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Final Fantasy IV

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Posted: 21 Feb, 2020 13:07
Last Edit: 14 Jan, 2021 03:00
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Created 21 Feb, 2020 13:07 by MrGauss


Final Fantasy IV

0. Translation Patches

This set currently support the following translation patches:

(a) Dev's Choice! English [url= [/url]
(b) Namingway Edition MSU Enhanced (Thanks to KickMeElmo)
(c) Spanish Translation (in test)

Make sure to use the correct base ROM when applying each patch. For your information, the base ROM used for the Namingway Edition is the following:

* Final Fantasy II (U) [!] (v1.1).smc
* English
* Version 1.1
* Unheadered (1,049,088 bytes)
* CRC-32: 23084FCD
* MD-5: 27D02A4F03E172E029C9B82AC3DB79F7
* SHA-1: 41A74EB369A7A91815529EF99AB1B20E20E2BDF3E26

1. Introduction

This set was made for the Japanese version of Final Fantasy IV as there are some differences between it and the version released on the US (Final Fantasy II). For more information, check this link!

Any fan translation is very welcome here as long as they follow the rules:

(a) No important game mechanic was modified in the hacking process (party or monsters stats, skill behavior etc.).
(b) The translation was made in accordance with the original script (the script wasn’t deliberately modified to make a joke out of the game).

Currently, those are the fan made patches supported by the set:

(a) Namingway Edition (1.98b)
(b) Spanish translation by Sayans Traductions

If you know a translation for your native idiom and would like to play the game using it, I will need your help to ensure 100% compatibility with this set. PM me for the request and details!

2. Getting Started

Here at RA, we are not allowed to distribute copies of ROM files even if they’re modified. You will have to extract the ROM file of your original cartridge and patch it with the needed files using a patcher program. The patching program I recommend the most is the Lunar IPS. You can download it here!

The files you will need for the patching process can all be downloaded with the links provided on the first topic!

There is a very useful video on how to use the Lunar IPS program, it’s very simple and you will soon learn it all :)

Some people might run into problems (the patched ROM might not load in the emulator) and, in the most cases, those problems happen because you’re using an headed ROM file. You will need an unheadered ROM file to obtain the correct patched ROM at the end. You can either look for such ROM file or use a program to remove the header manually. If you can't find a unheaded ROM file, I recommend using Wasabi to remove SNES/SFC ROM headers. You can download the program here!

3. Missable Achievements

This set was made to be completed within a single playthrough but you will have to take care with some achievements that are available only during a limited time frame. All the missable achievements are marker with an [m] but, even so, I’ll list them here and make some comments on the cases that deserve more attention.

(a) Boss Challenges

Each main story boss has a challenge linked to it. Excluding the last boss, every other boss is a unique event! All of them can be missed!

(b) Command Related

One of the differences between the US version of Final Fantasy IV and the Japanese one are the various commands that were removed. Because of that, a great deal of attention was given to challenges involving those commands. This game has an impressive amount of characters but the majority of them are temporary. In other words: all the achievements linked to temporary party members commands are missable!

Try to complete those challenges as soon as possible. Many of those commands will play a very important role during the Bosses Challenges! Always pay attention to what is disponible to you in the game!


Spoiler (Click to show):
This one is only possible by the time Yang joins you for the 2nd time

This one requires an item that is part of a missable side quest ()

This one has a VERY narrow time frame. Get it as soon as possible!

(c) Treasure Hunters

Those achievements reward you for finding all the treasures in a given location of the game. Some locations are only disponible on your first visit or only during a limited time frame so, consequently, the achievements linked to those places are missable.

(d) Special Considerations:

This one has a very narrow time frame! Keep your eye at it.
Spoiler (Click to show):
Only available before Baron invades Fabul.

This one is missable too:
Spoiler (Click to show):
This one is only available between when Kain leaves the group and Fusoya is recruited!

This one deserves your attention. Also, this will be spoiler free!

This one is not missable per se but you can miss the conditions that make it a little more doable. You will need to farm a very rare monster in the final dungeon for it and using an item called "Alarm" (or Siren in some translations) will make you encounter a group of those monsters instantly. If you're going for the Adamant Armor, stocking on Alarms/Sirens in the Giant of Babil is a good idea as using them to fight the rare monster will greatly help in the process. Thinking of that, I made a cheevo just to inform you of the right time to do stock on those items ().

The Alarm item can be stolen from the monster in the badge using Edge's command. Like Final Fantasy X, you can steal as many times as you want from the same enemy in a battle. To speed up the process, KO the other party members and you should have enough items within minutes. I recommend getting around 70 Sirens per Adamant Armor you're intending to acquire (you can stock more than 99 of them using different item slots).

For those that are playing the Namingway Edition, Sirens can be bought in the Hummingway Heaven on the Moon.

4. Chicobo Quest

The logic behind the Chicobo Quest achievements is this one: you will have to find a location on the map that is being shown in the badge and press the Y button in that place. There will also be hints on where you are supposed to look for it in the achievement name and description. The places involved are all very important ones and none of them are missable.

Personally, I think that you can identify the place even when the badge is black and white and a little blurry. Knowing that this is relative, I have prepared the badges pics with a larger size to serve as reference:

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):

Spoiler (Click to show):
Posted: 21 Feb, 2020 13:09
I'm working on a set for this game right now. This is my dream come true XD.

When I have time I'll update this post after eating and taking a bath.

See ya soon.
Posted: 21 Feb, 2020 13:32
It already has a set. The game was released as Final Fantasy II in USA.
Posted: 21 Feb, 2020 13:59
This is the original Japanese version of the game; there were several significant gameplay changes to the western release.
Posted: 21 Feb, 2020 14:40
Last Edit: 21 Feb, 2020 14:57
There were many debates about this sort of thing... but ultimately, if the game has enough significant regional changes (which Final Fantasy II/IV does), there's a good chance it can get its own set if someone is willing to go through it.

There are definitely more differences than and , which from what I understand is basically just a sprite swap.

Briefly discussed here and a list of differences can be found here.

Posted: 29 Feb, 2020 16:22
Last Edit: 29 Feb, 2020 16:27
This will be a very important set for me and I'm focusing all my energies on making it the best it could possible be. Final Fantasy IV has a very special place in my soul and this work will literally be a very special testament to that.

As always, my objective as a Dev is to create a fun road for the users to experience all the important things there are to be experienced in the game. Owning this badge will be my humble testament to you that you really lived through all the emotions, challenges and curiosities (inside certain limitations) that exist within the game.

I'm creating all the cheevos with great care so you can unlock everything in a single playthrough. All the missable cheevos will be marked and commented in the main post.

The set will follow the following structure:

A. More or less 20 non missable story related cheevos.

B. One specific challenge for each boss of the game: the main focus on those challenges will be to force the player to strategize around the various resources the game gives to you. Those FF games are always full of little resources that are commonly forgotten inside the game menus in favor of an Attack, Powerful Spell and Cure style of playthrough.

C. Specific minor challenges involving each battle command: those battle commands are one of the many differences that separates this version from the US one. A special attention will be given to this area. Those will be minor challenges to present those commands to the player in a fun way and to commit them to memory once the opportunity to use them in a more complex boss challenge arises.

D. Battle system challenges: those will be the classic challenges involving the battle system. Things like "9999 damage" will fall in this category.

E. Treasure Hunter challenges: there will be a cheevo for finding every item for each area in the game. The areas of FF4 were beautifully made full of little secrets, secret passages and out of the way rooms. All those will use the "Measured" feature letting the player know how many items there are still to be found on that particular area. I think that many players will have fun discovering a still unknown hidden item in a so well known game. All the cheevos for "one visit only" locations will be marked and commented on the main post.

F. Curiosity Cheevos: those will be focused on hidden curiosities, funny things and other secrets. Uncensored dancers, funny events and secrets like the development team room will fall in this category.

G. Milestones flags: minor things like learning Meteo, Holy or even all the white spells with the Paladin will fall in this category as well as obtaining important items like the Excalibur.

H. Item Drops: I would like to discuss this particular category with everyone. Those would be cheevos regarding special rare drops from monsters. There are a series of unique equipments that cannot be obtained anywhere else, the 3 special summons for Rydia and the infamous Pink Tail. We need to discuss this with caution and consideration so we can name at what point some of those may seem purely grindy or important to a full FF4 experience.

I. Exploration Cheevos!!! Those will be a new experiment I'm going to make on the site and I'm very excited to find what will be the members' reaction. The badges of those cheevos will portrait a scenic location in the game and the name/description will offer hints on where the place can be found. You will have to find the said location and press Y (an unused button in the map) for the cheevo to unlock. Those will be inspired on those treasure hunter pictures in FF9 that I loved so much XD. The images used for the badges showing the locations will be also provided on the main post with a better resolution and with colors.

That is it, people. I'm very happy to be working on this set. I cannot give a precise estimative as when this work will be concluded as the addresses used in the battle system (they will be heavily used in the boss challenges) are taking much time to be found and correctly tested and studied. All I can say is that the project is going smoothly :)
Posted: 29 Feb, 2020 16:29
I will use this post to give more attention to the cheevos related to item drops:

H. Item Drops: I would like to discuss this particular category with everyone. Those would be cheevos regarding special rare drops from monsters. There are a series of unique equipments that cannot be obtained anywhere else, the 3 special summons for Rydia and the infamous Pink Tail. We need to discuss this with caution and consideration so we can name at what point some of those may seem purely grindy or important to a full FF4 experience.

I would love to hear what you have to say about them.
Posted: 29 Feb, 2020 16:36
Last Edit: 29 Feb, 2020 16:38
Ah... I forgot to mention this:

English translations will be compatible out of the box. I'm giving a special attention to the Namingway Edition .

The addresses I'm using are very solid so all indicates the set will be also compatible with other patch translations. Some caution will be needed to prove them 100% compatible.

I think this is the definitive version of this classic and I want this set to be accessible to everyone.

Posted: 29 Feb, 2020 22:52
From what I understand, RNG achievements are ok IF they reward you with something mostly unique. And 3 unique summons + the tail that can be exchanged for the best armor in the game are probably worthy of achievements, unless maybe if the drop rate is insanely low (not sure about that).

But in the end it's the dev's decision to see if this damages the set's quality or not
Posted: 29 Feb, 2020 23:23
The drop rate is ridiculously low.

But let's put it this way: if I got the pink tail (or the Adamant Armor) and didn't get an achievement for it, I'd be pretty disappointed D:
Posted: 20 Mar, 2020 21:24
I already Mastered the other two FF4, SNES and GBA, but i liked the game so much that i would Master this too. From your post i expect this to be the most complete set and even be the "Definitive version".
Posted: 28 Mar, 2020 12:22
If you want to go with an item drop achievement for Rydia's summons, just trigger the flag for when you use it on her and she learns it rather than the drop itself or just make it so all summons mastered will make the cheevo pop instead of waiting to get the item and risk RNG or internet connection screwing you over, prevents frustration of fighting to get it, same with the Pink tail, make it so that when you exchange the item for the armor the achievement pops as the tail only a means to an end. That is the problem with item drops, something happens and all that hard work and RNG BS is wasted, forcing you to go through it again and again.
Posted: 30 Mar, 2020 03:51
Last Edit: 30 Mar, 2020 03:54
Excited to see MrGauss working on this set! I'm about to start FF II SNES and was feeling a bit disappointed by how simple that set is, so I look up FF4's entry and I found this. Needless to say I'm hyped!

Looking forward to this!

EDIT: As for the items drop achievements; I say leave them in. Today we have the convenience of fast forwarding + turbo buttons. There's no way you're grinding your way to 99 in FF3 NES without those. So, in that regard, I'd say they make a nice keepsake to show that you took the time to get them, and the game feels more complete.
Posted: 18 Apr, 2020 21:03
Hello people.

I would like to update the project. The set is now 75% done but those 25% that are missing won't take as much time to code because all the important addresses are already found and understood.

The most time consuming part was the study of the ATB system, necessary to code all the cheevos related to the battles. I trully understimated how much time I would have to sink in this part.

Thank you all for the suggestions and words of incentive (they're very important as there were times I simply thought I wouldn't make it XD).

Hope to release this set as soon as possible.
Posted: 20 Apr, 2020 19:06
Last Edit: 20 Apr, 2020 19:07
AWESOME! Thank you MrGauss! I will be done with FF6 SNES soon so I will hopefully get to this set before making the jump to GBA.

Can't wait to play it!
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