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Super Mario Land

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Posted: 22 May, 2013 13:22
Last Edit: 17 Jun, 2019 08:48
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Created 22 May, 2013 13:22 by

1. Super Mario Land (World) (Rev A).gb
Super Mario Land (W) (V1.1) [!].gb
RA Checksum: b259feb41811c7e4e1dc200167985c84
CRC32 Checksum: 2C27EC70

2. Super Mario Land (World).gb
Super Mario Land (W) (V1.0) [!].gb
super mario land (world).bin
RA Checksum: b48161623f12f86fec88320166a21fce
CRC32 Checksum: 90776841

3. Super Mario Land (W) (V1.1) [T+Por].gb
RA Checksum: c6cfb6cb982ac886faa83a1f0e597dc8
CRC32 Checksum: 5AA96C27

4. Super Mario Land
RA Checksum: b45f850d25943a636d9999f90a2bbaa8
CRC32 Checksum: 6862d7f8


Posted: 22 May, 2013 22:11
Got lots of juicy ideas for this one - after you complete the game you repeat the whole thing again on 'hard' mode, then if you complete it again, it enters a state when you can pick your level, I always had the challenge of completing it twice before the batteries ran out, I think I managed it just once? lol :P definitely going to have an achievement for that...

Complete game without collecting any coins? Is it possible? :P

Posted: 24 May, 2013 21:00
How about collecting every coin on the submarine stage, or killing every enemy on the plane stage. Finish Birabuto Kingdom without collecting any power ups.

Posted: 05 Dec, 2013 10:44
you may need to have a look at . I managed to get this after respawning near the end of the stage when I died.

Posted: 06 Dec, 2013 01:32
Ah - will do, next time I'm on a PC. I don't think I'm taking dying into account :S thanks for reporting it btw!

Posted: 26 Jan, 2014 12:26
Hey guys, about the issue with Birabuto Seedrun.. it's still there. Same thing happened to me, I got the achievement after respawning at the end. The timer resets also which makes it too easy :p

Posted: 26 Jan, 2014 12:34
I'll have a look, thanks for reporting it guys!

Posted: 26 Jan, 2014 12:37
No worries! Can't be cheating on them speed runs can we?!! :D

Posted: 26 Jan, 2014 12:47
Phew! OK I *think* that one's resolved now, wow that took many tries but I think I've finally got it right!

Thanks for your feedback BTW :)

Posted: 26 Jan, 2014 12:58
Thanks for the work you've put into this great site man! Had LOADS of fun with super mario land today!! Keep it up! :D

OH and check your messages :3

Posted: 04 Feb, 2014 22:03
While playing this game the achievement unlocked while I was in one of the coin rooms in world 3-2 when I had only 196000 points (and a little more but I forgot the actual number), but definitely less than 200000 points. I though about posting it here. iirc it unlocked as I got a 1-up from getting 100 coins.

Posted: 16 Feb, 2014 16:34
Like STHX, I also got the achievement at around before the target score, at 192000.

Posted: 31 Mar, 2014 00:15
Last Edit: 31 Mar, 2014 02:41
okay uh so is "coin allergy" really possible? there's a point about 3/4th through stage 1-3 where it is absolutely 100% impossible to avoid getting coins -- unless you have a super mushroom to break some blocks and then are *pixel perfect* in between the three coins on the upper path. The problem is, there's absolutely no mushrooms in the stage up to this point except for one in a bonus room that would be utterly impossible to get without also getting coins. On top of that, there's a set of coins at the end of 1-2 after the last horizontal floating platform that as far as i can tell are 100% impossible to avoid unless you die there then respawn at the very end past them, so it's impossible to have a mushroom or fire flower with you BEFORE you enter 1-3... UNLESS you get one in the bonus room at the end of 1-2... But seriously? Is that really, *really* what's expected of you for this achievement or am I missing something here?

*edit* Oh nevermind, I guess you can jump over the set I was talking about in 1-2 if you're really good. But still, this is very rough stuff.

*edit 2* Lmaoooo I actually have formulated a way to do it where you get the mushroom on top of the pyramid halfway through 1-2 and make sure not to lose it by that point in 1-3 but it's feeling pretty impossible to get past those 3 asshole coins on the top path without collecting one.

*edit 3* Well after practicing on hardcore for like 3 hours to the point at which i can pretty much beat the first 2 stages and the 3rd up to that point without stopping or collecting a single coin, I finally decided to turn off hardcore mode for the first time ever on an RA emulator just to practice and even see if my hypothesis of 'getting just enough runspeed before the first coin and then jumping at the last possible pixel before touching it to clear all 3 and get on the higher ledge' was even going to work. Doing that for about 10 minutes straight on softcore (so like, at lest 50 tries) to no avail I realized you are actually supposed to SQUEEZE IN BETWEEN THE COINS. YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO THAT. WOW. WHAT. I JUST. WHAT..
Well I got it on softcore. Time to spend the rest of my life getting it on hardcore.

*edit 4* Aaaand got it. Yeah kids just remember you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Posted: 29 Oct, 2014 05:06
Last Edit: 29 Oct, 2014 07:06
Just wondering if someone could offer some advice on this one - I've now reached 2-1 without collecting any coins three separate times now, and still no achievement pop. Anyone else had any trouble with this, or is there something I've neglected to do?

**EDIT 1** 4 times now, plus made it to 2-2 and still nothing :(

**EDIT 2** 5th time I managed to not die/get hit, thought that may trigger something, but nope!

Posted: 16 Feb, 2019 16:18
Last Edit: 16 Feb, 2019 16:19
I got both and after dying in the level and respawning, and from what I read on this forum this is not supposed to be a feature.

I used checksum b48161623f12f86fec88320166a21fce
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