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Posted: 23 Aug, 2015 04:54
Okay, just realized that there isn't an easy way to measure RetroPoints in relation to others like there is with normal points. Maybe an option should be added to the overall leaderboard to switch between the two?

Posted: 23 Aug, 2015 15:11
Last Edit: 23 Aug, 2015 15:11
oh wow shadwsonic, your retroratio is over 2.0, I haven't seen that before :P this (should) mean the achievements you have earned are relatively very tough!

You have some serious skills! :P

BTW good suggestion, I like that

Posted: 27 Jun, 2016 08:46
Last Edit: 27 Jun, 2016 09:15
So THIS is the reason I fought for Ristar's 'Treasure Hunter' (416) and when I achieved it, the value was reduced to (320), one more achiever when less than 10 reduces it a lot =P

And I agree it should be only for hardcore, too ^_^

Posted: 10 Feb, 2017 19:02
Instead of using just ( t / a ) here (which can grow indefinitely large fairly quickly), you could try capping (t/a) at a certain factor F.

But if you were willing to spend the additional CPU cycles, you could avoid an explicit max factor but still have an indefinitely growing but more reasonably slowly growing function like (1+log(t/a)). This would still grow, but the rate of growth would slow down more reasonably even if a was very large.

I would suggest

RP = p * r + ( p *(1+log ( t / a )) * ( 1 - r ) )

as an improved solution

Formatting below could get tricky, but here's a table of the values of (A: achieved/total %, B: value of t/a, C: value of 1+log(t/a))

A (a/t %) , B (t/a), C(1+log(t/a)
100%: 1, 1
50%: 2, 1.6831
20%: 5, 2.6094
10%: 10, 3.3026
1%: 100, 5.652
0.1%: 1000, 7.9078
0.0001%: 1000000, 10.21

I think a log solution would be fairer and more scalable overall. YMMV.

Posted: 18 Jun, 2017 16:46
I want to report a bug: I got at this moment 67128 RetroPoints, when I should have 33708.

I had the following badges in my profile, at this order: , , , and

So, I wanted badge to be shown last in my profile. I went to "Settings" > "My Settings" > "Reset Game Progress", and resetted because it was the easiest achievement. Then I earned this achievement again, and the badge went to last in my profile.

When that happened, though, my RetroPoints got doubled. Now, for some reason, I actually have a little bit less than double. I already tried "Settings" > "My Settings" > "Request Score Recalculation" to correct this, but didn't work.

Posted: 26 Jun, 2017 20:20
what are the retropoints for?
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