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For fond memories, all kinds of retro games, and bargain bin finds along with buying, selling and trading.
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No unread postsMy Retro Collection :D
Hi! I thought I'd make a thread talking about my plans...
07 Feb 2020, 18:44
No unread postsCollections you wish you had
For me it's definitely the PCE/TG16. If you want one ...
21 Jan 2020, 18:02
No unread postsIs there a Nokia (Symbian S60v3) emulator?
I used to have Tomb Raider Legend HD, it was an awesom...
22 Oct 2018, 05:13
No unread postsSome of My Collection
Link to My Retro Game Room Album
25 Mar 2018, 06:34
No unread postscurrent setup
[IMG=] [IMG=http:...
19 Oct 2017, 15:13
No unread postsMy collection
hey guys as i'm a huge retro collector lol, some pics ...
12 Apr 2017, 11:53
No unread postsInto the Dams' Den
Hi everyone ! I want to show some part of my collec...
09 Jul 2015, 14:57
No unread postsSelling 360 Games
i didn't really know where else to put this or even if...
19 May 2014, 11:43
No unread postsThe Dude of Games!
Here are a few photos of my collection. [img=http:/...
02 Apr 2014, 14:54
No unread postsSome great resources
Here are some really cool resources for getting starte...
10 Oct 2013, 21:59

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on Today 00:01 in Mother 3
Achievements on spanish translation pl0x. I could do something if needed! :((((...
on Y'day 23:42 in Handheld systems that works with RA
Bumping this thread to ask if the GPDXD works well for DS emulation and if it supports RetroAchievem...
on Y'day 23:35 in Leapfrog 4
[url=]Day 23[/url] [spoiler] ...
on Y'day 22:41 in Leapfrog 4
[url=]Day 23[/url] [spoiler]...
on Y'day 22:37 in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
Thanks for the work you've put into this, LiquidOtacon! I'd be interested in reserving this game to ...
on Y'day 22:03 in 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
I'm pleased to announce that the achievement set has now gone live. Give it a go!...
on Y'day 21:37 in ~Homebrew~ Sudoku
It's on Atariage...