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Posted: 21 Aug, 2014 16:30
Last Edit: 25 Mar, 2018 00:25
Official Topic Post for discussion about
Created 21 Aug, 2014 17:30 by

1. Vectorman (USA, Europe).md
Vectorman (UE) [!].bin
Vectorman (1995-10-24)(Sega)(EU-US).bin
RA Checksum: d7171a867739c8ec325aa65b175b0c49
CRC32 Checksum: D38B3354

2. Vectorman.(sega).bin
RA Checksum: 88ca2e9c35e99d1aaf461d4f4b03ef42
CRC32 Checksum: 5D0E892F

3. Vectorman (UE) [T+Rus_NewGame].bin
Vectorman (1995-10-24)(Sega)(EU-US)[tr ru NewGame].bin
RA Checksum: 5448efd7bc131e4ca610d863c5751e22
CRC32 Checksum: FFFAEC99

4. Vectorman [T+Rus_NewGame].bin
Vectorman (UE) [T+Rus SergeyK(NewGame) (28.01.2003)].bin
RA Checksum: 8a1e09c9557526ae8bf4965dc031c8f5
CRC32 Checksum: 3D85113F

5. Vectorman [Rus].bin
RA Checksum: 92deb9110675f5c8b52edd1128178e9b
CRC32 Checksum: CF32BE57


Posted: 10 Jun, 2017 07:33
Here's a google sheet for anyone who wants to suggest an achievement:

Posted: 10 Jun, 2017 12:35
You'll need to change your sharing to something besides view only if you want to accept additions/comments.

Posted: 10 Jun, 2017 17:21
This game deserves more achievements!

Posted: 20 Oct, 2017 22:56
Last Edit: 20 Oct, 2017 23:08
provided spreadsheet is ready only but here's my suggestion:

Find the warp zone.

Posted: 27 Dec, 2017 15:11
I and have interest in work together for new achievements for this game. Please, post your ideas for good achievements here in the forum.

Posted: 17 Jan, 2018 05:14
Last Edit: 17 Jan, 2018 05:18
Possible achievements that I could see in Vectorman:

Completing levels/the game (only level completion achievement seems to be given for level 3, which isn't far, and a little strange considering so many other games have achievements for each level completion).

One for opening a secret area using a bomb power-up, and the same for the drill power-up.

Bonus round achievements; One each for for successfully activating and using the satellites to get to bonus rounds (three total I think?), and one for completing any one of them.

Individual health upgrade achievements (Health upgrades are hidden in specific areas in most if not all of the main/non-mini-game levels).

Achievement for defeating certain bosses or levels without firing/only using the double jump thrusters (the pelican/polar bear boss is possible to beat with this method; which I believe should apply to the level it is in as well).

Edit: I'm certain most of these things can easily apply to vectorman 2 as well, such as completion and health-upgrades, though I haven't tried any thruster-jump only kills in that one.

Posted: 19 Jan, 2018 10:40
Last Edit: 10 Mar, 2018 21:02
Here is my plan for a revision:

- demote that cheevo for destroying 10 TVs - it seems unnecessary.

- simple progress-based achievements

- more cheevos related to finish level X within T minutes

- getting perfect on bonus rounds

- pacifist - get the bonus for finishing a stage without killing any enemy

- weapons (kill X enemies with)
- Rapid Fire
- Wave
- Bolo

- other powerups (get X times)
- Nucleus Shield
- Orb

- transformations (maybe performing a specific task with a transformation)
- drill
- fish
- missile
- buggy
- bomb
- jet
- parachute

- on level 4 there are 2 ways to the end of the level. I'm thinking in making a cheevo for each path, but I'm not sure if it would be spammy. Will check.

- collect all life+ orbs

- finish the game without life+ orbs

- easter eggs
- blow up SEGA logo
- level warp 5
- level warp 10


I'll protect those cheevos not allowing them being earned by the cheats this game have.

- Debug Mode: press A, B, B, A, Down, A, B, B, A on the options screen
- full health: A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A (ABRACADABRA)
- invencibilidade: pause the game and press C, A, Left, Left, A, C, A, B (CALL A CAB)
- slow motion: pause and press Down, Right, A, C, Up, Left, A (DRACULA)
- shield and high jump: pause the game and press A, B, A, C, A, B, B
- choose weapon: enter C, A, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, A, DOWN (CALL DAD) to change your weapon. Repeating the code can change your weapon to the next one

Posted: 19 Jan, 2018 11:09
Last Edit: 19 Jan, 2018 11:12
Sounds good :) to be fair the 10 TVs one was one of the first ever achievements on RA, so it probably is a little bit basic... :P

Edit: was the first ever achievement on RA, made over 5 years ago... And it's still there!!!! Yay!

Posted: 19 Jan, 2018 11:20
ABRACADABRA and DRACULA seems to be very popular codes for Genesis. As for the revision it seems good for me. Set deserves a revision so much.

Posted: 20 Jan, 2018 00:12
Last Edit: 20 Jan, 2018 00:12
Ring Collector must stay forever. It's our legacy.

Posted: 25 Jan, 2018 00:36
The above suggestions look great, good job! This game certainly deserves a new revised set!!

Posted: 13 Mar, 2018 01:46
The set is almost finished. While working on the revision I decided to demote the following cheevos:

: the address actually keeps track only of collected "on-stage photons", not those dropped by defeated enemies. Plus, the counter resets when after finishing a stage. The similar cheevo I added is .

: if you die, you respawn with the timer "reloaded". Then if you die on a boss, it'll be pretty easy to finish the stage before the timer becomes lower than 2 minutes.

: Demoted this cheevo and added similar ones that require using a specific weapon.

Posted: 14 Mar, 2018 21:47
The set is finished. I didn't implemented exactly as I planned but I think there's a good amount of achievements already.

If I manage to think on more funny cheevos I'll try to add later.

I hope you enjoy.

Posted: 15 Mar, 2018 13:14
I think the energized badge icon can be used for photon collector since it still fits perfectly :)
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