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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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Posted: 01 Apr, 2014 08:17
The Chris Houlihan room needs an achievement. :)

Posted: 01 Apr, 2014 13:26
The reason why I did not throw in an achievement for that was because the only way to officially gain access to the room is a glitch in the game's code, and I try to stay away from achievements for finding glitches.

Posted: 01 Apr, 2014 15:21
Alright, I didn't know that. I've heard about the room before, but I actually stumbled into it last night purely by accident!

Posted: 01 Apr, 2014 16:37
In addition to Sting's achievements (many of which I was about to suggest myself), I'd suggest achievements for;

Give a Man a Fish - Sell a fish to the bottle merchant in Kakariko
Hey There, Chickadee - Turned a specific Cuccoo into a more attractive form
Happiness Has a Price - Caused the fairy queen to appear in the Pond of Happiness
Complete Arsenal - Maxed out Arrows and Bombs at the Pond of Happiness
I Could Jump This Whole Time?! - Accessed the hidden fairy room in Ganon's Tower

... Plus, I do think the "Bested ____" boss achievements could use some fun flavor. I was thinking about stuff like.. Annihilated Armos, Mashed Moldorm, Krushed Kholdstare, silly things like that.

Posted: 21 Apr, 2015 11:46
Sanctuary is broken. Do it twice. I have the (F) version of the rom. :/

Posted: 21 Apr, 2015 15:42
That's probably your problem. Use the US version.

In general, use the US version for most games here, unless it's specified otherwise. Foreign versions sometimes change memory values around and cause achievements to not work.

Posted: 13 Jul, 2015 21:02
Since few days a achievements was added, now the total of points is 415.
Is this normal?

Posted: 14 Jul, 2015 16:54
If I might suggest a trio of achievements myself, I have some ideas.

Powerful: Complete the game without dying or saving and quitting (Alternatively: Finish the game with 0 games played)

Courageous: Complete the game with only the green tunic, basic shield, and Master Sword

Wise: Finish the game with 100% (All items collected, all upgrades acquired, all heart containers obtained)

Posted: 25 Jul, 2015 17:11
Great set! However, am I the only one to have a problem with the Cane of Byrnna's achievement?

Posted: 28 Jul, 2015 23:18
For Courageous, what about the Hammer, Power Glove, Titan's Mitt, Bow, Silver Arrows & other items that you can't beat the game due to not being able to access parts of it without? There may be glitches that would allow you to beat the game without these items, but achievements that are based on glitches are not allowed as seen with the removal of the Chris Houlihan Room achievement.

Posted: 10 Sep, 2016 11:33
Last Edit: 10 Sep, 2016 14:37
Is it possible to have achievements on european release ?

Posted: 07 Apr, 2017 18:29
Last Edit: 09 Sep, 2017 14:43
New Game Modes Available

Link the Legend Link the Legend -- Highest Difficulty, most competitive
  Name your hero Legendto begin.
  Points for all kinds of item collection, bottle contents, boss fights, maps/compass/big key, some events.
  Game mode ends upon taking ANY damage, no saving allowed.
  To Restart create a new character, YOLO.
  Upon victory, wait until ending credits, game will auto-submit score.

Master Link Master Link -- High Difficulty, highly competitive
  Name your hero Master to begin.
  Points for most kinds of item collection, bottle contents, boss fights, maps/compass/big key, some events, remaining hearts.
  Point Penalties for protective items: Cane of Byrna, Magic Cape, Heart pieces (yes, most are mandatory), armor. Getting ANY bottles with give you a heavy flat penalty, which CAN be eventually mitigated if you are holding the right contents. (risky)
  Game mode ends upon death/victory, YOLO; no saving allowed. Submission is manual, due to coding limitations. The game will let you know when to submit your score. (L+R+select)
  To restart create a new character.

Revali Champion Quest Revali Champion Quest -- Normal Difficulty, slightly competitive
  Name your hero Revali to begin.
  Points for all kinds of item collection, bottle contents, boss fights, maps/compass/big key, some events, remaining hearts.
  Saving/continuing allowed. Upon death or saving you will get a points penalty per death/save.
  Score submission is automatic at game victory.

The Hylian Journey The Hylian Journey -- Easy, barely competitive
  Name your hero Hylian to begin.
  Points for all kinds of item collection, bottle contents, boss fights, maps/compass/big key, some events, remaining hearts.
  Saving/continuing allowed. No penalty.
  Score submission is automatic at game victory.
  A good practice mode to figure out the point system.

Hoy, Small Fry! Hoy, Small Fry! -- Minimalist Challenge Mode, moderately competitive
  Name your hero SmlFry to begin.
  Points are gained for all kinds of item collection, bottle contents, boss fights, maps/compass/big key, some events, remaining hearts.
  Points are bad. The lower your score on game victory the better.
  Saving/continuing allowed. No penalties for death.
  Score submission is automatic at game victory.

Note: yes I know that game breaking/sequence breaking glitches exist. They are not allowed for entry. These challenges were designed to not use them.

If you do find any bugs or have any questions on now these game modes work send me, , a pm or talk to me in chat if I'm around.

Special Thanks to for helping me with some initial planning.

Posted: 07 Apr, 2017 18:58
Last Edit: 10 Apr, 2017 07:25
I've also made some minor changes to the set, namely updating and expanding rich presence and adding a new game badge.

here's the old one for archiving:
Problems: nothing much, though I do find the white a bit too bright. I went for in game art that captured a pivotal scene in the game.

I've made a new badge and hope everyone feels it suits the game well. Feedback appreciated.

a variation without medallions.

shows more, but less suitable as the subject would be much smaller

Edit: Made some new attempts, the previous were too dark and too green.

Edit 2:Another set of attempts, similar to what I did with Legend of Zelda (nes) with lettering

I made a few other honorable mention attempts, which I re-used for other things:

Posted: 07 Apr, 2017 19:50
That's so cool, and pretty much the most advanced leaderboard code on the site. These challenges sounds really fun, especially for LttP fans. I'm saying this although I still don't like execution of the script in current form completely.

Posted: 07 Apr, 2017 22:11
Last Edit: 27 Aug, 2017 03:33
Previously rich presence displayed the number of hearts, pendants collected and crystals collected/maidens saved.

I've reworked this a few times for clarity, density, and relevant, interesting info.

Now rich presence shows "Victories" instead of "DUNG"(from a previous version) meaning how many dungeons were completed. It shows if in the intro, if paused, if in the ending credits, the players hero name, if in light or dark world (sun or moon symbol), which dungeon or if they are in the Overworld, total hearts collected, removed player's remaining hearts (from a previous version), how many times they have recently killed an enemy, how many times they have recently hurt an enemy, and how many total death/saves on current file.

edit: 25 August 2017 Modified rp again simplifying it just a bit: I've removed enemy kills, times taken damage, and put "item" in lower caps. Feels so good I think this may be the last iteration.

Master in 🌞Overworld ❤️x7 Victories:6/13 Item:41% ☠x0
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