue Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0b9
1P: Blue Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0bb
1P: Blue Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0b8

2P: Blue Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0e9
2P: Blue Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0eb
2P: Blue Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0e8

1P: Pink Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0ba
1P: Pink Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0bc
1P: Pink Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0bd

2P: Pink Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0ea
2P: Pink Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0ec
2P: Pink Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0ed

1P: Yellow Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0bf
1P: Yellow Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0c1
1P: Yellow Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0be

2P: Yellow Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0ef
2P: Yellow Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0f1
2P: Yellow Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0ee

1P: Green Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0c0
1P: Green Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0c2
1P: Green Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0c3

2P: Green Ranger - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0f0
2P: Green Ranger - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0f2
2P: Green Ranger - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0f3

1P: Evil Green - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0c5
1P: Evil Green - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0c7
1P: Evil Green - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0c4

2P: Evil Green - Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0f5
2P: Evil Green - Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0f7
2P: Evil Green - Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0f4

1P: Total Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0c6
1P: Total Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0c8
1P: Total Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0c9

2P: Total Won Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0f6
2P: Total Draw Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0f8
2P: Total Lost Matchs (PVP) (8bits) = 0x00a0f9

- Victory/Lose/Draw Trigger
- Levels Address
- Cut-scenes ID addresses


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