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Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo (CD)

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Posted: 02 Jun, 2015 15:51
fica tudo branco alguem ajuda mano

Posted: 04 Aug, 2016 01:57
Anyone get this working in Retroarch? My copy runs but always says "No Achievements".

Posted: 18 Sep, 2016 12:49
Last Edit: 18 Sep, 2016 14:29
Currently all game sets for PC Engine CD are recognized through CD-ROM System Hu-CARD ROMs, thus they are not supported with Retroarch.

Posted: 19 Sep, 2016 03:21
Last Edit: 23 Mar, 2017 13:32
To make the set work properly:

1) Download an IPS patch from here
2) Apply the patch to your copy of Super CD-ROM System (Japan) (v3.0) ROM file using Lunar IPS software (CRC32 checksum value of this ROM before patching should be: 6d9a73ef; You can view it droppin the file here)
3) Put your copy of the game into the CD drive of your PC (or mount the image of the game into a virtual drive)
4) Download Ootake
5) Install it somewhere
6) Copy Ootake.exe from the folder you installed Ootake in to the RAPCE folder
7) Execute Ootake.exe
8) Change the letter of the drive to the one on which the game is mounted)
9) Configure your controler input (the best is to first configure the 6-button pad and then 2-button pad)
10) Do any additional configuration you need
11) Exit the emu
12) Execute RAPCE.exe
13) Open the patched ROM file using "Open Hu-CARD game" option
14) In Input menu: first select 6-button pad, then switch back to 2-button
16) You should now have a properly connected PC Engine CD game. Enjoy!

Posted: 11 Jan, 2017 18:19
Is it possible to make a save game with this emulator? every time I close it my save is deleted.

Posted: 06 Feb, 2017 04:22
Last Edit: 06 Feb, 2017 07:27
Supporting the Mednafen core in retroarch would be a big help

Posted: 22 Mar, 2017 23:39
i did everything, im fighting with this emu all day!
the emulator crashes if i do anything!
I could do steps up to 5), when i change the driver the emulator crashes

Posted: 23 Mar, 2017 01:04
Last Edit: 23 Mar, 2017 01:13
Changed this "tutorial" a bit, darling. I hope it will help...

Posted: 23 Mar, 2017 02:18
Tem uma opção de mudar o driver (sem resetar) e o emulador fecha se o jogo ou a bios estiver no winrar.
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