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Sonic the Hedgehog

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Posted: 17 Sep, 2017 16:03
Last Edit: 17 Sep, 2017 16:03
Has anyone youtubed the under 1000 run? I can't quite figure it out.
and also what is the EXACT ROM i should be using since it seems to be buggy...

Posted: 17 Sep, 2017 16:49
Last Edit: 17 Sep, 2017 18:57
If you are asking how to do it: don't hit any enemy, you can get rings during the stage but you need to reach the end of the act with none (if you need to lose rings, let the enemies hit you before ending the act until you reach zero rings) and finish all the acts with more than 5 minutes on the timer (use the frame skip option to make the time run faster when you are in the end of the act).

Posted: 17 Sep, 2017 16:56
@FlamingDoom Can't post roms here.

Posted: 17 Sep, 2017 18:24
I use the No-Intro romset whenever possible. I have had a good success rate.

Posted: 17 Sep, 2017 19:38
@GameDragon, oh i didn't know that. so you can't post direct links in the site then?

Posted: 12 Nov, 2017 10:11
Last Edit: 13 Nov, 2017 21:19
Achievement ideas:
I Am Not Even Playing: Die in the demo or the credits.
Spiked: Die to the spike glitch.
Green Hill Speed: Beat Green Hill Zone Act 1 in 25 seconds.
Spring Life: Get an extra life on Spring Yard Zone Act 2.
Special Staged: Get all Chaos Emeralds before reaching Spring Yard Zone Act 3.
Labyrinth Lash Out: Get 3 hits on the boss in Labyrinth Zone Act 3 before he reaches the top.
Life Of A Star: Get an extra life on Star Light Zone Act 3.
Merciful: Spare Robotnik after defeating him in Final Zone.
Very High Score: Get 200000 points.
Almost The Highest Score Ever: Get 300000 points.
Living Large: Have 10 lives.
Continue Or Not: Win a Continue in a Special Stage.
R U DA DEV?: Find the Debug Mode.

Posted: 01 Dec, 2017 13:29
I can develop some of those if some new achievements are wanted.

Some more achievement ideas:
Each zone has an achievement for beating it without taking damage.
Each act of each zone has an achievement for beating it under a certain time. This would mean players would have to find new shortcuts that they previously might not have known, like one I recently found in Labyrinth Zone Act 1.
Explorer: Find the secret area in each act of Marble Zone.
Waterfall Wonders: Find the secret area in Green Hill Zone Act 3 underneath the first spike bridge.
Speed Yard Zone: Collect the speed shoes in Spring Yard Zone Act 1.
Goal Posts are overrated: Complete Star Light Zone Act 1 by passing underneath the goal post.
Overkill: Defeat Eggman with Invincibility, a Shield and some Rings.
The Floor is Lava: Defeat Eggman in Green Hill Zone without touching the ground (by landing on the floating platforms).
Gotta go fast: Beat the game in under xx minutes (I'm not sure how many yet, I'll need to see how fast I can beat the game).
Ring Hoarder: Collect x rings in the level x. I'm not sure which ones yet, maybe all of the possible rings in all levels. I would also have this for special stages, it appears the original achievement creator Scott has an achievement not in the core achievements called Special Collector which seems to be collect every ring in the first special stage. I could make achievements for all special stages.

As for your achievements Piterpicher, most of them seem good but I would maybe alter/remove a few.
I am not even playing: requires a glitch (holding down jump buttons whilst demo is playing). This glitch was removed in REV01 of Sonic.
Spiked: Personally I don't think the player should get an achievement for dying.
Very High Score and Almost the Highest Score Ever: I think the scores you posted are too low, on my last casual playthrough I ended the game with over 400000 points, it was on the GBA port so it might make points different, but 500000 points should be easily possible in the original sonic (by getting time bonus for completing level fast and collecting the hidden points at the end of each act).
Living Large: 10 lives is a bit too little in my opinion, personally I think 20 lives would be better.

I can start developing these achievements if any one would like me to do so.

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 16:06
Which game icon one to replace the current one?

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 16:08
Used the 3rd one to test it

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 18:29
Muito melhor!

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 18:42
Last Edit: 05 Jun, 2018 18:43
I like the second one, but the first one looks great too! I think the third and fourth's background look way too distracting

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 19:04
I like the 2nd one the most personally.

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 19:54
Last Edit: 05 Jun, 2018 19:55
Agreed, either 1st or 2nd one. Which one was before?

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 19:56
The third one was there for a short amount of time and before that it was a ring with dark blue background. Before that it was just the almost unedited title screen

Posted: 05 Jun, 2018 23:07
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