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Achievement of the Week #24


Posted: 29 Jul, 2014 15:38
Last Edit: 05 Aug, 2014 13:15
Each week a new achievement will be chosen. Some weeks we will do achievements on obscure underplayed games and other weeks the challenge will be the hardest in that game's entire set.

If you can get the achievement you win 1 point towards the just for fun leaderboard, 2 for earning it on hardcore! (You Also must earn it in this week to get the point)

Scott: "Can I add - if you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under "reset game progress", first pick the game (Altered Beast/Final Fantasy III), then the achievement (Game Master/N.o...e.s.c.a.p.e...! '). This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week! Good luck all!"

This Week's Achievement:Game Master by mrvsonic87


N.o...e.s.c.a.p.e...! by Cirellio

Current Leaderboard
The Super 10
1.RyanRJ: 46
1.STHX: 46
3.popoki: 34
4.Philintheblanks: 26
5.msdmario: 25
6.Fluttershy: 22
7.dude1286: 20
8.scootaloo: 17
9.cirellio: 16
9.MK2k: 16

leewor: 15
UNHchabo: 12
mach1920: 12
SexyChazz: 10
yoyo: 8
Squat: 8
jackolantern: 6
blackzwolf: 6
sebax: 6
Coczero: 6
rdannylor: 6
mickeyt: 6
MeCKooLL: 6
tuteur51: 6
TrainerAbu: 5
AxelNL: 4
Mctavish: 4
Rhadamanthys: 4
darkluigi3000: 4
zikenec: 4
Sef: 4
Desudesu: 4
Scott: 2
Astrophil: 2
rubixcube: 2
Fernandes: 2
JonnyRetro: 2
StingX2: 2
Gaians: 2
denine: 2
xxkcspaldinxx: 2
huku117: 2
RobertChrystian: 2
Wolferhu: 2
Philou: 2
Xkcspaladin: 2
Seijin: 2
Zato: 2
Hayu64: 2
Hien: 2

#1 Kirby Victors: Philintheblanks, rdannylor, Mctavish, Astrophil, SexyChazz, Rhadamanthys, AxelNL, rubixcube, Fernandes, STHX, dude1286, RyanRJ, popoki, JonnyRetro, TrainerAbu, jackolantern, Coczero, Scott

#2 Ducktales Victors: Philintheblanks, AxelNL, Mctavish, SexyChazz, RyanRJ, popoki, Rhadamanthys, Coczero, dude1286, STHX, rdannylor, yoyo, TrainerAbu, cirellio, Fluttershy,

#3 Mickey Victors: Philintheblanks, RyanRJ, STHX, SexyChazz, dude1286, popoki, MK2K, cirellio, fluttershy, yoyo, TrainerAbu (normal)

#4 Star Fox: cirellio, yoyo, RyanRJ, STHX, jackolantern, dude1286, Philinthebanks, UNHchabo, Sexychazz, popoki

#5 Metroid 2: yoyo, Philinthebanks, StingX2, dude1286, RyanRJ, STHX, popoki, fluttershy, msdmario, sexychazz, unchabo, cirellio

#6 Fantasy Zone: Fluttershy, popoki, StingX2 (normal), philinthebanks, dude1286, STHX, msdmario (normal), Gaians, Cirellio, RyanRJ

#7 Mega Man X: denine, Philinthebanks, RyanRJ, Popoki, dude1286, STHX, Fluttershy, cirellio, msdmario (normal)

#8 Revolution X: Philinthebanks, STHX, dude1286, popoki, RyanRJ

#9 Valis: mickeyt, ryanrj, dude1286, scootaloo, popoki, fluttershy, sebax, sthx, philinthebanks, msdmario, jackolantern, blackzwolf,

#10 Sonic 1: MK2k, Blackzwolf, msdmario, popoki, fluttershy, philinthebanks, sthx, ryanrj

#11 Mario 1: Blackzwolf, Sebax, fluttershy, scootaloo, ryanrj, popoki, unhchabo, msdmario, sthx, mk2k, philintheblanks, darkluigi3000

#12 Power Blade: RyanRJ, STHX, PhilintheBlanks, popoki

#13 Mr Nutz: RyanRJ, STHX, scootaloo

#14 Naruto Ninja Council 1: msdmario, ryanrj, sthx, scootaloo, xxkcspaldinxx

#15 Buster Busts Loose: RyanRJ, STHX, msdmario (normal)

#16 Ninja Gaiden: Ryanrj, scootaloo (normal)

#17 Super mARIO Land: coczero, darkluigi3000, leewor, zikenec, sthx, scootaloo, ryanrj, HUKU117, RobertChrystian, msdmario

#18 Sonic 2: Zikenec, Leewor, msdmario, fluttershy, mk2k, sthx, ryanrj

#19 Kid Chameleon: STHX, Leewor, Mk2k

#20 Pilotwings: UNHchabo, mach1920, Leewor

#21 Addams Family: MK2K, mach1920, Wolferu, Squat

#22 DKC: Leewor, Philou, xkcspaladin, UNHchabo, Desudesu, Squat, tuteur51, mach1920, msdmario, popoki, Seijin, STHX, zato, RyanRJ, Sef

#23 Adventure Island: tutuer51, rdannylor2, mach1920, Scootaloo, msdmario, STHX, Desudesu, Squat, MeCKOOLL, Sef, Hayu64, MK2K, popoki, RyanRJ, Leewor (normal)

#24 Altered Beast: MK2k, Tuteur51, Leewor, Mach1920, Squat, Mickyt888, Hien, popoki, MeCKooLL

Long 2 Weekers/Monthers
#1 Oracle of Ages: scootaloo, dude1286, sebax, msdmario, fluttershy, philinthebanks, sthx, ryanrj, popoki

#2 Chrono Trigger : Fluttershy, cirellio, popoki, STHX, RyanRJ

#3 Mario RPG: mickeyt, leewor, ryanrj, unchabo, msdmario, sthx

#4: MMBN1: Scootaloo, mach1920, MeCKooLL

#5: FF3:

Posted: 29 Jul, 2014 18:10
oh hell yeah!!! I LOVE altered beast! It's not the best game ever but something about it's just so damn satisfying to me, and I have grand memories of playing it as a tiny kid when the genesis was still a pretty new system at my cousin's house. I actually wrote an faq for it a few years back when i played it again on the genesis collection for ps3, if you don't mind some utterly shameless self-plugging:

but yeah, good deal; I can knock this one out quick and focus on the ridiculous marathon that is trying to earn all Cirello's ff6 achievements...

Posted: 29 Jul, 2014 20:04
The Altered Beast one on H/C :)

Posted: 29 Jul, 2014 20:20
I got on hardcore, really great game! ;)

Posted: 29 Jul, 2014 22:01
Got Game Master (50) on hardcore!

Posted: 30 Jul, 2014 01:56
Got on hardcore too. Back to the FF6 grind as well!

Posted: 30 Jul, 2014 12:57
Unlucked on hardcore, but 500k pts can be hard, i need to practice more ^^

Posted: 31 Jul, 2014 00:44
got it!!!! never playing another platformer like this again although it was fun.

Posted: 31 Jul, 2014 01:46
Last Edit: 31 Jul, 2014 09:37
I got Game Master (50) on hardcore

Posted: 31 Jul, 2014 23:28
Snagged it on Hardcore!... How do you link achievements on the forum like that, anyway?

Posted: 01 Aug, 2014 07:03
Did any of you had trouble earning achievements in Final Fantasy 3? i reached figaro, got the elixir from the clock and nothing. Now Sabin joined the party and his aura bolt didn´t trigger the achievement too. It so happen i was playing on normal mode not hardcore before the problem, so i saved, changed to hardcore and continued from there. Do you think that screwed with the achievements?

Posted: 01 Aug, 2014 12:11
Last Edit: 01 Aug, 2014 14:52
I was able to pop without any problems, but I also could not unlock . I already sent a a save state to help with fixing , but I would suggest you create a bug report for the achievements you are having difficulty unlocking.

And , you can use the ach tag to link to achievements, so it will look like [ ach=ID_NUMBER ] without the spaces.

Posted: 02 Aug, 2014 03:16
Last Edit: 02 Aug, 2014 16:44
Yay, I get on Hardcore

Posted: 02 Aug, 2014 10:02
Just a note to anyone trying to get , if you complete the game once, it changes to hard mode, and starts again. If you complete on hard mode, it changes to 'hardest', which is required for . However after completing the game, it restarts with the same health and lives as you finished the previous game with. If you die during hard mode, after game over you can restart in hard mode, but with full health and lives.

However if you are looking to get a high score (), it is useful to continue through the game again with this score!


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