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Castlevania 2 - Simon's Quest

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Posted: 21 Oct, 2018 20:48
Last Edit: 21 Oct, 2018 20:54
I checked the achievements for the 3 endings & I think the ones for the good & normal endings should be password protected because using max passwords makes getting those endings very easy. The bad ending one I think can stay as-is since players playing the game don't have to cheat to get it regularly if they take too long. What do others think? Also, do you think password protection should be added to the beat Dracula with the leather whip achievement? The password would allow them to skip the earlier parts of the game that some players wouldn't have the patience for doing with the leather whip. I can go either way on that since the achievement says to beat Dracula, which passwords wouldn't cheat but skipping a lot of what comes before Dracula makes it a lot easier.

My personal opinion is that the only achievements that should be open to password usage are , , , , & . I'm in the air with . Given how it's worth 40 points (80 in hardcore mode), I think maybe it should require an actual playthrough (no passwords).

Posted: 21 Oct, 2018 21:05
I'm definitely in agreement with all of those. Even Curse's Destruction I think is OK because it's gonna take some real effort to beat him with the starting whip, but I wouldn't be bothered by it being password protected either.

Posted: 21 Oct, 2018 21:12
Last Edit: 21 Oct, 2018 21:13
Thanks for the feedback SirVG. I'll run my tests and see if the password protection idea I came up with works on a cloned local achievement I made for the ending as I wait for more feedback. was wary of adding too much protection, so I'm hoping he weighs in too.

Posted: 22 Oct, 2018 00:18
should have password protection I think. Because you need to the reach level 6 and have over 200 hearts to beat Dracula. This playthrough took 99 days in game time for me.

Also please add achievement for exploration. Visit all areas and enter all houses in one run.

Posted: 22 Oct, 2018 11:38
Last Edit: 22 Oct, 2018 11:39
Personally, I'm in favor of having Curse's Destruction allow passwords. If you're already going through the game to Dracula's castle with the leather whip only, it's not really much more difficult to get through the other mansions and clear the game completely. It's just way more tedious and boring.

Posted: 24 Oct, 2018 04:09
@JAM I tried to make one for the invisible stairway using the X & Y coordinate addresses, but those addresses in CV2 work very weird. One of them stops increasing when the last section of a screen (where it no longer scrolls) is reached. The other one seems to pick up in those sections (not exactly where the scrolling X coordinate leaves off) but doesn't move when you climb a stairway.

If I use exact coordinate values while on a stairway Simon isn't always at the same values and sometimes he skips certain values which causes it to not trigger. If I use a range of values, then the player would probably be able to cheat the achievement by just jumping off the ledge.

Posted: 27 Oct, 2018 22:35
OK, I'll be removing all the password protection I added to the Best & Normal ending achievements after getting consultation to do so.

Posted: 28 Oct, 2018 00:04
Last Edit: 29 Oct, 2018 04:01
Updated Plan:


1. Collect all 13 clues (passwords allowed but you must collect all 13 clues within a single run)

2. 6 Achievements for leveling up at every level (you can use passwords, but you MUST do the grinding by earning all the hearts for the level you aim to get, do not use a level 6 password to get the level 6 achievement as it will not work)

3. Get to the first mansion before it turns night on the first cycle with leather whip, without any items & without dying (no passwords as this is the 1st mansion in the game anyway)

4. Get laurels from the laurel man in the 5th mansion (passwords allowed)

5. Read all 7 town signs regarding the surrounding areas (each town has a sign outside that is readable even at night--passwords allowed but all signs must be read in a single playthrough to trigger the achievement)

6. 7 Gossip King achievements for speaking to all characters in each of the 7 towns (I can save this for the Bonus set if people think it should be left out of the Core Set, I'll split these up by town, maybe combine the last 2 towns since they hardly have characters in them) This one proved to be impossible since the address found for me gives multiple values for the character dialogue, unlike the town signs & the clues which seem to always be the same.


1. Beat the game without dying (no passwords)

2. Get the Morning Star before getting any other item/Dracula part/whip without passwords (so with only leather whip & hearts, nothing else)

3. Get to Dracula's Castle with every item and fully stocked with 8 laurels, 8 garlics, etc (no passwords)

4. Beat the game having 256 hearts (when you fight Dracula, fight him with only your whip & items that don't consume hearts, passwords allowed)

5. Beat the game collecting Dracula's bodyparts in the following order: Ring>Nail>Heart>Eyeball>Rib without passwords

I think it's fair to save the no-password ones for the Bonus set which is supposed to be a challenge and where players are expected to put extra effort into the games considering some of the much more demanding Bonus achievements I've seen compared to the ones proposed here.

Posted: 20 Nov, 2018 05:42
Last Edit: 20 Nov, 2018 15:32
Thank you for saving no passwords for bonus. I rage quit leather whip and damageless and would rather not try to get those on my time sensitive ending runs.

Also... Leather whip and no damage may be a pipe dream of good rng and the fast kill trick

Posted: 20 Nov, 2018 11:47
I think for the leather whip one I used holy water on Dracula because of the stun effect it has. I also leveled up to Level 6.

Posted: 20 Nov, 2018 14:24
Last Edit: 20 Nov, 2018 15:32
Ty for the help... looks like grinding is going to be my goal

Posted: 28 Feb, 2019 16:55
Last Edit: 01 Mar, 2019 02:14
Hey @Marverick23,It would be fantastic to add to the supported roms the improvement made in romhacking, which is a retranslation of the game plus another extras that you can be named Simon's Quest definitive edition.
The hack here: Link
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