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No unread postshelp with the psp games
hi everyone, i'm having some problems for getting achi...
17 Oct 2021, 19:45
ChocoMilk [View]
No unread postsneed help running 3DO games
Trying to play Alone in the Dark one 3DO through REtro...
16 Oct 2021, 17:47
Damniel [View]
No unread postsUnwanted Island (Game/dev log)
Welcome to Unwanted Island. Since my goodbye topic sad...
16 Oct 2021, 15:03
StingX2 [View]
No unread postsWhere can I Find psp games that works on RA?
I downloaded some games to play on RA but when the gam...
16 Oct 2021, 03:55
ChocoMilk [View]
No unread postsPpsspp emulator on PS Vita
Is it possible? Has anyone tried it? Can only seem to ...
15 Oct 2021, 23:36
ViviREbirth [View]
No unread postsGrinding Background Music?
So I'm genuinely curious, does anyone else have a play...
14 Oct 2021, 19:48
Ardessalore [View]
No unread postsArcade achievements
I guess only the developers/admin can answer this, but...
14 Oct 2021, 05:34
Vastolorde [View]
No unread postsSpanish Compatibility List - Compatibilidad en español
Creo este tema para hacer un listado de roms compatibl...
14 Oct 2021, 00:08
Javisaur [View]
No unread postsSynching old saves after making an account
Hello friends, I'm new so I apologize if posting this ...
13 Oct 2021, 04:49
Edensgarden [View]
No unread postsA frank discussion on cheating
Lets be real here; there are various ways to cheat eac...
11 Oct 2021, 22:01
Kinglink [View]
No unread postsPlease Help - trouble syncing w r-pi
Hello All! First of all, if this is a stupid question...
11 Oct 2021, 21:51
No unread postsAuto Destruct (PlayStation)
UnOfficial forum topic [game=16691] Developer: [...
10 Oct 2021, 10:19
ReiKaz [View]
No unread postsDoes copying save files affect achievements?
I was wondering, does starting a game on one device, c...
09 Oct 2021, 18:20
Pesmerga [View]
No unread postsWhat’s your most wanted set ever?
Hey, just a post for fun really. Just wondering what e...
09 Oct 2021, 03:23
Kouga1994 [View]
No unread postsMore or less looking for more people in the community to hang out with
Hey-o to anybody that reads this been kind of a little...
09 Oct 2021, 02:41
affftedio [View]
No unread postsIs it possible to remove a game from my profile?
My friend was trying to play Crash Bash (PSX) online w...
08 Oct 2021, 17:58
Serih [View]
No unread postsAchievements not working with RetroArch
As you can see from my profile, I was playing some SM6...
08 Oct 2021, 07:21
NaterMarson [View]
No unread postsRussian Community
Все русскоговорящие общаемся...
06 Oct 2021, 20:35
vinegret [View]
No unread postsRail Shooter Chievos!
Been playing a lot of Rail Shooters lately on multiple...
06 Oct 2021, 20:13
SurfWAlien21 [View]
No unread postsGerman Members here?
Hi everyone, There are members here who speak Germa...
06 Oct 2021, 19:53
Unix [View]
No unread postsActual PS1 Game Save?
I have playing FF18 on my actual ps1 hardware. I someh...
06 Oct 2021, 19:25
Keltron3030 [View]
No unread postsPlayStation 2?
Will PlayStation 2 or the PSP ever be used for Achieve...
04 Oct 2021, 13:19
danyelalejandro1980 [View]
No unread postsPreservation group list
Hello friends!! I was wondering if a Developer or some...
03 Oct 2021, 22:17
bornthisway [View]
No unread postsSite Rank: Untracked ?
Site Rank: Untracked ? Just wanted to know why I have...
03 Oct 2021, 11:46
Pixelach [View]
No unread postsPlaying offline ?
Hello, Just signed up and really happy about this si...
02 Oct 2021, 21:22
MrScottyTay [View]

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deng on Today 21:53 in Project Juice Machine (deng mastery thread)
[img=] [b]Ma...
deng on Today 21:32 in Pokemon Glazed
you get an ingame reward for it, so no
joker1000 on Today 20:59 in Pokemon Glazed
Can we reduce the Catchable Mons to 10 from 20 for the Achievement "Safari Zone Expert"? Maybe less...
ShadwSonic on Today 20:56 in Peak Streak
Peak Streak Day 62: [game=16306] I don't like how much I'm dipping into the buffer here... doesn'...
Griffin on Today 20:50 in SpongeBob's Truth or Square
The set is finished. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the set let me know Also, don't...
Lewis50248 on Today 20:47 in Cars - Mater-National Championship
Ok, I think I found which achievements worked with Password Technique and which ones didn't Need...
Ryudo on Today 20:33 in Blast Corps
The old icon has been outvoted and replaced. Here's a backup of it: [img=https://retroachievement...