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Posted: 06 Sep, 2014 23:05
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Created 07 Sep, 2014 00:05 by


Posted: 06 Sep, 2014 23:28
Esse é um dos jogos que mais gosto!!!
Seria absolutamente demais este com conquistas aqui no RA, jogaria até conseguir todas!!! :D

Posted: 07 Sep, 2014 00:02
vamos faze-lo . :)

Posted: 07 Sep, 2014 00:07
Last Edit: 26 Jul, 2015 23:26
I sugest this achievements, if possible.

- Defeating the 1st boss.
- Take the shortcut in the 2nd phase.
- Defeat the 2nd boss and save the mayor!
- Hit 30 targets or more in the 1st Bonus.
- Get the Cobra gun.
- Defeating the 3rd boss.
- Defeating Ed 209 in 4th phase.
- Get 50,000 points!
- Hit 30 targets or more in the 2nd Bonus.
- Defeating the Clarence in 5th phase.
- Finish the game.

- Get MAX bullets on Cobra Gun.
- Defeating the 1st boss without taking damage.
- Defeating the 2nd boss without taking damage, or hit the Mayor.
- Defeating the 3rd boss without taking damage.
- Defeating the 1st Ed 209 without damage..
- Defeating Clarence without damage.
- Defeating the 2nd Ed 209 without damage..
- Finish the game without using machine gun or Cobra gun.
- Finish the game without Defend.
- Finish the game without continuing.
- Get 100,000 points!

Thanks. :D

Posted: 07 Sep, 2014 00:13
Thanks Fernando. Your list will help us a lot.

Posted: 07 Sep, 2014 00:29
Last Edit: 26 Jul, 2015 23:25

Posted: 06 Nov, 2016 18:17
Last Edit: 06 Nov, 2016 22:02
Set is finally complete! I made everything last week but I was too lazy to go ahead and test it all. Anyway, testing is complete and everything should work fine, but if something triggers prematurely or too late, let me know. I tried my best to follow the suggestions.

So testing is complete. I had trouble with and . Formerly they would pop on the following stages if you didn't get them, so I went and made changes, however they would then not pop at all. It's honestly my fault for structuring the code the way I did, but my latest tests have been successful.

Lastly, they weren't broken, but and might pop a couple of points short. The reason being, when I set tens for scores as requirements, there was a chance they wouldn't pop at all, so I just said screw it.

That's everything.


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