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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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Posted: 07 Apr, 2017 23:02
i like the second one the most. That one is my favorite, and the pendents arent too close.

Posted: 07 Apr, 2017 23:26
I got rid of that 3rd one.. yeah it was ugly

Posted: 08 Apr, 2017 01:38
Last Edit: 08 Apr, 2017 01:52
You did a great job with the icons, they look pretty good.

Posted: 15 Apr, 2017 11:02
Last Edit: 15 Apr, 2017 11:02
On Master, pausing the game with Select already seems to cancel the attempt, not only if saving and exiting.

Posted: 15 Apr, 2017 15:51
it shouldn't work like that. What happens is the game will post some popups reminding the player to submit. Master requires manual submission and that can any time holding R+L+Select. Let me know if you have any issue with this I want it to work perfectly.

Posted: 15 Apr, 2017 17:44
For me it afterwards said "Leaderboard attempt cancelled". Is it because I submitted the score?

Posted: 16 May, 2017 10:22
Last Edit: 16 May, 2017 10:24
All cheevos work for me except the vesting ones. Agahnim worked but none others. Do I have the wrong rom, orrrr? I don't think I do since all else works?

Posted: 16 May, 2017 10:22
Last Edit: 16 May, 2017 10:23

Posted: 08 Aug, 2017 09:54
Last Edit: 08 Aug, 2017 10:12

Having yet another go at this. Every time I look at the current icon (with the lettering, no medallions) the letters look too compressed and it's visually distracting as the rest is pixel perfect.

One of these should be a better option. I'm going to stick with the close up for now, as what's happening is much more visible even in the small sizes. (48x48 / 32x32)

Posted: 21 Aug, 2017 07:21
Last Edit: 21 Aug, 2017 09:56
Here to report yet another instance of the Bested achievements not working. Playing Hardcore with RetroArch (Snes9x2010 core, which should function fine according to the RetroArch thread) on a U.S. 1.0 rom. Got through Armos and Lanmo, neither unlocked. Was super excited when I heard about RA but this is pretty frustrating :/ is there at least an explanation as to why this happens? And/or anything I can do to get the achievements?

If it requires a specific U.S. 1.0 rom rather than just any U.S. 1.0, shouldn't the game's page note the checksum/CRC32 of the rom that should be used? Seems like that would save a lot of frustration on the part of lots of players as it looks to be a common problem.

Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated. The other achievements seem to be working fine and I'm really enjoying the experience, the nonfunctional ones are a letdown but RA is a great project and it's been a lot of fun so far.

Posted: 21 Aug, 2017 11:56
Read the comments here and see if thats the case and maybe we could add more info at the description.

Posted: 21 Aug, 2017 21:48
Last Edit: 23 Aug, 2017 05:01
Thanks for the reply man. I read that and I can add that I didn't use any magic during the fight, nor was my magic bar empty. I fought Lanmo twice because I got greedy and caught a pebble in the first fight, so I let him kill me to save & continue from the start of the (2nd half of the) dungeon so I could try again, and the second time around I beat him (and then Moldorm) without taking damage, no unlocks.

I'm not sure the magic bar/save issue applies here though, since, like a few others have reported, the cheevos didn't unlock for any of the other bosses either, *except* Agahnim, as others have said. Beat a few DW bosses but took damage from all of them, wasn't trying for the Besteds at that point.

So it looks like I'm in the same boat as everyone for whom only Agahnim and Ganon unlock, for whatever reason. Seems odd and I'm curious what it is in the memory that causes it, and what in the memory creates an exception for Agahnim and Ganon. In-game, the only elements that differentiate them from the rest of the bosses are that you don't receive a heart container or a pendant/crystal after fighting them -- could this be related to the problem? Would be odd, but that's the only distinguishing factor on the front end of things.

When I get a chance, I'll download RASnes9x from the site and have a go at Armos + Lanmo on the standalone emulator. I'll try a few different scenarios and see if changing anything up unlocks the cheevos. In the meantime, if anyone has anything to add (something I should try, anything to potentially watch for in the memory, etc) I'm all ears. Obviously I'm eager to get them unlocked for myself, but if I can also help identify the issue then I'll certainly do what I can.

Thanks again for the quick reply, it's much appreciated!

EDIT: UPDATE -- well, this wasn't quite what I was expecting. As mentioned, I downloaded RASnes9x from the site, logged in, and started a new file with a different U.S. 1.0 rom. Beat Armos without getting hit and this time, Bested Armos unlocked with no problems! At that point I almost posted this update to say that all was well, but figured I'd better continue on to Desert and make sure Lanmo's cheevo unlocked too, though I expected it would.

Sad to say that it did not unlock :( I got the boots, save/quit to Link's house, nabbed the Book, save/quit to Link's again and headed to Desert. Had no trouble beating Lanmo this time without taking a hit. Sadly, no unlock -- again, didn't use magic during the fight. I guess I'll try again another time. I suppose I might as well take the ten minutes to rush through Hera and check Moldorm while I have this file going, if his cheevo unlocks we can at least be reasonably sure that Lanmo is the most problematic of the bosses. I'll also post the checksums of both roms I've tried just for the sake of it. Edit II, quick addition -- Moldorm unlocked just fine this time. So, for the record:

RetroArch, snes9x2010 core, Hardcore, U.S. 1.0 rom (checksum = 608c22b8ff930c62dc2de54bcd6eba72)
Bested Armos, Lanmo, & Moldorm did NOT unlock; Bested Agahnim unlocked.

RAsnes9x 0.019, Hardcore, different U.S. 1.0 rom (checksum = 1a74468291b02729329dd1357afb45af)
Bested Armos & Moldorm unlocked; Bested Lanmolas still did NOT unlock.

For anyone having similar problems or who hasn't started yet, and who doesn't know: you can check your rom's checksum in RAsnes9x with RetroAchievements -> Get ROM Checksum in the emulator menu. Hopefully folks who have this problem will see this and, if enough people add their own details, we can isolate the variables that are causing problems.

EDIT: LAST UPDATE -- Just wanted to make a quick note that I went back and got Lanmo's cheevo to unlock. Was playing with the same configuration (RAsnes9x with the 1a74 checksum rom). The only thing I'm aware I did differently was to get the Ice Rod beforehand, since people mentioned the magic meter potentially having an effect on the cheevo -- usually I just pass on the Ice Rod until before T-Rock.

The last thing I feel should be pointed out is that the faulty rom (checksum 608c listed above) is actually the rom listed as a verified romdump on the no-intro database ( ). This could be problematic for future players who read about the Bested problem and look to that site to make sure their rom is compatible. With that in mind I'll wrap this way-too-long post up by adding the final details of what worked and didn't work for me:

'Bested' achievements DIDN'T unlock EXCEPT Agahnim and Ganon:
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA).sfc
Checksum = 608c22b8ff930c62dc2de54bcd6eba72
All non-Bested cheevos unlocked just fine.

All achievements, 'Bested' or otherwise, eventually unlocked (i.e. safe to use - filename might vary but as long as the checksum is the same you should be set):
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (U) [!].smc
Checksum = 1a74468291b02729329dd1357afb45af
Only achievement that gave me any problems was Bested Lanmolas, but it unlocked fine on my second attempt. Still unsure why it didn't pop the first time, but woo-hoo, 55/55!

There you have it! Apologies for the immensely long post, and all the edits/updates. Hopefully it'll be of help to someone in the future. Happy LttP-ing everyone!
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