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Achievement of the Week #22 + Last Week for MMBN!

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Posted: 14 Jul, 2014 22:21
Last Edit: 22 Jul, 2014 12:54
Each week a new achievement will be chosen. Some weeks we will do achievements on obscure underplayed games and other weeks the challenge will be the hardest in that game's entire set.

If you can get the achievement you win 1 point towards the just for fun leaderboard, 2 for earning it on hardcore! (You Also must earn it in this week to get the point)

Scott: "Can I add - if you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under "reset game progress", first pick the game (Donkey Kong Country/Mega Man Battle Network), then the achievement (Fantastic/Net Emperor'). This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week! Good luck all!"

This Week's Achievement:Fantastic by Dissection


Net Emperor by Scootaloo

Current Leaderboard
The Super 10
1.RyanRJ: 44
1.STHX: 44
3.popoki: 30
4.Philintheblanks: 26
5.msdmario: 23
6.Fluttershy: 22
7.dude1286: 20
8.cirellio: 16
9.scootaloo: 15
10.MK2k: 12
10.leewor: 12
10.UNHchabo: 12

SexyChazz: 10
yoyo: 8
mach1920: 8
jackolantern: 6
blackzwolf: 6
sebax: 6
Coczero: 6
TrainerAbu: 5
AxelNL: 4
Mctavish: 4
Rhadamanthys: 4
rdannylor: 4
darkluigi3000: 4
zikenec: 4
mickeyt: 4
Squat: 4
Scott: 2
Astrophil: 2
rubixcube: 2
Fernandes: 2
JonnyRetro: 2
StingX2: 2
Gaians: 2
denine: 2
xxkcspaldinxx: 2
huku117: 2
RobertChrystian: 2
Wolferhu: 2
Philou: 2
Xkcspaladin: 2
Desudesu: 2
tuteur51: 2
Seijin: 2
Zato: 2
Sef: 2
MeCKooLL: 2

#1 Kirby Victors: Philintheblanks, rdannylor, Mctavish, Astrophil, SexyChazz, Rhadamanthys, AxelNL, rubixcube, Fernandes, STHX, dude1286, RyanRJ, popoki, JonnyRetro, TrainerAbu, jackolantern, Coczero, Scott

#2 Ducktales Victors: Philintheblanks, AxelNL, Mctavish, SexyChazz, RyanRJ, popoki, Rhadamanthys, Coczero, dude1286, STHX, rdannylor, yoyo, TrainerAbu, cirellio, Fluttershy,

#3 Mickey Victors: Philintheblanks, RyanRJ, STHX, SexyChazz, dude1286, popoki, MK2K, cirellio, fluttershy, yoyo, TrainerAbu (normal)

#4 Star Fox: cirellio, yoyo, RyanRJ, STHX, jackolantern, dude1286, Philinthebanks, UNHchabo, Sexychazz, popoki

#5 Metroid 2: yoyo, Philinthebanks, StingX2, dude1286, RyanRJ, STHX, popoki, fluttershy, msdmario, sexychazz, unchabo, cirellio

#6 Fantasy Zone: Fluttershy, popoki, StingX2 (normal), philinthebanks, dude1286, STHX, msdmario (normal), Gaians, Cirellio, RyanRJ

#7 Mega Man X: denine, Philinthebanks, RyanRJ, Popoki, dude1286, STHX, Fluttershy, cirellio, msdmario (normal)

#8 Revolution X: Philinthebanks, STHX, dude1286, popoki, RyanRJ

#9 Valis: mickeyt, ryanrj, dude1286, scootaloo, popoki, fluttershy, sebax, sthx, philinthebanks, msdmario, jackolantern, blackzwolf,

#10 Sonic 1: MK2k, Blackzwolf, msdmario, popoki, fluttershy, philinthebanks, sthx, ryanrj

#11 Mario 1: Blackzwolf, Sebax, fluttershy, scootaloo, ryanrj, popoki, unhchabo, msdmario, sthx, mk2k, philintheblanks, darkluigi3000

#12 Power Blade: RyanRJ, STHX, PhilintheBlanks, popoki

#13 Mr Nutz: RyanRJ, STHX, scootaloo

#14 Naruto Ninja Council 1: msdmario, ryanrj, sthx, scootaloo, xxkcspaldinxx

#15 Buster Busts Loose: RyanRJ, STHX, msdmario (normal)

#16 Ninja Gaiden: Ryanrj, scootaloo (normal)

#17 Super mARIO Land: coczero, darkluigi3000, leewor, zikenec, sthx, scootaloo, ryanrj, HUKU117, RobertChrystian, msdmario

#18 Sonic 2: Zikenec, Leewor, msdmario, fluttershy, mk2k, sthx, ryanrj

#19 Kid Chameleon: STHX, Leewor, Mk2k

#20 Pilotwings: UNHchabo, mach1920, Leewor

#21 Addams Family: MK2K, mach1920, Wolferu, Squat

#22 DKC: Leewor, Philou, xkcspaladin, UNHchabo, Desudesu, Squat, tuteur51, mach1920, msdmario, popoki, Seijin, STHX, zato, RyanRJ, Sef

Long 2 Weekers/Monthers
#1 Oracle of Ages: scootaloo, dude1286, sebax, msdmario, fluttershy, philinthebanks, sthx, ryanrj, popoki

#2 Chrono Trigger : Fluttershy, cirellio, popoki, STHX, RyanRJ

#3 Mario RPG: mickeyt, leewor, ryanrj, unchabo, msdmario, sthx

#4: MMBN1: Scootaloo, mach1920, MeCKooLL

Posted: 15 Jul, 2014 00:01
Got Fantastic (50) on hardcore.

Posted: 15 Jul, 2014 12:12
Wow that was fast!!! How did you manage that?

Posted: 15 Jul, 2014 18:05
Philou and xkcspaladin also got it

Posted: 15 Jul, 2014 20:06
Last Edit: 15 Jul, 2014 20:11
Yep! I finished the game just before the Achievement of the Week. It was easy after :p.

I take the time to say hello to everyone! I'm new, and I think this website is awesome ^^.

(Sorry for my bad English, I'm french and I'm so bad in translation haha!)

Posted: 16 Jul, 2014 04:08
Got on hardcore. :)

Posted: 16 Jul, 2014 20:02
Last Edit: 16 Jul, 2014 21:20
Just got the achievement myself too :)

Posted: 17 Jul, 2014 06:20
Went on vacation and missed 2 weeks worth... and then didn't feel like jumping back in. Might be doing these :)

Posted: 17 Jul, 2014 13:34
And you're still top of the table Ryan! :P

Posted: 18 Jul, 2014 04:07
Finally done on hardcore, first time i finish DKC :)

Posted: 18 Jul, 2014 11:40
Last Edit: 18 Jul, 2014 11:42

Posted: 18 Jul, 2014 11:56
Last Edit: 18 Jul, 2014 23:22
I also got on hardcore.

I'm still working on MMBN for the monthly achievement. I have only a handful of chips left to find, so hopefully I can finish grinding this one out over the weekend.

EDIT: Just got on hardcore! Total registered in-game playtime was nearly 34 hours, so I either took a long time to figure the game out or had terrible luck when farming chips and trying to get bosses to spawn.

Posted: 19 Jul, 2014 01:05
Last Edit: 19 Jul, 2014 04:01
I got on hardcore right now.

However, I don't think I will be getting MMBN by the deadline. The low encounter rate of the bosses are driving me crazy. Not to mention that you aren't guaranteed to get the V3 chip from a boss if you manage to earn a 10-S rank against their strongest form.

Posted: 19 Jul, 2014 01:43
It is frustrating, sometimes you will go 30 minutes and not encounter one, and other times you will find them 2-3 times in a row, and then they will drop zenny.

Posted: 19 Jul, 2014 19:30
Got on Hardcore.

Yeah, I'm back I guess. <3
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